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Beware of young again products! You wouldn't believe the rudeness of roger mason, a so-called "natural health researcher." he has no proof of being a medical doctor in nutrition, nor the license to prescribe natural supplements whatsoever. Their is also no phone number for this company, so where's the proof it's legitimate?

After I visited and read roger's many articles on nutrition, making claims that are so far fetched it's unbelievable, I sent an email to [protected] Watch out for some anger if you send him an email, people! I could not believe how rude and mean this man was. He said things like, "you're an arrogant #," and, "we don't want your business," and other very crude things. Wow! All I did was ask some basic questions on the legitimacy of his claims, and he blows up on me like a hot-air balloon!

I'm glad I did my research on young again and roger mason before purchasing any of his "supplements!" if I did, I would probably be dealing with a lot of hassle right now in regards to order status, payment type and so on. So please, do your research before dealing with any company, because you never know if they could be phonies and scams!


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    Kathi Kowal Mar 22, 2016
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    A few years ago, when I was very confused about bio-identical hormone therapy, I responded to one of Roger Mason's product advertisements directly, to ask his opinion, never thinking I would get a personal response. I was pretty surprised when I did, and I have to admit, it was pretty "spunky". He seems a little agitated, and the feeling I got from his response was that he probably gets tired of hearing from stupid people who think they know what they are talking about, when in reality they either have it wrong or they know nothing at all. He is "off putting", and you have to be really persistent and thick skinned if you want to keep a correspondence going long enough to learn anything. I wish it were otherwise, because I have had some questions that were very important to me to get to the bottom of an ongoing (20 years) health situation with my son. He's probably just moody, and he's certainly a smart man, he just hasn't been gifted with enough patience to impart his wisdom. I would say he does not teach, he lectures, and those lectures read like a rant. And, when he tells you that you don't know what you are talking about, he doesn't help you to learn what you may be desperate to learn. So, I think he is missing a great chance to impart his wisdom but he is damned by his own impatience with the people who are, sometimes, desperate to learn. I still buy his products, though...!

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    John Espo Sep 14, 2015
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    I've been purchasing Young Again products for about 9 years and find them to be of high quality and at great prices! When I first read an article by Roger when he blasted some author's health philosophy and backed his comments on relevant research I was greatly amused. I subsequently contacted the company and told them how I felt about the "rant." After that, I saw his regular monthly newsletters referred to as rants. I don't disagree with his sentiments towards various health "experts" as to their integrity when the facts support this. However, I don't agree with some of the things he says about various groups, ..the sheeple, the unwashed, etc .Nobody's perfect. At the same time I accept his right to speak his mind. That's one of his rights as a citizen of this country.
    Lastly, I have asked his advice numerous times through emails. He's responded every time with good info, though not always saying things the way I'd like. I can live with it...and I trust his intentions to be helpful.
    john esposito

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    HelenaDy Aug 21, 2015

    My experience with Young Again and Roger is from buying supplements and a few emails over around 5 - 6 years.
    He has his views, he offers high quality supplements at a great price and generally in the marketplace those two things do not go together.
    Although never rude to me in an email he has firm opinions and delivers them succinctly.
    He has never professed to be an MD. He always says he is a research scientist.
    Take him or leave him. He offers good stuff and great information that he is putting out there for free.
    Oh by the way he is human and not all of it will be 100% correct.
    There is nobody out there giving out 100% correct information.
    All information is tainted with opinion and we have to use what we feel is right for us and thank God for people like Roger
    who are willing to put information and their opinions in the public domain.
    He does not suffer fools gladly and most people who have a certain degree of intellect are the same, a certain degree of impatience
    He is doing the most fantastic job and you don't have to use the information if you don't want it

    Helena Dyer UK

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  • Sn
    Snazzy Jun 19, 2015

    I've been buying Young Again products for years. They have help me regain my health. I live in Australia and have no problems with delivery plus young again products are cheaper and better quality. I will continue to buy these products. I'm happy I found them especially the DIM. It has made such a difference to my health and wellbeing, I'm so happy. I tried many products before this one. The products are top quality and that's all that matters.

