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Worldmark By Wyndhamscam / false promises

Beware of worldmark of wyndam it is a scam.
They do not want their product back because it is not worth what they charge.
You can not sell it.
They got you like a fish caught on a line.
Especially if you are concerned about your credit.
They only want your money they do not want their product back.
They know unless they find a sucker their product is a total scam and is worthless.
You are buying a nightmare.


  • Im
    ImNotBuying Jul 17, 2018

    i did not want to buy “POINTS”. I’m not a person who buys from a company that won’t let you read their contact on your own time. If I ever seen a scam this one sure is SCAM you might get a stay in. Wouldn’t want to stay at a place where Preying on innocent people is the way of business.
    If I Told you that I was selling you something that you don’t really get to own because it’s “POINTS” And I can’t let you have a contract to read over with your lawyer I set it up so I am in complete control of the environment and you have none at bombard you with sales pitch after sales pitch. Would you trust me to be paying me 30+ thousand dollars over 10 years but would you rather keep your money in your pocket and use it how you see fit. These people are selling dreams not reality. You are the best person who Can protect your money and decide how to spend it don’t give it to these [censored]s who are paid to swindle you out of your money and your children’s money with no shame. They tried hard to get me I told them there’s no way in gods green earth I will be signing a contract on the spot without taking it home reading it. No good business operates in that manner no good business operates as a predator to unsuspecting victims. To the people who are saying it’s all your fault for signing it’s not their fault they were swindled by human beings with no conscience they we’re Misinformed and pressure is not your fault that you’re a good human being and think that other human beings are good it’s the swindlers fault for knowing you’re a good human being and taking advantage of it.

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  • Sa
    SarBear Jul 25, 2017

    If you want out of your contract contact [protected]

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  • Bo
    Bob V Mar 18, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WorldMark ownership may not be for everyone but only a very few might have a negative view. These are upscale resorts designed for those that have the money to afford them. As owners we appreciate the fact that loudmouths rarely become owners.
    We first bought into WorldMark about 20 years ago and have added to our points on two different occasions. We understand how to use the system and stay at WorldMark resorts about 10 times a year and have no problems. There are no problems if you are able to book a long way out for the very popular resorts and no problems for the less visited resorts in the short term.
    For those that do not understand why you can't book in the short term at a specific resort but can book the same resort online the answer is simple. Some owners (either points or fractional) do not have the time to use them and re-coop their "loss" by renting them out.
    Part of the misunderstanding of WorldMark is that whatever you buy the property is there forever. If you spend $10K for an upscale condo today you get to keep booking forever. In 20 years that amounts to $500. So use WorldMark for 20, 30, 40 years, share it with your friends, and when you reach the feeble stage give it to your kids or a charitable organization and everyone will love you.

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  • Ha
    Hawk82 Aug 26, 2012

    My wife and I have been owners of Worldmark Whyndam Travel Share since 2009 and we love it. We have had no problems booking any of the resorts when I call or go online. Some resorts like the one in Washington DC is so popular that you do need to book a year out which is fine with us. When we first signed up for Worldmark we were skeptical. They gave us a trial period where we could purchase a certain amount of points to try. Needless to say we loved are first trip and decided to buy. The resorts are clean the staff has been very friendly at all the resorts. In the last 12 months we have gone to Florida for 7 days California for 7 days and will be going to New Orleans for 7 days in Dec. We would have not been able to make these trips without Worldmark. What I like most is I can rent out any a room at any resort to friends and family it saves them money on their vacation and I get to make some money, I put that money toward paying off the Travel Share. When we went to California we took some friends with us, they enjoyed it so much they opted to purchase a travel share of their own. It looks to me that the most of the people on here complaining just didn't do their homework before purchasing. It's like any big ticket item you buy do your home work and make sure you read the fine print.

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  • Ma
    Mamajack Aug 09, 2012

    I have been an owner of shares in Trendwest, later Wyndam, for over ten years. Early on, before Wyndam took it over, it was wonderful. But since Wyndam took it over a number of things changed.
    First, it is over sold. Once it was possible to book a vacation based upon your schedule, not theirs. That is no longer the case.
    Second, the sales presentations, once relaxed, have become so high pressure your friends will hate you if you subject them to it. As an owner we went to one because they suggested it. They tried like dirty dogs to get us to buy more shares and treated us like idiots when we declined. Our friends related a horror tale of their own.
    And lastly to make things even worse, I just had reservations I made over eight months ago canceled because I was two payments behind in my maintenance dues. My contract is deducted from my checking account, but i got behind in my dues. Now those units are no longer available. Spend your money elsewhere, I am saddened to say.

