Zestadsnot received product

At 5th of August I ordered a Hearing aid via internet. The model was (B1) STP-127-01 .
The transaction ID: 64305453UY346663V
I paid via Pay Pal $154.90 USD and here is the problem.
I paid via my spanish Pay Pal account but Pay Pal used my address in the Netherlands and this address is not existing anymore. At the time I paid, I did not check the address (my fault). Please can you look into this and try to sent me this hearing aid again but now to the following address:

R. W. Pronk
Calle Dinamarca 52
Apartado de correos 109
03193 San Miguel de Salinas

If there are extra costs involved I will pay fot them

Robert Pronk

Oct 11, 2019

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