Z Galleriealton chandelier


I provided a rating on the piece of $800 garbage I bought from them and tried to list it on the rating of the item and they DID not publish it...they only want good reviews, not the honest reviews. Customer "Service" is a joke. They are rude! The quality is non existent, it's over priced Chinese junk. The attitude when you receive in the item you have already paid for is extremely poor. When you ask to see the item packed in a box before you have to carry out yourself with zero assistance is that if you have a problem you can bring it back which is ridiculous when you purchase a 28 pound chandelier that requires a professional electrician to install. There broken and bent pieces that were not visible until the piece is assembled...I DO NOT recommend anyone to work with these people, I certainly won't! Nothing is available to purchase in the store that is of any size, it all has to be ordered, but it MUST be paid in advance, in full.

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