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I purchased a pair of tinted reading glasses from a online optical company zenni optical to use while on my...

misrepresented product/horrible customer service

This is an online only eyewear store, and I want all to hear my WARNING that they are awful, misleading, and their customer service is practically non-existent. My brother ordered a pair of glasses that were misrepresented in their description, when they arrived they were HUGE, and when we tried (and tried, and tried) contacting the company we could never get anyone via phone or email during their regular business hours. Their live chat feature is always offline. After almost two months, we finally heard back. The response was in horrible broken English, and we had missed their 30-day window for doing anything. SHAM!! All we were asking for was an exchange, by the way. Watch out if you order anything from this company.

  • Ox
    oxygenated Oct 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have ordered multiple glasses from Zenni going back over 7 years. Considering that Zenni lists EXACT measurements IN MILLIMETERS for lens height, lens width, bridge width, overall frame width, and temple length for EVERY single frame they sell, any competent person would have to assume that your inability to order frames in a size that suits you is a result of your own personal incompetence.

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received a prescription ordered online that was incorrect

Received a prescription ordered online that was incorrect. Was told I entered values wrong. NO replacement lenses anyway. Only new glasses. There is no way to attach prescription so can't prove right or wrong. Took 3 weeks to get glasses at $29. By the time I get through VisionWorks is less expensive and only 1 hour. These people need a better way to enter a prescription. I am not an optometrist.

  • Gr
    GregoryK Dec 07, 2012

    I placed an order with them. You click the little I agree box and it explains that they recommend you send them an email or fax of your prescription. I entered my prescription. It is well laid out and has little help buttons you can press for help. Everything is very clear. If the values are not entered right it is not Zenni's fault. I scanned my prescription and emailed it to them. Within 8 hours they emailed me back to tell me everything was correct. I look forward to the 2 pairs of glasses I ordered.

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did not deliver product

II ordered a pair of eyeglasses, got no email notifiying me of them being shipped after more than a week.

I went and checked website and it said they were done. I then checked the USPS webiste and it said they had been delivered with "delivery confirmation" (note - no signature or proof of delivery required).

When I contacted Zenni, they told me either I'd have to get letterhead fromthe post office saying they didnt deliver it (when their website says they did). Good luck with that - the P.O. wont even answer the phone or respond to my complaint at all.

When I told Zenni this they basically accused me of attempting to defraud them (for about $70!).


rude behavior

I ordered prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. After 2 weeks that had not arrived. E-mailed company. Was told they had recently been shipped. One week later, (a total of 3 weeks) still no glasses delivered. Called company . Man answers phone . I tell him that glasses were not delivered and give him order number. He states that his records show that they were delivered to my address by post office. I tell him that they have not arrived. He states in an abrupt snippity fashion: "I'LL GIVE YOU THE TRACKING NUMBER AND YOU CAN TAKE IT UP WITH THE POST OFFICE."
I am now in process of checking with postal office. I have found many similar complaints online about this company. I am hoping that someone from Zenni will READ THESE COMPLAINTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM, IN PARTICULAR THE RUDE BEHAVIOR OF THIS EMPLOYEE. I HOPE THAT THEY GET THE GLASSES TO ME.

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I ordered 3 frames (only) from Zenni - #605225, #430023 & #453415. Two pairs were delivered to my address in...

wrong prescription

I purchased 3 pair from Zenni and only one pair matches the prescription I have. Yet all three were ordered together on the same prescription. Two make me dizzy when I wear them and one doesn't. Go figure ! Zenni says they were filled correctly...they weren't and Zenni can't / won't replace them. Nice frames, the unimportant part. The glasses are wrong...well, 2 out of 3 so I guess I'm still ahead..a little bit. Won't but online again though.