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  • So
    SoulSearching Jun 04, 2015

    I"ve just run across Roger Mason in his essay on Beta Glucan. After reading it, I went to his homepage and read his list of "bogus" products. When I came to homeopathy, I knew Roger, like the popular "quack busters", lacks the discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have seen homepathic remdies work little miracles for my cats and arnica cream applied promtly never fails to eliminate or quickly heal (depending on the severity) any bruised areas I have and is very healing for sprains. Because I know he is wrong on this one, I have to ask myself what else he is wrong about. I was also dismayed to read his attack on Angelina Jolie. Although I am not overly taken with her, and I found her preventive medical choices extreme and possibly ill-advised, none the less, it is her life and her choice, and that has to be respected on some level. This man has a lot to learn spiritually, including respect for others. He could get the same idea across without being vicious. He is unaware that he hurts himself when he attacks or mistreats people.

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  • Ir
    ironmary Jun 03, 2015

    I have discovered Roger Mason's site accidentally in October 2014. I had a question to ask and he emailed me immediately . Since then I have been buying his supplements and other products. I recon his miraculous cream is the best. Having used some trendy brands and having paid hundreds of ££ for facial creams in the past, I must say the only worry I have is that he might one day decide to stop producing them. I followed his 7 steps to good health, and friends and family who have not seen me for a while all admitted in one voice that I look better than ever. As for Roger's style in expressing his opinions. Well no one is perfect. I think most importantly is what he does for his customers and the way he genuinely helps us.. this is something much more valuable .

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  • Ri
    Richard96816 Apr 25, 2015

    I've been following Roger's suggestions and information for several years now, with good results. I've never really trusted him. And I suspect he would appreciate that. He 'tells it like it is' like no one else I've seen. And he's right every damn time I check his stuff. He's very good at what he does.

    I'm not the least bit surprised that people write defamatory posts about him. Much of what he says goes against the current heavily-moneyed medical establishment. But he's so right. Don't believe him. Test him. I always do. Health care concerns are a difficult thing today. Lots of fools and liars out there. Many, many doctors belong to that group.

    Many supplements are useless or worse. But some have been proven to be very very good and effective, while being inexpensive and quite safe. Yet many doctors dismiss them out of hand. Those doctors are charlatans. They only feel safe prescribing expensive, often dangerous commercial drugs. And they call some of the best supplements poison!

    So expect the likes of Roger Mason to be assailed by the establishment regularly. What Roger writes about threatens billions of dollars of the establishment's profits. And that establishment has long ago decided that health is secondary to their profits.

    Some complain that Roger is not a doctor. Thank god for that! Roger is simply a smart man, with a good understanding of the issues he write about, on a mission to collect and share information. And he does it very well.

    Thank you so much, Mr. Mason!

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  • Ph
    philipstan Apr 17, 2015

    Hello. bin emailing roger a few times. he doesn, t like to re hash a topic. most of my concerns go un answered. my wife can, t have gluten, but his cure is to eat grains. doesn, t make sense. I asked if there are any studies to show fasting is good, he said there doesn, t need to be. wat? even tho studies are his thing... he says, it, s always bin done, so wat. wat kind of presedent is that?... I asked him, are there any studies showing that colloidal silver doesn, t work and that if he says it doesn, t, that he needs to have some evidence, not just an opinion.? no real answer, just called it junk and people who use it are fools, tho on contact it has some use. then he told me to go haunt someone else. so I gave him some good advice and told him it, s better to live shorter and be nice than to live long and be misserable, ect, ect.. I wouldn, t buy from him, I like his views on doctors, don, t trust any of them very much. they think they are gods, but then so does roger.

