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A Jul 25, 2019

I bought a coat on sale for R999 at the abovementioned store in the week of 16 July. As I explained to the cashier, I wanted to get some more opinions on the fit of the coat. She explained that I had 30 days to return it. Today, 25 July at about 17:45 I returned the coat. Although having really liking it, the shoulders were too big hanging down my arms. I explained to the cashier why I'm returning it, and she still asked if she could check if there was a smaller size. However there was not. She checked the label against the slip and then called another lady to authorize it. They conversed in a language that I do not understand. The lady then said that she cannot accept the return as it smells of smoke. I was really confused about this, thinking that I perhaps misheard. She again informed me that she can only accept returns in their original condition. I was becoming quite embarrassed and was still quite confused because I don't smoke, nobody smokes in my house, my house does not smell of smoke. The coat was kept in its bag in my changing room which also does not smell of smoke. I never wore the coat while it was in my possession. I said that it was unacceptable and that I would return to the store the following day again to return the garment. The lady that refused to accept the return said she is Dika (not sure of the spelling, she did not wear a name tag. At home I had my husband and a friend smell the coat. They couldn't smell any smoke. The only "smell" is one of new material, the coat is made of a loosely woven fabric. This situation was very embarassing to me. I feel that I'm being accused of misusing the garment, which I did not. I sincerely feel that there was an error in judgment. I want the matter to be speedily resolved and have no qualm in offering the coat again for a "smelling" test. I would therefor like to return the coat and get a credit on my credit card. Please acknowledge your receiving this complaint.

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