made my glasses wrong twice

After I placed my order I heard nothing, except that they debited my account. I waited a month, then called. They were very rude because I didn't have the order number, which they did not email me. Finally after several minutes on hold, they found my order. It wasn't ready yet. I questioned them about it, they were already rude so it couldn't get much worse. They informed me the lenses are made in China, and they hadn't arrived yet, but when they do arrive my glasses will be put together and sent out. I had to call two more times to find out where they are.
Finally my glasses arrived, I had ordered an expensive pair with real glass, progressive lenses, coatings and photogray. The frames were nice. I could see fine close, but distance was a strain on my eyes which resulted in headache. Distance was very fuzzy, I was afraid to drive with them, so I put the old glasses back on.
Next day I called them and they stated their policy, just as other complaints said. I chose to send them back. They COULDN'T get them wrong TWICE. Could they?
This was a repeat of the first order, many calls to find out where they were. Every time they were rude. Finally they had the lenses. They said they were made wrong so there was no charge. When they arrived, I put them on, and the same problem. They made the lenses wrong again.
I chose to take the loss and keep the glasses because the frame is nice and I plan to use it when I have the prescription filled locally.
I never sent away for glasses before, and I can't speak for other on line glasses, but I will never have Zenni make glasses for me again.

  • Sc
    S Cage Jul 11, 2011

    Wow! Are you sure your Rx has not changed? I also purchased progressive glasses from Zenni. Thy fitted my vision well and only took me 3 days to get used to. We all know that progressives usually take one week or more to adjust to. What’ more, Zenni sent me an email one day after I placed my last order for progressive glasses since they found that my Rx was different from the one in my previous order. They advised me to consult my optometrist. Very appreciated. However, there is no need to do so, since I really know that it is the up-to-date one. I wore glasses since I was 15 years old and had my eyes checked every year since I understood that my vision changed with time. Maybe, you can take an eye test before you place the order next time.

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I purchased a pair of glasses from zennioptical and I am very dissatisfied. Believe me there is a reason that in their term of use they say we urge you to keep your current glasses as a backup pair. The reason is that shortly after the 30 day so called warranty they are going to break. I bought a pair of glasses from them and after 60 days of use, they broke. The actual lens broke where it was attached to the nose piece. Another quote in their terms of use is zenni optical is not responsible for lost, missing or en-route damaged goods. So if they get broken en-route you have wasted your money. Another quote is zenni optical does not provide repair, replacement or exchange service of any kind. So in other words once you order the glasses and they have the money you are sol. I thought this would be great due to the high cost of eyeglasses. I paid $100.00 and thought it was great, but it's not so great if I have to pay $100.00 every two months. Please be very leery of ordering your glasses from zennioptical. My glasses broke and I can not see to drive or read or use the computer at work without glasses so it is a very very big inconvenience for me because I can not step out and get a pair made same day so I will have to go without glasses for about a week. No more zennioptical for me.


  • To
    TOutlaw Dec 27, 2011

    Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! I ordered glasses and never got them. The USPS website days items were delivered but I never got them. RUN RUN RUN far far away from this company

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prescription glasses

Received glasses almost a month after ordering (due to customs) . The glasses seemed ok: always a "breakin period" for new lenses ya know, but started getting headaches after awhile, often enough to see a doctor, eventually, at which time "we" (doctor & I) had the lenses checked for accuracy; they were inaccurate and not the prescription I had ordered. Phoning Zenni: my "time had expired" for any warranty, without considering the fact that I got the glasses almost a month later than the original order. I always get extremely rude in these situations:obnoxious ripoff artists. Of course you cannot email them to discuss things, only phone to get (verbally) the "party line". I hate being reduced to rudeness to get my point across.I figure they owe ME an apology for being put in that position.

  • Bi
    Big Sarge Feb 11, 2011

    Had a similar problem with Zenni in that glasses were the wrong strength. E-mailed the company the problem and within 3 weeks had new glasses, at no additional expense, that worked perfectly. Have been purchasing from Zenni for a while and they blow away majority of US companies for price and efficiency.

