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Complaints & Reviews

plants received were not plants ordered is where I ordered my plants. I addressed my issues with the plants right away and they have treated me like I'm some sort of joke. I have not gotten anywhere with trying to resolve the issue with them. They keep asking over and over for the same things and not trying to resolve the issue at all. Very bad business to deal with. I want a refund.

plants received were not plants ordered

TN Wholesale Nurseryplants

I ordered 20 plants online and it took TN Nursery over a month to ship. I only received half my order. When I called to notify TN of their error, it took another 3 weeks to ship, at a time when it was probably too hot to ship and the plants were poorly packed. Four of the plants died within a couple of weeks.

I notified TN y email on July 16, 2019 that four plants had died and I wanted a replacement. I was told I had to dig up the dead plants, ship them back at my own cost, and that I would be given a store credit! ...Just unbelievable! Poor customer service, inferior plants, and they are dishonest about their "guarantee." I would never purchase from TN nursery again. Buyer beware!


I ordered 3 items totaling $98.00. The blue wisteria bushes .. I received 2 dead sticks no roots, the pink mulchy grass I ordered I received small baggy of wet grass no roots about 10 and the for the ground cover mix, I receive clippings not rooted clipping but just clippings from some sort of shrubs.

When I contacted them, they asked me to send pictures, when I did they then said to read their return policy and that I will have to send back the bags of garden trash, use my own money and time to send back crap.


trees and plants

I ordered $740 worth of trees and plants. They shipped me about 25% of my order, but because I didn't open the box within 24 hrs of shipment (A hidden clause on a back page of their website), they claimed that they were not liable. The trees I did receive all died fairly quickly. They took my money. Congrats! But I hope others don't fall for their scam.

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    Shaun R. May 09, 2019

    I would think it important to immediately open the package and care for the plants.

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10 elderberry plants

i ordered these shrubs in march of 2019 as bare root plants and order # is 5121 with a years warranty. when i received my plants there were buds and small leaves that were dried up so i called and Tammy said give them until May 1st which i did. i told her they were dried up with no moisture at all and she said they were guaranteed for 1 year so i gave them the time to come back. it was then i decided to check on their reviews and it was 60+ % negative so i was worried but gave the plants everything they needed to survive. they all died but maybe 1 which has a sprout directly off the root in just the last few days so i might have 1 that may live. the rest are dead with the outer bark peeling off yet i will continue to water as needed just in case for a few more weeks. there is no refund instead a in store credit and then you have to pay to ship the dead plants back so instead of wasting more money i decided to just lose my money and shipping. these plants were shipped with no moisture and buds/leaves already out so it was to late to ship as bare root. the warranty is a joke and they are rip offs who need to be reported.


I placed an order (order #26663) on Aug 9th 2018 to be shipped out fall (mid November). I received my 25 plants (plugs) 10 days later. I called them and they said it would be ok.. #1 I wasnt ready to plant in mid August- which we did- cause we had too. #2 I wanted them in the fall. #3 it was too hot to plant them. These plants come pulled from the ground in a baggy. I got them on sale with a coupon. I paid $41.25 total with shipping and all. I ordered 25 Pink muhly grass plugs. I have NOT one plant what so ever in my yard. They are all gone and dead. I have pictures of every thing and emails from the last 2 days. They want me to resend back all the dead plants. There are NO PLANTS they are dead and gone. I told them I can send back roots of something that is in the holes. Brittney said ok.. Needless to say I will only get credit back- then I have to reorder my plants.. I wanted and even exchange and she wont do it.. They are more expensive now- I had a $5 coupon. To ship the 25 plants/root it will cost me $14.95. Then to reorder them I pay the $8.95 shipping once again. For these 25 plugs I paid $32.29 and by the time I get done these will cost me a total of $72.15!!! That is shipping @ $8.95 2x, $14.95 shipping roots back, increase of price and no discount. I should get an even exchange.. This company has other business names: Wetland Supplies Quick Growing Trees ( Philip Sons Nursery ( DNT Tree Farm (also dba DNT Nursery) The Tree Nursery (; formerly TN Tree Nursery) Trees-Plants ( Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery TN Garden Center This is not how you should treat people. I have bought many other plants and trees from them and Quick growing trees. I bought ground cover last summer for the fall and they sent it in the summer AGAIN and it was what they chose- it wasnt even what I ordered.
BE CAREFUL!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.. You are not getting a savings in the long run.. Go locally to a store or order form a place that has good reviews or you know they will back up their merchandise.. This is ridiculous..
For this price I could have bought one or 2 large plants and took off my own plugs! DONT DO IT!
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