Wordansscam, fraud, rip off; t-shirt they refuse to refund after I returned shirts


Complaint involves 3 types of issues 1. Advertising issues 2. Delivery issues 3. Refund issues order # 2 order # 3 this complaint regards advertising, delivery time, and refunds.. W e decided for the last time to give them one more try to redeem themselves.. So we ordered 150 t-shirts, paid by credit card, and there ad stated again 3 day delivery.. We ordered with enogh time for shipping and didnt even expect them to ship in 3 days, just in case... So were waiting on the shirts and the delivery day 3 comes and no shirts, day 4 no shirts, day 5 no shirts day 6 no shirts, know im gettoing worried, because know we will be cutting it close because we still had to print on them, so we decided to check to see were the shirts were at, and there wasnt any tracking number.. They give you a tracking number they say when the shipped, so we checked and they werent even shipped, so I started e-mailing them with no response until the following day, when the shirts showed in the tracking they were in illinois and we live in california.. So I demanded that they overnight some shirts with no response until the next day. We were informed that the shirts were on the way.. But by the time the shirts would arrive it would be to late, and the shirts are still not here its been 10 days, so I e-mailed them about 40 times with no response on whether they had shipped overnight with another order of 150 shirts.. No response 3 days layer they responded and said they did not no of any order from us that we had made.. Suddenly the order did not exist... So I sent them the name and order number and requested a paid return shipping label so that when the shirts arrived I could return them and stated that I wanted a full and complete refund.. Because of false advertising and late shipping past my deadline from my customer and no reply or any type of response from wardens at all. I e-mailed them 14 times and warned them that I was going to report them I total I lost $420.00 and I still dont have the shirts to date...
Product_or_service: 150 t-shirts
Order_number: 1134347
Account_number: https://www.wordan

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