Zest Adseco heater

K Dec 13, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased two of these heaters which claimed to use less energy, were advertised as ceramic and quite. I paid $115.00 for the pair. As a disabled person this took quite a chunk of my fixed income. These are two plastic pieces of junk. They are extremely loud!!! No where on these heaters do they even have the company name. I believe these to be frauds. I want a full refund!!! I could of bought these two pieces of junk from walmart for $30 to $40 for the pair. I have already contacted the resolution department of paypal.
Kaye caban


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    Ariel Martinez Jan 21, 2020

    I ordered a heater. It's a joke. You can plug it in but there is no temperature control on the unit or a thermostat to control the off and on so the heater does not overheat. I tried it but it got too hot and one can obviously see that it is a fire hazard. So, I was afraid to even give it away so I threw it away not wanting to take a chance that someone would be hurt or even worse. AND to top it all off it did not give off enough heat to accomplish anywhere near what was stated that it would do. I hope someone shuts down this company right away. They are (1) falsely advertising their products and (2)
    wrongfully taking people's money. I hope something can be done about this company.
    Sandy Mae

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