Art Adams Appliance Repair Complaints & Reviews

Art Adams Appliance Repair / Dishwasher repair

Jan 16, 2017

On 1/3/17 I called for service on my GE dishwasher. Prior to calling this company I contacted a plumber I use regularly who found a broken wire. Art Adams Repair came out (Scott) and supposedly fixed the wire. Apparently he didn't bother to check anything else. The sensor that used to go...

Art Adams Appliance Repair / Range


Had mt stove repaired, Lower baking element broke, called for repair. Charged $35 Assesment fee, $78 parts $110 labor 1 hour after repair, I turned my oven on to find the thermostat had been damaged; Called back and got the saying it was working when he left and if he came back to fix the...

Art Adams Appliance Repair / High Rates- Felt Scammed


I had bought a 26.00 part for my washing machine and was told by the parts dealer that it was easy to install.Just reach under the front panel disconnect 2 leads and 2 bolts -then drop the new part in. Unfortunately when I took the front plate off - the 2 nuts were in the back and could...

Art Adams Appliance / Cheats


Art Adams gives you a low house call of $59.00, untill after the visit you get charged additional $35.00 for diagnosis. They should tell you it is $94.00 (this is misleading to the consumer). I agreed to the $59.00, but I was charged additional $35.00 for an estimate for a repair of a...

Art Adams Appliance Repair / Upstanding business practices.

Art Adams service person stated there was a leak in the evaporator coil based only on the frosted coil. It must be replaced, $757 total. The unit was still working, but not fully cooling any longer even at ther highest setting. My experience is that this is a sign of low freon charge...