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1:45 pm EST

CookiesKids - Item missing

I received an order that was a gift to my granddaughter. It was baby clothes for her new doll. She was excited so tore the bag. We through the bag away as we were picking up wrapping paper. I sat with her as we went over the items. And I knew I was missing an item and confirmed it with my order. I contacted cookies...they wanted a picture of the bag and the clothes in it. Why would u want that when I'm missing an item?!?! I told them I threw the bag away. I asked for a refund that was less than $20 and they refuse. I contacted them 8 times! Never answered me back. Then the 9 time, I get a bunch of emails saying it's close case! What?!? No it's not! I need a refund for a missing item. I'm never buying from them again. Worst customer service !

Desired outcome: Refund

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2:35 am EST
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CookiesKids - customer service

So apparently I get an email from cookies customer service and this is what they wrote

your recent order 3966181 has been cancelled. The cardholder did not authorize the charges for the order listed. All future orders will be cancelled without further notice.

This information has been reported to the proper authorities.

Customer Service
USA  [protected]
INTL +[protected]
Fax  [protected]
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM EST

I contacted the fraud department and they said that cookies put me on a black list, really so I get put on a black list for an order I never recieved, yr pathetic...

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7:29 am EST

CookiesKids - Money waste

I have ordered some clothing from this site and everything was of incorrect size. I contacted customer service and asked for a replacement and they agreed but said that I have to pay for the return shipping. I asked for a return label but they refused to provide that. So I ended up paying extra money to ship everything back. And I would like to remind that was their mistake and I was the one who suffered from that!
I got the correct size clothing but I also saw how unprofessional this company is and I will never order from them again. This place is just not worth it.

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