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  • Ar
    ara1199 Aug 02, 2012

    We have been members for the last 5 yrs and have never had any trouble booking even last minute around holidays. We too purchased a minimum amount and have since upgraded the number of credits we have and find ourselves using all of our yearly + some borrowed since we are vacationing more than we ever did prior to buying with Worldmark. We were given time to think before signing and really appreciated the time given after the presentation to ask questions and go over all the paperwork, we were even told about other fees so were not caught off guard.

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  • Tw
    TW1999 Jul 03, 2012

    We have been owners since 1999 when it was Trendwest.. We were a family of 6 until the 3 boys moved on out on their own. We only purchased up to the amount of points to enable us to take one week-long vacation, and enough to give us the biggest rooms (usually 3 bdrm penthouse) at the prime times and prime properties.

    Now we are a family of 3. Now we have enough points to enable us to take 2 week-long vacations in the prime time and the prime locations! I have no complaints.

    i consider those that are able to get reservations, even in 3-4 months in advance, are considered lucky. i think we are lucky because we can book up to 13 months in advance which allows us the best options of the particular party. Yes Worldmark is that popular. Sorry you all don't think so. Unfortunately i cannot just make plans for my vacation in 3-4 months time; my funds do not allow. Fortunatley i can secure a place over a year in advance AND have a month prior to check in to cancel WITH OUT CANCEL FEES!

    Worldmark always announces thier increase and i haven't found anything 'hidden'. I may not be happy, but everything is increasing so what is your point. You pay for gas no matter the cost, correct?

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  • Da
    Dag49 May 09, 2012

    WE became owners 9 years ago before Wyndham bought out Worldmark. We have been fairly satisfied most of the time. But we have noticed that Wyndham has changed some of the original items of our contract. One being the housekeeping fees, when we first signed up there were no housekeeping fees. I have tried to discuss this with several different agents and they all try to tell me this has always been. But this is not true. The other item is the difficulty lately with getting rooms. We used to have no problems but now it is very difficult to get a reservation.

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  • Ja
    james955 Mar 22, 2011

    OMG...most of you people are so freaking stupid!!! You all seemed like you shelled out significant money for worldmark timeshare...without even really understand what it was that you were freaking buying!!! Like the one guy said, you didn't do any research on what you were actually buying when you bought into world-mark, and now want to blame someone else for the decision! can't really tell me that you believed that worldmark timeshare would be an "investment" that would increase in value! If a car salesman sold you a new car...would you really believe him if he told you that it would be a great investment and will be worth even more when you sell it to someone else in a few years! Don't tell me you are really that freaking dumb!

    And, any of you really think that a timeshare company was going to give you something for free...without making you listen to there high-pressure sales pitch on their product!!! FYI... If you wanted the free crap they gave to should just have sat though the pitch, then repeated to the salesperson three simple words..."No Thank You!" Then you would have been able to quickly leave, with little hassle.

    And, even more amazingly to me! Did some of you really actually think they would take the product back or just cancel your contract if you changed your mind in the future!!! That is unbelievable naive...for example, if you buy a car...then a year later you loose you job, or decide you don't like it, or realize you paid too much, or for any other reason want to return the can't just take it back to the dealer and either expect to get your money back! Again... Are you really that freaking stupid? How would any business make any money operating in such a manner! I knew at 5 years old that timeshare salespeople were just like car salesmen...Every timeshare company uses the same high pressured sales techniques and the salesmen "puff" (e.g. exaggerate the positive attributes) the product! Did you all really believe every "puff" they told you during the sales pitch?

    Worldmark is no different than the other timeshare company...and in my opinion it's completely your fault for not doing your research before you signed the contract and put your money down! You have nobody to blame but yourselves!

    FYI...I am an owner and absolutely love worldmark! It has been a perfect fit for my needs, and a good value. But, I did my research and knew what I was purchasing when I bought all of my point. I purchased all of my points "used", by paying the former owners in cash. I was able to purchase these points for much less then they retail for all of them...and was also able to end up with an early membership, which means I never pay housekeeping fees on any of the points I purchased!

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  • Do
    doublestuffed Mar 05, 2011

    from the ignorant alaskan [censor] worldmark!!!