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  • Ld
    LD1947 Feb 12, 2011

    I ordered four pairs of glasses from Zenni for me and my husband. All were correct and fine. One set of my husbands had a small crack where the screw fit into the lens. No problem. Sent them back as per Zenni and got new pair very shortly. Good response and glasses. I have gotten glasses from locals and they came back with the wrong prescription for way more money.

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poor service

Like many others I purchased my glasses from Zenni. The PD is off, there is terrible glare, the coating is coming off the bridge and arm of the frames. It did take longer than promised to receive them. The customer service is horrible. When you call, you get an attitude as if you are creating an imposition the CUSTOMER SERVICE rep. When I questioned if there was a constant problem with these particular frames I was told no, of course. The only thing the rep wanted to repeat was, there is only a 30 day warranty. Good luck if you order from them.

  • Es
    esevans Sep 07, 2010

    How much did you pay for your glasses? The last time I bought glasses locally, it was $350+ with all the addons. My Zenni's cost me about $60 with just the mid index (wasn't going to fork over extra for the highest index, or transitions to a company I know nothing about). My finish is coming off as well. I have had them not quite a year. I'm pleased with my glasses. You get what you pay for, and I paid for, and got, a cheap pair of glasses. Today, I ordered 2 more pair for $115. If they last me a year, I will again be happy.

    Don't expect $350 quality, or $350 customer service and you will be happy with your new glasses.

    PS. not sure if you're optometrist measured your PD or not. If not, the PD problem is on you. I had a friend, a registered nurse help me measure mine (twice). Got two different responses. I went back and had optometrist measure, there was quite a difference. I went with optometrist measurement, and my glasses turned out fine.

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dishonest business practice

I purchased one pair of glasses from them for $113. I had payed an additional $72 to the $29 (regular price...

can't see out of the glasses they sent

I ordered three pair of glasses from Zenni Optical. One was fine, one was a little blurry and one was extremely blurry. So I call them and send them back and they say they will evaluate them to see if they made them correctly. A month later they say this:

"We have received your returned glasses #7015 and #7020. They were checked and found to have been produced correctly.

We found the problem is probably that you can't get used to the goggles. Because the goggles have a great curvature.

As these glasses were produced in accordance with the prescription that you confirmed, we can either charge one shipping fee and return them to you, or you may request a fifty percent refund according to our return policy, if they are not to your satisfaction."

So I can't see out of them and they say it's my fault. I know how to wear glasses, duh. There is no way anyone could get used to how blurry these things were. One was so blurry that there isn't any way it was even close to the correct prescription. They clearly lied about at least one pair being correct. If I can't see clearly out of them, what good are they?

Don't buy from these guys there are plenty of other companies who make good glasses cheap. If you have a problem Zenni Optical will do to you what they did to me and you'll be out half your money.These guys are unethical.

  • Ta
    tammie angove Nov 19, 2013

    I order two pairs they took my money but have not got my order i call them and then do not even have the order number i have to show them proof i bought it a scam i am so disapointed this is a gift for my daughters b-day i am not happy i have to tell her we have been scam

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  • Ta
    tammie angove Nov 19, 2013

    we order 2 pairs of glasses and i call them tonight to ask how much longer until we get them and they have no recorder of are order even though i have and order number and can prove the money was taken out of my bank accountant..shame on this company for scamming people out of there money looks like i am not the first person this has happen to and wont be the last unless someone does something

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bad service/poor quality product

I ordered a pair of glasses which took almost three weeks to receive. I paid for the high index lenses (the...

eyeglass problems

Well I ordered from Zenni Optical and a few days later I ordered from EyeDirect. Well I am glad I ordered from Eyedirect because not only did the glasses come sooner but they were perfect. The nose on both pairs from Zenni Optical is wrong. Same measurements and everything. Oh well, I will try to get an RMA number but I'm not holding my breath.!!

