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Young Explorers complaints

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Young Explorers complaints 31

Young Explorers - Toys

I did not get my entire order and half of what I did broke. One toy arrived broken and never worked. I returned the toys for an exchange per co.pany instructions and never received the exchange...NOR did anyone contact me concerning my return (even after I sent them an email inquiring about the return). At this point I would prefer a FULL REFUND of my money for the items returned.

Desired outcome: FULL REFUND

Young Explorers - Unauthorized Charges

Placed order on 11/6. Agent claimed system was down and could not provide order number or confirm item availability. On 11/16 card was charged twice for 2 different amounts totaling $500 (ordered about 200 worth of merch). Called their CS and was told there were no records of any charges over $126 and could not cancel order and they could not do anything.

Desired outcome: cancellation and refund

Young Explorers - Vivitar Microscope Set - Item #Y111422

Purchased 2 Vivitar Microscope Sets. Junk! Paint is peeling off the microscope. Called customer service 4 times. They won't send prepaid return label for their defective toys. They charged me $22 for shipping and now want me to pay again to ship it back to them! I heard people complain that Young Explores doesn't refund your money either. This company is ran by criminals! Customer Service is in India, and they don't understand what a defective product is. Can't speak to anyone in the USA.

Desired outcome: Send prepaid shipping label and refund the entire cost of this purchase.

Young Explorers - Y192007

Received this item and it does not work. I've tried replacing the batteries and it still does not work. I've called twice and get the whole system maintenance excuse and the website is down. I want to return this to purchase something else. This is going on for 2 weeks now This is unacceptable!!! I want a return label to send this defective product back to you
Please respond
Kathy Allen

Desired outcome: Issue a packing slip so I can return item to you

Young Explorers - customer service

I placed an order on 10/19/2021 on the web site. I had a problem with the system accepting my new address. I called back and I thought I had the shipping address issue resolved. But I still have not received my order. On Monday, November 1st, I called the customer service number. I was told a lie by the person who answered. He said he was from Massachusetts. When I told him he did not sound like someone from Massachusetts he told me he was in the Philippines. He said the system was down and he could not help me. I called today and spoke with a lady who told me the same thing. When am I going to get my order and when am going to get some answers? I already paid for this order so who is going to help me?

I am having a problem with this company too. I placed an order by mail (with a check) on 10/18/21 and haven’t heard anything yet. I called on 11/11/21 (and was on hold for almost 20 minutes) to check on it and the lady told me that hat their system had been down for awhile but was back up then but I would have to call back the next day to find out if my order had been received. I called again on 11/13/21 the lady said she could help me with my question then put me on hold for 25 minutes then I was cut off the call completely. I called back and another lady said they are not showing they have received my order ALMOST A MONTH LATER and I would just have to give it a few more weeks and then call again to check. I asked to speak to a manager and after being on hold another 5-6 minutes then was told there was no one else I could talk to.
This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. That is literally the only Christmas item from any company I have not received. I guess I’m just going to have to put a stop payment on my check. Horrible company I will never buy from them again!!!

Young Explorers - They Fly! They Talk! They Save the PlanetI

I ordered the above product several weeks again. I still don't have a confirmation number! The web site has been down for weeks. You can't reach them on the phone. I can't even cancel. I want to cancel and get my money back SOON.
I question the viability of this company. I can't trust them. Are they crooks?
I understand they have an extremely poor satisfaction record.
In checking into this company (after the fact) I was told via e-mail not to order from them.
I don't understand how they are allowed to opperate.
This puts my grandson's Christmas in jeopardy

Desired outcome: Complete refund

Young Explorers - Rainbow Water Spray toy backyard only ordered in March 2012.

Ordered this as one gift for my granddaughter for her birthday in April. Rec'd email "out of stock" until June 2nd. Will she receive his water spray toy sometime this summer. It was Bill to: Joyce McKinley, 1006 New Scotland Ave. Albany NY 12208 and ship to Mavis McKinley, 178 North Union Street, Burlington VT. When will she get in this purchase/gift. Please email at Joyce.m.[protected] regarding anything of the above. It is quite into the summer now, the gift will be useless unless shipped soon.

Desired outcome: Want Rainbow Water Spray delivered ASAP

Young Explorers - Product hasn't arrived and no email confirmation

I purchased a tent to be sent to my niece's home. The purchase was the 3rd. week of April. I never received a confirmation email. I phoned yesterday and was told they weren't clear on where it was being sent. If that is the truth, when did they plan on contacting me.
I still have not received a confirmation email. Only an email to join a discount club.

Desired outcome: Recieve the product. It was a birthday gift. Or a refund

Young Explorers - VIP status

I ordered toys at Christmas but did NOT agree to sign up for a recurring monthly charge to my account. Please stop this immediately. I will not recommend or order from this company again. You may remove me from you mailing list and your email list. This is disgraceful on your part to hide a hidden recurring charge disguised as a coupon.

Young Explorers - Tadpoles

False advertising. Photo displays a complete kit. No tank. No tadpoles. Bought in November. It is almost March and no tadpoles. Aside from that I was charged a recurring fee for a club I never joined. Too many phine calls. Too many satisfaction. No help. Why not just overnight the tadpoles? I don't think tadpoles even exist. What a farce.