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  • Th
    Thomas Honda Jul 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wyndham also owns Whyndham Vacation.
    My wife and I just came back from Las Vegas yesterday. They were doing its "Fishing Activity' in front of Hurrahs Casino Hotel. They offered us free buffet dinner in exchange for $40 deposit to make. They told us if we attend 2 hours session, they will give us free breakfast, free show tickets and $75 dinner credit at the hotel. After 1 hour of presentation about their company and timeshare program, we had 1 hour heated discussion with its sales rep named “Chad". He tried explaining how good the company/program is but nothing made sense to me. First, he told me they are member of BBB but they are actually not. About expensive maintenance fee, he said “If you own the property like condo, there would be a maintenance fee to be paid". As a matter of fact, you do not own any property. You just own its "points" can be used only within its hotel network. I asked him "why I cannot read your contact paper more carefully even consult with my lawyer and come back next day” but he said " No, we have our lawyer to look after all our legal issue so that you do not need to consult your lawyer. Just sign today". He also mentioned “If you leave here today, you will not come back here again". He knew if we performed enough research on this company, we would find out all complaining and lawsuites against the company. He tried everything to insult/convince me so that I could purchase its contract. Again, all his explanation is about its company side of the reason/excuse that we regular customer should purchase $32K points credit + maintenance fee which we would end up as a debt ranger next 5 - 7 years. 2 Hours passed by and I claimed it as “extortion" then he decided to let us go. But that was not the end. His supervisor appeared to ask some comments about the visit and still trying to offer lower payment plan or some kind of the deal they think it was better. Again, why I have to have another mortgage of $32K while we just came to Las Vegas for the vacation?
    Anyway I told the manger that I do not want to eat cheese and macaroni only next 5 years. The manger got very upset about my comment for some reason. I stopped being nice any more. I just stood up and grabbed my $40 deposit, free show tickets then left.
    My recommendation to innocent people is that “Do not sign any legal contract paper while you do not fully understand all conditions and consequences" " You should claim to talk to police or lawyer if they do not stop pressuring you".
    After carefully reading all these complaining and lawsuits filed against this company, you will know what to do.
    I am very sorry for those victims who had to purchase its “Points" with huge debt payment next few years.
    Please be careful about “Free give away" staff. Remember nothing is free in this world.

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  • Cy
    Cynch Jul 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so glad we opted to the do the Wolrdmark Experience. After having to contact the VP just to get rooms at a time for a short vacation... it is nearly impossible to get a booking. Okay, Impossible!
    I am sorry for everyone who had similar experiences... but I know for a fact I ain't upgrading or signing up to the permanent ownership. I agree about saving up the monthly payments and choose and make your dream vacation come true on your own. Cruises are much cheaper and more enjoyable!

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  • Un
    Unimportant customer May 14, 2010

    We have been owners for about 3 years now. We learned about the company by going to a presentation and were promised a free vacation for attending. I don't know if the vacation was a scam or not as we never had the time to actually use it before it expired. After the presentation, they ushered us into a room set up with tables, each with a smiling sales rep sitting there. We were presented with a few options for buying their credits, none of which we thought we could easily afford. The manager came over to sell us on the future trips we could have after a few years of "struggling" with payments. He assured us it was worth it as he had been an owner for 15 years and started off the same way we were. We considered their smallest package of 6, 000 credits and were assured by the sales rep that this amount of credits was equivalent to a weeks worth of vacation for a family of 4 each year at any resort. That didn't seem too bad, so we took the plunge and signed up. We have NEVER used any of our credits. We can't find a single place that lets us stay for a week with the credits we have. We're lucky to find 1 or 2 nights in an unpopular location in the off season. I feel cheated. With the changing economy we fell behind on payments (never more than 30 days) and started getting phone calls 5 to 12 times a day. TWELVE TIMES A DAY!!! The concept of the points system is great, but we SO overpayed for what we actually got and even if I felt like the deal I made was fair, I would never pay anything to this company based on their customer service alone. They don't care about you, they just care about getting your money. It doesn't matter who you talk to or how many times, they don't care what you have to say. I would never recommend this company to a friend.

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  • Sa
    Sailor101 May 12, 2010

    If worldmark is so great then why don't they let us out of our contracts that felt we got scammed. Just because some of you people have deluded yourself that it is a great deal doesn't mean we all did. I was told all about the flexability and that i could cancel anytime. Both are so untrue. Being in the military I really needed that and i did read there contract. I just failed to see what was not in it that I needed there. If it works for you that is great but i don't have the time or the money to throw away on trash. which is what this turned out to be for me.

