Wish.comlack of action taken


I ordered my 5 items of clothing on The Wish App at about 20:15pm on the 26/10/2017( yesterday) and when I pressed 'Confirm order' to pay for clothing the price was around £41:98. It went onto Nationwide verifying it and popped up with 'Something went wrong! Please try again' so I refreshed the page and the payment had gone down to £40.78 so pressed 'Confirm Order' and it went straight through. However when I looked at my online banking it shows that £82.76p has gone out of my account. So I have been charged twice. I have contacted the Wish support team via email 2 times and nothing has been remotely said apart from the total price, last 3 digits on the card and the date of purchase. I have provided all of the correct information but I get sent back through is a copy and paste of how to contact them... please help.

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