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Over two years ago, I purchased some educational toys for my grandchhildren online from Young Explorers. Two years later, I get a call from my bank, telling me there is a suspicious recurring charge on my credit card. They reeled off recent credit card purchases and all were correct except for a monthly charge for Shopping Essentials Membership. This company was totally unfamiliar to me. My husband had believed this was some kind of membership I had signed up for and didn't think to question the charge.

I did not sign up for any shopping membership and never used the membership. Period. I have traced this scam - which cost me over &1000 over two years time - to Young Explorers, a company with a catalogue full of educational toys. I did order toys for my grandchildren from this company - both over the phone and online. It was the online purchase in November 1998 that triggered the bogushopping "membership."

I called Young Explorers Customer Service. Before reaching a representative, I listened to a message promising $20 off my purchase if I look at their shopping membership plan. When Betty finally came on the phone, I complained about these extraneous charges that were a result of my doing business with Young Explorers. Betty confirmed that I had clicked Yes to the trial Shopping essentials program in 1998.

I told Betty that I never clicked Yes and never sign up for Shopping Memberships. Never, never, never. Betty hung up on me.

Great company, yes? Are there other victims of Young Explorers and their participation in the Shopping Essentials scam? Should we talk Class Action suit? This is a particularly offensive scam targeting people wanting to buy toys for their young ones. The money Young Explorers and Shopping Essentials extorted from me was hard-earned. You would think they'd be satisfied making a profit off their products. I guess they got a little greedy over at Youn Explorers.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 08, 2015 7:02 am

This happened to my parents too. They ordered toys for my daughters and they were being charged for the "membership" but didn't know anything about it. They were able to stop the payments after several had been taken already. This is still happening in 2015.

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Nov 23, 2013 7:02 am

I just went thru the identical situation! I ordered gifts for my grandchildren last year. When our credit card bill came this Nov (2013), my husband asked me what was the charge we kept getting from "Young Explorers club"? I said I didn't have a clue and hadn't ordered anything from them since last Nov. When I called I was informed I had "agreed" to a 30 day free trial, and since I hadn't canceled, I was being billed. I informed them not only had I NOT agreed to this club, but had NEVER received anything from them! It was only after a VERY heated and threatening conversation that they finally refunded my last payment. I have ordered lots of things on-line and have never had a scam like this before! They should be out of business!

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