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  • Ga
    gamedazed Apr 01, 2010

    Does anyone know their Employer ID number or how to find it? I worked for a branch of theirs which went out of business and now cannot get my tax return, I'd like to contact the IRS about it however they do require this information

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  • C2
    c2dela Nov 23, 2009

    I had purchased into worldmark myself about 4 years ago. I was told at the time of signing that I could cancel my contract if I was unsatisfied. A couple of days after my purchase I tried to book a vacation to try and se how it would work out. Tha places I tried to book were all pretty much booked for the next 3 months. So I called the numbers provided to me in the nice little green owners briefcase they had given me. I found out that day this was going to be impossible to cancel so I went to the office I had signed out of and they wouldn't help me cancel. They gave me instructions on how to request my cancellation and since I was five days into the contract, I only had 2 days left to cancel. At this point I wrote them an e-mail through the contact us link on thier website, Told them of my situation and that I did not like what I had purchased and requested a cancellation of contract.

    Two weeks later I got a response saying that because the 7 days had already past I am no longer able to cancel my contract, a couple days later I recieved notice of payment due. I decided since not to pay and hoped It would all just go away since they have never collected from me and I did not plan on using thier service anyways. After four months my credit had plumetted due to them reporting and hurt my career in the military because I had a security clearance required for my job, I went under review due to the tarnish on my credit. So I made the back payments and since then have not fallen behind even with dues and fees that come about.

    I feel for all those who where lied too, during this presentation. In a way we were suckered to believe we could cancel, when in reality they do not tell you how many days you have from the time you sign. They do not make any of this clear during thier presentation and sales pitch. They don't tell you about the limit for roolover on credits and how they actually work. They sold me a basic package that I will be paying on for about 8 more years now until it's paid in full.

    I decided to pay for the contract in hopes that I would be able to sale and get out of it. I made 4 attempts in the past 3 years and have always ended up owing a large balance if I sold and would have to pay up for the balance in advance before it could be sold. So I say to all those who are interested look else where you will find the same thing for less from a time share reseller, and be able to stay away from a contract to if you are interested in credits alone... buyer beware!

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  • Ki
    Kin Lane Sep 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Aaron L.

    Regarding your experience in not being able to book a quick room weekend trips. I experience this everytime and even when I book 4 weeks in advance.

    I have tried to get a room a locations and I am told it is completely full. then I go to travelocity to look for other options. And rooms come up at the Worldmark location I was told is completely full.

    I have asked worldmark about this practice and they say they do not do this.

    I assume they keep a certain amount of inventory to make profit playing the online booking game. Keep this inventory out of owners hands and make more profit as the market fluctuates.

    Owners should work together to make sure this isn't happening.

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  • Aa
    Aaron L Sep 28, 2009

    We were owners for several years. Now keep in mind that you actually do not own anything. If you can't use your points, you loose them so you actually don't own them. You still pay the huge maintenance fees that increase every year. When we purchased the time share, we were told that it would increase in value over time. We owned it for 10 years. When we sold it, we lost more than 50% of our initial investment. If we hadn't had the maximum amount of credits "banked" we would have lost even more. There were several times we tried to use our credits for a quick weekend get a way only to be told that the resort was full. Upon calling the resort, we found that there were many rooms available for non owners to rent but none for the owners. I never really understood that one. All in all, it was a horrid experience and a major financial loss. I would NEVER recommend Worldmark to any one! We were lied to and ripped off.

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  • Jo
    Jokerswild Sep 16, 2009


    Any company that does not allow you any the time to read the PDS before signing a contract has something to hide. My partner was preasured into attending a session, multiple phone calls, emails and texts. While there we we spun a polished presentation that chopped and changed from credits, fees and bonuses for 2 hours making any understanding by anyone other than a astro physicist impossible. A mear 10 minutes was allocated to cost to the consumer, there was no mention of possible additional costs, late fees, termination fees and the like above and beyond the reoccuring '$229 a week', it was without a shadow of a doubt deceptive and misleading.

    My advice, save the $500 a month and yearly $750 'cleaning fee' credit the additional fees and airfairs you will still have to cough up if booking through Wyndam and go on a holiday you plan yourself, I assure you it will work out cheaper!

