Zara.comclaimed that item I sent wasn’t received, and received to refund money for it

A Sep 12, 2018

Mailed some items from two orders from to their wearhouse. Packed all clothes in one box, and a pair of over-the-knee leather boots in another one. Attachated return labels for both orders. Both boxes were delivered (I have confirmation from ups), but I received refund for clothes from one box only. Zara's representatives claimed they never received the boots, despite the ups tracking number says it was delivered at the same time with the first box. Spent over a month trying to communicate with Zara's representatives- poor communication: almost every time had to explain whole situation and give all the orders/tracking numbers/item id number from the very beginning. Never received any calls back as was promised. In the end it was said that the item wasn't received and they won't refund for it.

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