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  • Know_Your_Rights Oct 31, 2014

    Unfortunately, the majority of us have no way of testing the efficacy of supplements. Too many companies hide behind their corporations holding no one person accountable for poor ingredients, mislabeling, or false advertising. Nonetheless, I'll put my trust into a product where its founder puts himself out there for scrutiny. I've dealt with Roger. He is defensive and rude when inquiring about the most reasonable and benign subjects; simply asking questions. No matter how he expresses himself, his passion is appreciable and unambiguous. Further, when I probed for his opinions as to which supplements are most essential in an effort to save money, he graciously offered me a discount in which I accepted. I have not read any claims of being a medical doctor. His Non-profit charitable trust is legitimate (search NCCS for EIN: [protected]). If you contact him through his web form, he will provide you with a phone number. So, I wouldn't take 100% of this poster's assessment of Young Again Products and Roger Mason as accurate.

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  • Da
    Dan73 Aug 11, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same here, as a previous poster commented, that to my total surprise, Roger Mason took my call, spoke with me at length, all on his time and money. This was around 2000. He never pushed anything on me but rather told me to get off certain dangerous medications that I was taking at the time. I'm glad I did. He then, believe it or not, sent me a product, free of any charge, for me to try. He never wanted anything back in return. He mentioned that he made a lot of money, was well off and wanted to help people out. He wasn't doing it for the money. I know a crook when I see one but I can tell you for sure that Roger Mason is not a crook nor is he a bad guy. He's very upfront, can be brash but he's authentic, a good guy. He's maybe a little bit behind the research at times, some of the stuff being out-dated but this guy definitely knows a lot more about what it takes to be healthy than your neighbourhood doctor and, frankly, most people out-there. He's also very passionate and this can come off sometimes as being rude, especially when he feels that you're challenging him. I recommend you check out his site. Just make sure you do your own research too. He has some great products, cheap. Great online library too, free for you to browse. A strange, quirky character but I trust the guy.

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  • Br
    Bruhed May 22, 2014

    I have seen the ubiquitous commercials for Super Beta Prostate and did a simple Google search. All I found were article after article about Mason and his criminal history and class action lawsuits. One or two sites, I can understand but a dozen? Stay away. Google "Roger Mason Beta Prostate" or "Roger W. Mason Hagerstown conviction" or "Roger Mason [redacted]" and learn the truth. Your health is everything--be careful.

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  • Es
    EstherAZ Apr 03, 2014

    hi ester, you can't read?roger

    we have 25, 000 customers and i'msupposed to read for you?
    complete ingredients list for
    EVERY product we sell. thatisn't enough?

    This is an actual email I received after sending an email asking if the Miraculous cream (I mistakenly referred to it as the Miracle cream) contained any fragrance or parfum, synthetic or natural. I explained that I had sensitivities. The label does NOT say "fragrance free", which is what I look for. Considering I ask this question every time I try a new product, and I generally get a yes or no. There are enough products out there that I can use without this rudeness.

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  • Jo
    JonathanN Mar 13, 2014

    The only one writing negative things on Roger is John Patrick Acord who totally destroyed my life with lies and not paying me what he owed me. John Acord would have not lost the business he had if he would have changed just a few things and let Roger have his Maximum Prostate product. He lost a business and I lost my job just because John was so self centered and only thought about getting even with Roger. I have seen for many years John trying everything to get even with Roger for problems he brought on himself which in turn made problems for others. John is a smart man but stupid in other ways. He is friends with a guy by the name of Steve Jones who is a useless drug addict who used John to get what he wanted.

