Wimpy Internationalquality of product

Ki Sep 30, 2019

We were at the airport to see our two kids off who are 16 and under.

Treating to a milkshake and a plate of chips as this is how we have fond memories with wimpy. Well that was smashed quickly.
I had to call for service once we seated ourselves.

The three Milkshakes were milk without the shake. It was truly milk in a glass with flavor. Stierrie stampie shop bought is better. It took 20 minutes to bring the flavored milk. Then we Ordered 1 plate of chips stating we need to leave soon but kids needed a snack

Plate of chips for R35 where half the plate had chips. 15 minutes to bring to us.

We advised the waiter of the poor flavored milk she offered to replace but no time.

We got the bill and then waited to pay. Eventually decided to go to the till ourselves as our waiter never returned.

In all this time Merle the manager stands chatting with the staff. On leave she went and spoke to her first table since we got there. I did express my disappointment to her.

I believe it starts with the Manager on the floor as the waiter except for the bill did the best she could.

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