Windham Professionalstelephone assistance with a pending debt

M Sep 27, 2019

It is the second time within a month the same guy picked up the phone and treated me EXTREMELY RUDE. I just CAN'T believe someone's allowed to be like that. I needed to follow up on a debt balance so I asked for the same information last time he didn't want to cooperate me with, at first he seems bugged by my supposedly bad connection and then started to interrumpting me assuming I wasn't aware of my very own questions (?!) he FINALLY gave me one of the numbers so I asked him if we can pay through their own website (as I read from their notification) so he said it needs to be paid over the phone (?!) I responded ok I'll talk to the partner and then call you back: he burst into a speech like "Tell the partner he needs to pay by this moment, we're not going to keep calling you, or different ppl calling us for info and blabla... it's about time to pay blabla" in a very RUDE way, I was completely shocked and said WE'RE IN CONVERSATIONS with the organisation and we're not paying until we arrange the amount. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! A person working for a "collection agency" saying they're not going to do their job??! that is CALLING and trying to "collect the debt"?!!! I'm so insulted right now by the way this man treated me for the SECOND time in a row. This cannot be possible.

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