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  • Ch
    chiefmglowe Feb 06, 2014

    It's clear that Roger does research, he does not claim any different. As far as his products go, not only are they the best and at awesome prices, he does take the guess work out of supplements and has helped me not spend money on supplements that are not proven to work.
    Yes, Roger has quite a past, but that appears to have happened when he was much younger, it's clear that he turned his life around and now goes out of his way to help others as he has with my wife and I.
    The past is just that, the past...
    Mike Lowe-Morrisville, Vt

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  • Ek
    EKeyes Jul 19, 2013

    I have been the recipient of a rude email from Mr. Mason but that does not mean his research is inaccurate and his products are bogus. The prices do make me wonder about the actual quality and truth about his claims. Reading the complaints of the people who "hate" him and accuse him of killing children makes me think that somewhere between his claims and those claims is truth. I have purchased products from Young Again. The products seemed beneficial and the listed ingredients paralleled with other products sold to deal with the same health issues. I received my products in a timely manner and never experienced any problems whatsoever.

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  • Do
    Douglas DeMarco Jul 13, 2013

    I have been using Young Again products for many years. Mr. Mason's products are good and more than faily priced, his delivery fast and reliable. We have communicated by email regularly over the years and he has always taken the time to answer my questions and provide an answer. I get sometimes that he is frustrated. He has provided all of this very valuable, well researched, simply written information on his website; he gives you the books free with your order, he has written many articles, etc.. People have not done their homework when they email. He has blasted me a time or two; it cracked me up because he wants us to get it, to be healthy, to be aware of trends that are not safe and people who have a public persona and are creating wealth at the expense of the rest of us, and after all this time, some of us still don't. Just today, we emailed and he assisted with a rather major health issue and spent most of the day with me. I have nothing but respect for the man; I forgive the foibles and sometimes awesome outbursts, and get on with the business of the day, which folks, is all about living, which he directly helped me to do.

    Doug DeMarco - Atlanta, GA

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  • Ch
    choco38 Mar 19, 2013

    Roger seems to be rather eccentric and has some ideas outside of the mainstream. He is not a doctor, but presents himself as a chemist, so I take his advice within that context. I have used a number of his products and have been able to successfully lower my cholesterol significantly [inexpensively] and to the satisfaction of my doctor. His dismissal of various herbal "cures" as ineffective or a scam and his refusal to sell those items adds a certain validity to his business and makes me think he is not a scammer himself. Buyer beware, but so far I'm happy

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  • Fr
    Frank Perez999 Aug 20, 2012

    Roger Mason is not now and has never been a "renowned research chemist." In fact his only claim as a chemist is 20 years in the federal and state prisons for manufacturing and distributing drugs to children. You can find out the truth about Roger Mason and his experience at [...]. The book and its authors is a fraud. By the way, you can also add 16 years in federal pen for credit and identity theft fraud. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover but you can certainly judge it by the background of its author. Beta Prostate and Super Beta Prostate is owned by Roger W. Mason. New Vitality is just another front he uses to hide and launder his drug profits. The horrific criminal history of Roger Mason is spelled out in detail on a new website [..]. Here you will find articles from the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and he American Banker detailing his 30 years of crime using natural health companies to conceal his massive dealing and manufacturing of illegal drugs. This so-called, self-promoted "research chemist" is actually one of the biggest drug dealers in the USA and perhaps the world. He now uses his vast financial resources to buy off courts and judges as he seizes assets of innocent business people who get in his way. His fronts are Young Again Products and New Vitality. His supplements are laced with illegal substances. He gets away with it because the corrupt federal judiciary protects him. This is on scary dude who needs to be locked up. Most sites does not allow links but do a search for "Roger W. Mason, Criminal History" and its all laid out from independent third party sources. If this site does then go to and read the facts for yourself under Mason's Criminal History. Its all laid out in detail.

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  • Ma
    Malcolm Wynn Mar 29, 2012

    No-one is perfect but Roger is sincere his committment to guiding people to a healthier way of living. Passion is wonderful even if it becomes abrasive from time to time. Personally, I respect Roger, his supplements are excellent quality, and affordable; what more can we ask for? In all my dealings with Roger (and we have had heated email exchanges) I found him to be dedicated to improving health, and alerting the general public to the overpriced, and often ineffective, products promoted on the net, and elsewhere. Go Roger !!!

