Window Worldwindows and storm door


Good Lord where do I begin? I had my windows installed in September 2016. After the men where finished..I walked around the house, and they did not caulk the outside of my windows...There was a hole in my siding, and scratches and a few dents. They did not over extend my windows and they looked bad. So, I called the office, and it was a huge deal to have them come out. Even my salesman called and asked what was up? I told him, and he came out to my house, and agreed that there was no caulk. They sent the guys out again. Now, I have gaps in my windows, my picture window is bowed...and my new storm door broke. So I filed a dispute with Wells Fargo Retail Services. The owners grandson came out and the sales manager..Oh, they are getting the best come out and fix things. Fix things he did indeed did not do! My door jam is ruined, my door is not hung still correctly, The installer used touch up paint on the front of my house, and the back...and guess what? it is the wrong color! ALL OVER THE BACK OF MY HOUSE..Paint 360 told me can match the siding is old, and the paint, ..and you will be able to tell a difference. The whole house needs painting now. Getting that estimate and filing it in small claims Thursday. Called my rep at Wells Fargo and left him 5 messages. And still...Window World wants to come back out. Nope. you had your chance..You blew that one! You even sent a installer who told me that he does not even work for the company! REALLY? WORKING ON MY HOUSE AND HE DOES NOT WORK FOR THE COMPANY, OR NOT EVEN SUB CONTRACTED BY YOUR COMPANY? I am going for a buy back. They will never touch my home again. And, if they think about suing me..Bring It On! I have a man that owns Seagate Home Inspection Coming Out Tomorrow at 4...He does legal disputes with Dixon and Hayes...So At least he will help also in this matter. Just livid...

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