Desired outcome: Refund which I received and writing this in the hopes to help someone else from aggravation. Horrible company.

Young Explorers - Zombie Blast

The arm on the zombie would not go back in the socket after being shot twice. The tab that holds the arm in won't come back up. This was a gift for my five year old grandson. He loved this toy! He tried to fix it himself by taping the arm on the zombie. 34.95 is a lot of money for a toy that was used twice. He threw away the box it came in, because of his love for this toy.He didn't want to give it up.Can you help me? Are there other complaints about this toy? I was very disappointed. This was the first time I ordered from your catalog. I would appreciate an answer from your company. My email is [protected] Thank you, Eileen Brady at 32 Sunshine drive White Haven Pa. 18661

Desired outcome: Would like company to give us a new zombie Blast or 34.95 back

Young Explorers - Y142448 Baby’s First Ride

Item ordered 11/9. Received wrong item 11/13. Contacted cust ser requested return label and correct item. Nov 16 my acct charged for item. 11/24 contacted cust ser, 2nd request for return label; told 3-4 weeks. 12/14 contacted cust ser told 2-3 weeks requested return label for 3rd time; finally received label. 12/14 contacted cust ser transferred 6 times disconnected after holding several minutes. Also told by 4th agent he can't find the order when he tried to track it. Could never speak to customer service rep - phone always cycled back to order department

Young Explorers - Terrible service

I will never order from these idiots again!!! I really wish I had seen all the posts on yelp (one star rating) before I ordered four things to be sent to my granddaughter way before her birthday. I got 2 emails saying thanks for your order, it will be shipped soon. Then the day before her birthday I got that stupid letter saying they had been trying to reach me by phone, which of course they had not, and they had not shipped it. When I called it was clear I was speaking to some young girl outside the us. When she said they would go ahead and send my order, it would take 7-10 business days, I lost it. I was so angry and upset, they waived the extra fee and my granddaughter received her gifts 3 days after her birthday. Then yesterday, 2 weeks past the birthday, my mother called and was livid! The same thing happened to her!

Young Explorers - Online ordering, being charged twice for one item, and the absolutely horrible customer service

Hello so here's my complaint I tried to order an item online from young explorers witch is a birthday gift but intended to help her learn how to write her ABC's great right so my daughter is turning...

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Young Explorers - electronic light up capture the flag y181415

I ordered this by mail. Order K138403800011 Also Whse Order ID: [protected] Imagine our disappointment when we gave it to our grandson for his birthday and one light does not work. Useless for my...

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Young Explorers - horrible customer service

This is the worst children's company EVER! The customer service is horrific. Tried to exchange my 4 year old birthday present. Cost me almost as much as the item to ship it back...This is why everyone should always preferentially shop at "storefronts" with free shipping AND returns!!. Called tonight because the exchange has not been received. They informed me that they had not received the item. Thankfully I had the UPS tracking number. Item had been received 10 days ago. Once they had the tracking number..."oh yes, we do have it...will get back to you in 7-10 days..." Try explaining that to a 4 year old. Person on the phone could only follow a script, poorly. No resolution.


I placed an order around Christmas time 2018, it said that the item was out of stock but expect to be back in stock shortly. I ended up calling the company at the end of December and spoke with a customer service agent who was very rude. She said her name was "Mary" which I doubt. She kept trying to over talk me, would not listen, and said that the order was due at the end of "March 2019". I couldn't believe it and asked for a refund. I also asked for an email confirmation of the cancellation which she said they do not do. I normally look at reviews of products and services from companies but did not look at this one before ordering. I will never order from Young Explorers again and Buyer Beware. Anyone who has anything nice to say must be either an employee or paid by the company to give positive reviews. Terrible, save your money and order elsewhere. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Young Explorers - unauthorized credit card charges for service not received or wanted

Young Explorers monthly charges for "VIP" status (supposedly free shipping) that I never applied for or wanted. Because of e-statements and auto-pay this charge was not noticed. I have called to...

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Young Explorers - failure to deliver at the date I requested

I placed an order for 2 gingerbread houses to be sent to two different addresses by December 12 as Christmas gifts. I told the order taker that if I could not request a certain date, I would place...

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Jan 31, 2017

Young Explorers - I really need help!

I'm quite frustrated and disappointed and have no idea what to do. I decided to write about my experience with website and maybe someone will be able to help me. I bought a gift for my daughter from this online store and received the wrong item. Customer service rep seemed nice and said that I can ship it back and get a replacement or a refund. I was worried so decided that refund was better. Following all the instructions I sent the incorrect product back and they said that I'll get my money after they receive the package. About two weeks later I got a notification from them that item was received and refund was processes. It is now over a month and still no money and I can't reach anyone from YoungExplorers! I really need help with this.

Dec 27, 2016

Young Explorers - Scammed me and stole my money

I bough a Christmas present for my son from website and had a terrible experience with them! My order did not arrive and I contacted customer service to ask what was going and...

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