    Malcolm Wynn - Australia

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  • Da
    Dao Nguyen Feb 21, 2012

    Roger is a kindness and generous person I have ever met. Two years ago, I got menopause problem. I had no life at that time. I started to search on the internet information how to treat women problems in natural way, but all of the good website required me to be a subscriber. Then I found I couldn't believe that there was a web giving free health articles! I have read most of his articles and decided to email him to ask about my problem. He heartily guided me what I should do to improve my health and when he knew I had finance problem, he gave me all supplements I needed for FREE! Until now, he continuously supports me by giving me big box of supplements every 2 months. My health is much better, now. Roger, thank you very very much for your generosity.

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  • Fr
    freadandlaurie Feb 19, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think screaminmimi should feel free to write Roger an email asking for more sources of reading material about hormone therapy. If he hasn't written the book himself, he will know which ones to recommend. His Economic Rant is fun reading, especially for those enjoying the current show, DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. Good Luck.

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  • Bo
    Bob Whitaker Feb 19, 2012

    I have had no personal dealings with Roger but have read many of his articles and am buying products from him.So far the products, prices and service has been great.I don't know as much as Roger seems to know about all the subjects he writes about. One I do know a bit about is Hormone Replacement Therapy.His book Testosterone is your friend is spot on.I wish everyone would read it! When you say the word testosterone everyone thinks of sex and it's way more than that. The fact that Roger is openly unappreciative of most of the medical profession does not offend me. Maybe he's a little abrasive in order to get people's attention. I agree, you are in charge of your body.I myself would welcome a conversation with him.If what he says about Chondroitin and MSM are true, then I'm wasting my money.Roger if you read any of this feel free to contact me, the fact that you feel strongly about your opinions does not scare me.Im at [email protected] It's not a crime to be passionate about something, your Health is everything!

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  • Br
    brose_1 Jul 18, 2011

    Roger just admitted to me that he retired rich years ago and only does the website for fun and could care less what people say about him. Still a lousy way to do business to abuse people in email and call them stupid and tear them down for no reason other than you're a grumpy old man who can say what he wants behind the safety of a computer. People on this website say people shouldn't say bad things about Roger that they wouldn't say in person. I highly doubt Roger would be as mean and cruel to someone's face. Being behind a computer lets people be as mean and abusive as they want without having to face consequences. Well, what goes around comes around. He just lost a customer. I'll never purchase on that website again.

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  • Br
    brose_1 Jul 17, 2011

    I just had the most rude and unprofessional experience emailing Roger today. I emailed him to ask a simple and legitimate question and from his first reply, he was rude, obnoxious and unprofessional. He called my question ridiculous and stupid and told me to stop emailing him. I replied back that I did not appreciate his tone with me and that I would not be using his website anymore. He apparently does not need this business to live off of because he told me to not come back. I have never in my life had such an unprofessional and rude experience like this. If there was a way to file a complaint on the better business bureau I would. I will definately tell every person I know to never buy from his website again. I was simply a customer trying to get an answer to a question. In no way, shape or form did I deserve that kind of treatment from another human being.

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  • Fr
    freadandlaurie Jul 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Roger offers EXTREME opinions, which I take as OPINIONS, and I enjoy his outrageous rants. I hope they are proven wrong someday, but his delivery is a good laugh, and he's been very helpful with questions about silver, and he responds IN PERSON in a timely manner. I find it very sad that people go online to badmouth people when they would never do the same in person! Hope nobody does that to you, Ranger2. It's not fun, whether true or not.

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  • Ra
    Ranger2 Jul 11, 2011

    Roger is a narcissist. His chemist education was born of illicit drug formulation and distribution, for which he served time in the pen. He uses the people around him and the millions he makes to slam those who don't tow his line, and if that isn't enough he will go after their family members, be they young or old.
    His "wisdom" is available elsewhere, as are the supplements he sells on his "not for profit" website.
    As a supplement user, I prefer to deal with a business and persons who are working for good - or, minimally, just working. Not trying to prove you wrong and do you in, in their quest to prove themselves the best.