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  • Sh
    shortyellowbus Sep 11, 2009

    Everytime I go to a Worldmark resort it appears fully booked. Therefore, there must be thousands of people who understood what they were getting into and the VERY SMALL minority on this board who didn't? Where the people on this board born yesterday? Worldmark/timeshares are NOT a new concept.

    So none of these problems are about you trying to get something for free and then finding out that you got what you paid for? Do you normally sign your name not knowing what you are getting into? Everything is always someone elses fault and not your own. Let's face it. You wanted something for free (whether it be a free gift or free "trial" accomodations) and then you turn around and found out that you have to pay like EVERYBODY else. I love you idiots. I buy your uneducated mistakes for a fraction of what you paid and make a killing. Way to research what you buy before actually buying it. It's not what is true. It is what you can prove.

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  • Ki
    Kin Lane May 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wouldn't say its scam...but it is not all they say it is. The oversell it and are pushy pushy pushy. Here is a summary of my last trip:

    Tried booking something 3 weeks out and couldn't get anything except obscure room in Klamath Falls. If you want a room you have to book at least 3-4 months out.
    Made my monthly payment of $314.00 (which went up from $280.00 because I stopped auto pay).
    Made a $60.00 maintenance fee Payment
    Booked my room over the phone (charged $11.80) for this.
    Stayed in my room which was nice.
    Needed Internet and had to pay $10.00 per day for Internet.
    Stayed two nights and left and paid $70.00 for cleaning fees.

    So including my monthly payment I paid:

    $314.00 Monthly Payment
    $60.00 Maintenance Fee
    $11.80 to book the room
    $20.00 for Internet
    $70.00 for Cleaning fees

    Ahh $475.00 for a one bedroom apartment for 2 days...amazing vacation.

    Wait...not quite...

    Its not a scam...but they do nickel and dime you.

    You can't book anything unless its 3-4 months out.

    I've seen a room I couldn't book through my membership available on Travelocity. So the resell to fill gaps...which screws you.

    They are aggressive in getting you to upsell your account.

    Overall I do not recommend Wyndam at all...I feel trapped.

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  • Je
    Jenny May 07, 2009

    The 32K price is way high. Entry level price is around 10K. Not sure why they didn't down sell you more. Love our timeshare. We use it every year. Accomodations are beautiful, don't have any complaints!

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  • So
    sonicoliver Apr 24, 2009

    By the way, I just unwrapped the "boom box" present that Wyndham gave me... it is pretty sweet :)

    And they gave me $20 fuel card for the travel, can't complain with that. Love their customer service and attention to detail.

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  • So
    sonicoliver Apr 24, 2009

    I just endured theWyndham sales pitch. Partly out of curiosity, partly for the free crap they gave me, I came away seeing the value in the concept, but I certainly wasn't putting any money down. When I said no, I got the manager who came over and gave me a better more amazing deal.

    When I said no again, I got to leave, but not before being taken to a special room at the back and being made an even sweeter, more exclusive and limited-time-only deal, knocking off $7000 of the $32, 000 they were originally asking and the offer of 9% p/a finance over the 13% I was originally offered.

    Needless to say, I issued my 3rd and final no, came online to find similar timeshares are being re-sold for much much less than the "RRP" they give you at the pitch. As with everything, do you're homework.

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  • 8c
    8children Apr 19, 2009

    We are a WorldMark by Wyndam owners. We have 8 children. These resorts work out great for us. We have had nothing but great results. The purchase price is high, but it has more than paid for itself as many times as we have used the credits for staying at the resorts. We have had family and friends use the resorts and they too love them. A scam? NO! NO! No!

    Family of 10 (8 children and same 2 parents)

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  • Mo
    monique Mar 28, 2009

    I have been an owner for over 15 years, bought it when it was Trendwest resorts, currently WorldMark By Windom. I have never had an issue and have always been pleased by the resort sites as well as the employees. I would like to hear details of why your having such an issue with this company. A scam? How so? Because you changed your mind?

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  • He
    Heather Thew Jun 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @monique Because we negotiated a deal, and when papers drawn up to sign, the deal was reduced to l/2 of what we were offered being EVERY EVEN YEAR, instead of EVERY YEAR. Whats wrong with using every 2nd year, or bi-yearly or something people would spot. Anyhow, they got caught said oh $1000 more for every year, new documents now dropped from the original 128, 000 points to only 64, 000 points. CHEAT SCAM FRAUD ... WE WALKED AND THEY WOULDNT GIVE US BACK COPIES OF OUR PERSONAL INFORAMTION

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