Wimpymondays buy 1 get 1 free breakfast promotion

P Nov 20, 2017

Hi today myself, husband and son visited wimpy in value centre Springfield and had a disturbing experience before exiting .I ordered a chicken and steak combo a granadilla smoothie breakfast special which consists of bacon, pork sausage, eggs, tomatoes and toast × 2 for R50 .so here's where it gets interesting we had our meal and gathered our leftovers which wasn't much just 3 sausages .I asked the waitress for a take away tray.she told me no take always on specials so I told her hand me a serviette as I assumed take away containers are costly that was why they refused .she handed me the serviette and I put the sausage in it as I wasn't prepared for it to be thrown away, as we were paying our bill by another pregnant waitress who tells me "what u are doing is wrong" I was baffled and asked her to explain she says the takeaway in my bag I was shocked as I I'm aware that even on a promotion level you may have ure takeaway as it is going to the bin and not going to be consumed by another so she proceeds to call a guy who said he was the manager and he did not have a badge and had on plain clothing who blocked me as i couldnt get out of my seat he totally embarrassed me in a crowded seating area by raising his voice and speaking over me telling me we were told before we order the special that we are not allowed to take away our left overseas I told him I wasn't aware and hadn't been told such.he continued to to justify the policy saying i did not pay for my meal that is why i cannot take it away i told him i did pay for my order and i have proof he said its a buy 1 get 1 free so i neva pay the free meal and im not allowed so how exactly does he come to the conclusion as to which meal was eaten and in my defence I would not let him have the satisfaction as someone else who was hungry can eat it instead of it being thrown into the bin but it fell on deaf ears he pr oceeded to the front counter as I left behind him i was then confronted by him outside the restaurant he wanted the sausage so asked him if they are reusing the leftovers that is why they are so persistent on me giving them him the sausage or if they themselves are eating it .He was left without words and gathered his thoughts before he could answer no. I had my last say and told him I will never eat there again .The staff are rude not trained well and take matters personally and management need to follow proper protocol as I know I was being attacked by him being so rude and abrupt .I sat facing the camera please have a look at my encounter as it is my proof of the event .thank you awaiting a response .my details are Mrs Pritasha Perumal contact no: [protected] email me @ [protected] have a good day .

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