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  • Wa
    WallyK Apr 02, 2011

    I found his website a few months back. The fact that he sells products...I don't relly care and has nothing to do with the man's philosophy. Products are products. Prices, shipping...who cares. What I do care about is the information that I get. I started reading some of the articles and for the most part they were making sense. THEN I read his political rant. That is pure dribble and nonsense...but he's entitled to his viewpoint. However, it woke me up and I started to read his other articles more closely. What I find is that he is extreme...and not necessarily in a good way. Actually, I think he's a bit of a quack. In fact, not just a bit of a quack...maybe a lot of quack. It's not the only website I visit (yes I even read on HSI although not a member and they are way overpriced).

    I am Canadian. That means that we get free healthcare. Cancer therapy is free...including chemotherapy drugs. Why do I menthion this. Because a good many of the so-called conspiracy theories are based on the premise that docters are out to make a "big buck" at the expense of patient care. I even read on another site (HSI) thewy accuse oncologists of selling chemotherapy drugs and a profit and that's why patients are "sold". That might make sense, except for countries like Canada, France, England, etc, etc with Free healthcare (and a longer lifespan). The docters in those countries follow the same treatment protocls (onclogists, cardiologists, etc) but they don't make any extra incentive except to see the well-being of the patient. How do the conspiracy advocates explain that one?

    When you read info on websites like Young Again, HSI, etc you need to be selective and understanding. You can't just be another Oprah cultist following a blind path. There is some good stuff and there's some extreme stuff.

    I believe that a good healthy living is all about moderation. Keep the food fresh and unprocessed. Enjoy a steak but not a 24oz porterhouse. A 6oz striploin is plenty. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, romaine, these are all God's gifts. My wife and I dine in a restaurant once a week. Get good excercise 45 minutes a day. Work on strength and conditioning 3 times a week.
    Live well!

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  • Fr
    freadandlaurie Jan 30, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I found Roger Eons ago from a radio show, then I found his products, newsletters and his rant on politics. I often get a good laugh at his style of writing, no matter the topics are always serious and you can tell he takes them seriously. I've bought products from Roger and also received FAST and SUPER helpful prompt replies to personal emails. I like a person with a sense of humor no matter the serious nature of the discussion. No complaints here!

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  • Do
    dogzone Dec 08, 2010

    Anyone that is so right wing and believes all those conspiracy theories rings alarm bells with me. Try explaining to Roger that you cannot eat most whole grains and await your reply. Mine was 'You will die get cancer and die young' plus a lot of rude invective. That didn't strike me as quite balanced. There is a lot of non evidence based stuff too. Where is the scientific evidence about nightshade foods like tomaotoes and peppers being bad for you?
    Some common sense for sure but beware anyone that is so fixed in their beliefs. Ask akward questions and he will not answer apart from slagging you off. Some peoples would have died from starvation had they not been able to eat dairy foods ( camel milk, cheeses kefir etc.) and how about the whole grains there Roger and perfectly healthy until they lost their lands and took to alcohol!Altogether too simplified a view ! Plenty of tribes have very little or no grains and live healthily on mainly meat. Diet is a lot more complicated than Roger would have you believe. Undoubtedly highly processed, refined 'Foods' ( use the term loosely ) do nothing for your health. Fresh, home prepared foods are the best and grass reared organic meat, poultry eggs will not harm you. More and more research is showing that the saturated fat, cholesterol theory regarding heart disease etc. does not hold water. What does are the dangers of manufactured trans fats etc. combined with refined grains, sugars and calorie dense nutrient poor foodstuffs.

    Beware gurus with fixed mind sets!!!

