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I ordered 4 items from your company, I received item number 1 which was a european style jumpsuit suit store damaichang1001, blue, I could not fit in it, I wear a meduim, I ordered a large and it still did not fit, item number 2 off the shoulder ruffles wide leg romper, blue store wfashion2016, it did not fit couldn't get my legs in it, again I wear a medium, ordered a large.Item number three women fashion casual jump suit jean texture, light blue, Petha's boutique, xl it indicates I which I never got the item, tracking number LN120983062CN, Item number 4 women loose chiffon floral printed off shoulder black xl store zhongyanxia, tracking UD701062442CN, I never received.
I have sent so many e-mails, waiting on responses which lack all information, and the time frame keeps creeping up to my 30 days to get refund back, I'm not sure if this is on purpose to not have to refund customers back there money. I feel like this is a scam to get orders make money and leave the customer hanging with them getting there money back, and its so sad, because I was very excited about your products, which is why I started with 4 items to begin with. All I want now is to return items for a full refund, you can't speak to anyone, they don't tell you how to get information on address to return, no labels, the prompts tell you how to start, when you follow the instructions the remaining information is not there. This is absolutely ridiculous, I have ordered may things on line never I encountered the lack of professional communication as I have encountered with wish. Right now I have items I can't wear, you have my money, and I don't know what to do, except I'm at the mercy of your company, all that i am asking to help me PLEASE!!!. my phone number is [protected]

  • Updated by carolyn jennings · Nov 08, 2019

    All I want is my money back, address and label as to how to return items. Very angry and frustrated. The lack of communication is outrageous, I thought you were a reputable company, I shouldn't have to suffer with you keeping my money because you all don't want to refund. What am I supposed to do with these items I can't wear, 2 of which they said was delivered that I never received. You got your payment promptly, all I ask for is a refund promptly. You all are delaying that on purpose to reach 30 day mark and use that as the reason for not refunding but if you look at my e-mail you will see how long I have been trying to communicate with someone to no avail.

  • Updated by carolyn jennings · Nov 08, 2019

    4 items ordered, 2 received doesn't fit, 2 never received, unable to return due to lack of information, or speak to anyone, have been trying since October, the information coming back in Spanish, I'm English speaking. when it does come in English all information for completion not available. Please I just want my refund, so I can end this

Nov 08, 2019

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