Why Not Lease It50 inch flat screen tv


I was told in the Sears store that I would make Bi Weekly payments of $52 for 6 months and after that 6 months i would OWN my tv. I just called why not lease it as my 6 months is over NEXT month and they told me i will not own my tv unless i pay an extra $345 on top of what the tv costs. and if I don't pay that extra money i can either return my tv or keep paying $52 Bi Weekly for another 12 months. SO neither of those make sense to me seeing as ive already paid m $500 plus on the tv and it should be mine but if i keep paying for another 12 months ill end up paying another $312 on top of what ive already paid. so either way this is a huge rip off. Because Sears told me there's no interest or anything on this program and that its like a rent to own flat out rate deal. I will NEVER lease to own something from sears or why not lease it ever again. and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about it too. Syracuse, NY


  • Rc
    Rcracer Jan 03, 2017

    I have done it three times, very good experience, they gave you an opportunity to finance that nobody else would, I always save up and pay off early and it saves you Money!!! there is a cost to finance, the end cost is up to you and how long you take to pay off, same as simple interest on a retail loan.

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  • Br
    Briget1672 Jun 28, 2017

    @Rcracer These people are predatory lenders. That simple.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Kirklin Jan 21, 2017

    Rtracer, are you a real person? There is no way you can save money with a leasing progam. You are not PAYING on the product. It is renting and not "financing ". This is how people, like me, are being taken by being told that this is financing.

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