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  • Lo
    Lori - Cleveland ohio Nov 15, 2010

    I love Roger Mason. I embrace his monthly health newsletters and forward them to my friends. He's been keeping me healthy for over 10 years. He doesn't mince words. I think he is very honest, but in a harsh way -okay with me. I trust the guy. I've read all his books. He supplements are reasonably priced compared to my research -- I don't think he is a millionaire from selling his supplements. Customer service is not necessary for me. I use my Debit card and get my supplements very quickly. No need for customer service.

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  • I live in Australia and I have purchased many products from Roger Mason over the past few years and I have always been more than satisfied about the quality of the products, the swiftness of the delivery and the decency of Roger Mason to answer my questions via email. Roger has personally footed the bill for postage when I have not paid enough while ordering and he has done this out of his very generous nature. This man wants us all to be healthy end of story. He is not trying to make a fast buck he sells his product so cheaply in order for all to be able to purchase nutritional support and to stay healthy.He says it as it is and does not dress up his statements to win people over: personally I like this he is what he is and honesty is his policy this is a wonderful quality for a human being to have. Don't take advantage of his products if you don't like what he says. Go get ripped off by some of the big money making companies I'm sure they will relieve you of your hard earned cash and never return a call. His books and information is based on well researched medical facts, he has nothing to gain by providing a free library for all to access. I will always by from Roger Mason I know the quality of his products and information.
    Soozie P Melbourne Australia

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  • An
    Anonymous28282828 Sep 30, 2010

    Roger Mason is a rude and incompetent person. He is a customer for a company I work for and he cannot understand simple concepts of how our "products" work together. Not only that, but when you try and explain something simple to him, he refuses to listen, continues to insist that things are the way HE thinks they are and then hangs up on you. I would never buy products from a man who is so obviously self-obsessed, impolite and inept.

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  • De
    Dennis A. Sep 11, 2010

    Roger is direct, but that's just the way he is and I can live with that. He backs what he says with reputable medical studies which anyone can check out anytime. Last year I emailed him and ordered some products from Young Again.He gave me a 50% discount, since I couldn't afford the all products I needed. You can tell he's not in it for the money. He's number one in my book.
    Finally, what he preaches actually works. I know it and several persons who had one foot in the grave can also testify to that. Just read Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy, My Beautiful Life, or Recovery From Cancer.

    Dennis A. (Canada)

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  • Ar
    Arlynn B. Aug 27, 2010

    I started occasionally purchasing products from Young Again about 6 years ago. I had been vegan for a few years and was interested in a variety of takes on the vegan diet (McDougall, Barnard, etc). Recently I began having some trouble (knee and joint pain) on my vegan diet and revisited Roger's site. A few months ago I did cut out all nightshade veggies, took the medical tests he recommends and purchased his products. Maybe it's coincidence, but my knee pain has just about vanished. If I've ever emailed Roger, which I have, he has responded quickly. Although I know his products are not all vegan (he uses gelatin capsules), I've made this an exception. I'm a pragmatist, and feel the proof is in the pudding...or in this case, the whole grain brown rice.

    Arlynn B.

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  • Su
    Susan R.D. Jul 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a customer of Young Again Products for many years. The prices & quality are excellent, and the shipping is fast. Roger has made some recommendations that I've followed with great results. He does not claim to be an MD nor does he need to be one in order to dispense research results. I have e-mailed him from time to time and have never experienced any rudeness. -Susan D.

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  • Ha
    H and L Kerr ( Canada) Jun 28, 2010

    We have been using Young Again products for years and have had terrific srvice and no doubts about quality. We have also telephoned and emailed Roger Mason for advice ...his answers are always direct and"passionate" which may surprise some people!

    Roger NEVER claims to be an MD and has no time for MD's who do not believe in nutrition, vitamins, minerals and hormone balancing...the main planks in Roger's health palatform.

    H and L Kerr (Canada)

    4 Votes
  • La
    Larryjoy Jun 22, 2010

    I first began my journey through Roger's articles in 2007. I find him to be very passionate and down to earth about his beliefs. He is also very unrelenting towards those he considers charlatans and misinformed in the health industry.

