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where to start... first off we had them here to order 8 windows, including a sliding door. When they arrived with our windows 2 of them were not the right size, had to reorder those 2. Then they installed the sliding door, two different panels, one with grids and one clear, (they didn't notice) so we called the company the next day, man came out, said oh my god, we will make it right and get you the correct panel and change it as soon as possible. Well a day or two went by, they came with the new panel, and again.. they brought the clear one, we had ordered the one with all the grids in, so they didn't change it, left it as a mix match. Said our name was on the wrong one. So called the company guy again and he said he'd be out in morning, he came, brought the contact we signed, tried to blame us for ordering the wrong one, i said .. well you are the one that took our order and i showed you the picture of the one we wanted, and you wrote it up, how the hell do we know what the different panels are called, and why do we have 2 diffferent panels installed anyway? Well anyway, he just wanted to blame everyone but himself, he took the order and he's the one that measured the windows wrong that we need to wait on a few more weeks. Anyway, called again the next day to the district manager Tom and he said he would take care of all the mess and get us the correct slider and make everything right with us. Then we were also told we do not pay the final payment until all is finished, and they turned around and charged our Card without our permission, needless to say we had that corrected too, they also left many nails in our driveway the first time they were here. Well a few weeks later now and we still are waiting for the one window that was measured wrong to arrive and hopefully fit, and for the sliding door that we actually wanted to arrive and be installed, we are very unhappy with the whole experience from Window World, no one communicated with each other, and all they do is blame everyone else for all the mistakes, I would not ever recommend them to anyone that wanted to install new windows. They don't clean up their mess either, i had to clean the windows and vacuum my carpets when they left. Its been a nightmare all around, and they will be back in another few weeks- they say anyway- to finish up. Wish us luck.


  • Mk
    MkStItCh Jun 25, 2014

    First, tell them that you are going to contact the credit card company and dispute the charge. Then do just that. Tell the bank that you have a contract and the finial payment is not until the work is complete. They should be able to reverse the charge.

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  • Wi
    Window World Corporate Jun 25, 2014

    The owner of this Window World franchise has been notified. Should further assistance be needed you may call 866-740-2100. Window World Customer Relations

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    Unhappy person1 Jul 07, 2014

    Told they would be here at ten and no sign of them of phone call stating they will be late they were told they could do it before I had to go to work at 3

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