  • Gr
    grandem Jun 04, 2013

    I agree with anyone who says Zenni Optical is a RIP OFF. I have had to return two pair of glasses and sun glasses. The prescription was ok but the frames were very disappointing and there is definitely not enough direction from the web site for a person to order the right glasses the first time. So over a hundred dollars later (return shipping, etc.), I get a measly 42 dollar refund and still don't have new glasses. The customer service was helpful but not very flexible. I WILL, let me say this emphatically...NEVER buy from or recommend Zenni Optical to anyone. Their prices may be great but "You get what you pay for". READ EVERYTHING !!! on the web site before you order even a 3.95 pr of sunglasses. The modern consumer deserves exactly what they get if they go with any 'on line only' company. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Ordered a set of glasses online at the end of january they were supposed to arrive in about 2 weeks. Finally after about a month called and was told "you mean no one told you they were held up in customs".
Eventually got them weeks after being promised. Only to have the frame where it screws into the lense keep coming loose. Had to continually try and tighten them by hand but to little effect. Also noticed left lense was blurry. Went to see my eye doctor on thursday and had the glasses checked. The pupillary distance was supposed to be set at 58 and on my left lense it was 56.

When I called to complain was told I was out of the warranty period and what took me so long to call. Of course anyone who has dealt with this company knows there is not someone always there. Some of us work and can't always call back repeatedly!

I would not recommend anyone buying anything from this company. The frame will not tighten down to the lense s and the pupillary distrance is wrong! They should have made this good 4 weeks warranty or not. They made the mistake not me.

  • Bo
    Bonitaapplebaum Sep 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience with this "held up in customs" business...strange since I thought the company was in CA...I live in the US too...

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  • Ni
    Nikolas T Jan 28, 2011

    That's what you get when you cheap out on hardworking eye doctors and buy discontinued frames off the internet thinking you're getting a steal. Jackass.

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have not received glasses

I ordered my glasses on March 4th. I waited two weeks and did not receive my glasses. I called and was told I would receive them no later than March 25th (3 weeks after I ordered). I called on the 25th and asked where my glasses were. The representative told me they were shipped on March 24th. I asked to have a supervisor call me back. When a supervisor did not call me back, my husband called back the same day and asked to speak to a supervisor who told him that my glasses had not shipped. The woman on the phone was extremely rude and belligerent and refused to let my husband speak to a supervisor. Amazingly enough, a supervisor, Rob, called back on the 26th and said that my glasses shipped from where ever they are made (I believe somewhere in Asia) on the 25th to them in California. I asked them how this could be when the email I received from them when I ordered stated that all glasses are made within 48 hours. Rob gave me some poor excuse regarding the glasses being held up by customs. I have since called 4 more times and spoken to another supervisor, Candy, and they still cannot provide me with any tangible information as to where my glasses are. They claim that whoever they use to ship from customs to their CA office does not use tracking numbers. At this point I am going to call my credit card company in hopes of getting my money back.

  • La
    Laurie Dingman Mar 24, 2010

    I bought several pairs from them and the only complaint I have is the adjustments, when you receive them are difficult to do sometimes but the service and shipping was excellent from my end and I would purchase again with them.

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wrong color

Ordered glasses from Zenni Optical. Price was good and shipping was OK. Problem was color. Ordered silver framed glasses with acetate temples. Temple color was not specified but appeared black. Glasses arrived and they are a greyish purple color.
Called customer service. Rep agreed that the online photo appeared black but could not help.
I would never order purple glasses and am very disappointed.

  • Ms
    Ms Smalls Apr 25, 2009

    Well I have been ordering from them for 3 years now. I order for me and my daughter and I have always been very satisfied. I have ordered other things on line, from other sites and it did not look like the pic. Perhaps it is just what it is that anything we see online can look different under our light.

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scam took money no product!

Zenni optical is a scam!!! We ordered and paid for 2 sets of prescription glasses on january 6th. We were...

bad service

I purchased two pair of glasses from Zenni Optical (zennioptical.com). When I recieved them I found that one...

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