    Through personal research I have found the overwhelming majority of his claims scientifically accurate. Whether you like his approach or not, you gotta love his passion for the truth. He is the health evangelist of our time.

    Great products at a great price!

    Joy & Larry Gibson

    8 Votes
  • Ge
    gettingwell Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks Robert for giving what appears to be a straight forward opinion of Roger Mason. I found the Young Again site for the first time today and was impressed with his products and articles, but was really put off by his abrasive slamming of others. I consider myself a mature adults and it was just plain childish to blast others using the words he did. So my position is I'm going to give his products a try because I've done a lot of research on my own and know what I'm looking for and his company has it at a good price. I only wish he would realize that he is his own worst enemy and comes off like he has a screw loose. No company should have someone at the helm like that.


    0 Votes
  • Ro
    robtb Jun 11, 2010

    Please note that the above complaint is posted ANONYMOUSLY! Give me a break. It is ok to complain, but grow a set. State your name and speak your peace.

    For the record. I first heard Roger Mason on the radio while on a road trip to meet my brother (circa [protected]) in the vicinity of the Salton Sea in Imperial County, California, where we were to spend the weekend photographing this subject rich area. I became interested in his approach to one's personal responsibility in health matters. In my research into his business, I do not ever recall that Roger Mason claimed to be anything other than a research chemist. He always seemed to stress that he is not an M.D. He footnotes every claim in his discussions of the various abstracts. If everyone would be so transparent!

    I believe that Roger Mason is sincerely interested in the subjects about which he writes. Why would I think this?

    # 1-One evening in 2003~2003 I was working later than usual in my So Cal. office. I didn't completely grasp something Roger Mason had written and was perplexed about it. I goggled his name and found a web page with his bio, his picture and a phone number. I called the phone number, expecting to reach his corporate headquarters and leave a message on the answering machine, hoping someone in the organization would respond. Instead, after a few rings, the phone is answered with a "Hello, this is Roger." Taken aback, I told him my name and said that I expected to reach an answering device. Further, I offered to hang up, call back to leave a message, if he would let my call ring through to his answer machine. He wouldn't hear of it. I asked my question and we spoke for a very long time (30-40 minutes). Before ending the conversation I asked where he was located. "North Carolina" he replied. So this "angry and rude" guy, Roger Mason, took a call from a complete stranger at 11:30 PM (his time) and gave 30~40 minutes of his time to this complete stranger and discussed something of interest, not to him, but the complete stranger. What a jerk!

    #2 Over the next few years, my sister, who I had introduced to Roger Mason's writings, communicated with him via email regarding her daughter, who had issues with Crohn's disease. They traded emails over several days, with my sister thinking the subject had been fairly discussed. Imagine her surprise when she received an email from Roger Mason, a few days after receiving his last email, that read, "Karen, I've been thinking about your daughter and had another thought." He went on to pursue this new line of thought with her in a second email conversation. My primary care medical doctor cannot remember why I am in his office for a follow up 4 days after the initial visit. when was the last time your doctor called or emailed you to say, "Hey, I've been thinking about your situation in my spare time and I've got something I want to share with you!" If only!

    As for the attitude, perhaps it is that "equal and opposite reaction" Sir Isaac Newton famously described. Some people do not suffer fools very well. Roger may well be one.

    As for his products, I have bought many over the years and have been satisfied. I am a value shopper and will buy the best price for comparable quality, and sometimes it is with another provider. I will say that his products are reasonably priced and the quality is quite good. If you can find better, cheaper, then go for it. I do. If I didn't have to watch every penny, though, I would order everything from Young Again Products, without hesitation.

    Robert Smith

    10 Votes
  • 1s
    1socrates Feb 27, 2010

    I don't know about how good or bad Roger's supplements are. I do know that his politics are beyond right wing and racist. And that is what bothers me. How can I support someone who spouts the crap he spouts?

    -2 Votes

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