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Well I see I am not the only one in this situation. I have been receiving my calls up to 20 a day. I refuse to answer since it is on my cell phone. I am not behind but I do go into my 10 day grace period depending on my bills to pay what payday. One day this dumb Mexican, probably illegal in our country, tells how many times they have called me...Guess...250 times. I have filed numerous complaints with the FTC, of course they can't do anything until a petition is signed.

Well so far I have saved all my messages from them and the past 2 days have been the best, they act like they are a recovery company on a walkie talkie on their way to pick up my vehicle. They tell their name of their company but they make the Nextell walkie talkie beeping sound to block true name. I went through all my saved messages an wrote down all the numbers they leave and you can tell it is the same people. Today this Jackie calls and uses a number from my state which is Tennessee, and she leaves a number for me to call back. She instructed me that her driver is going to be here at 3pm and if the vehicle is not here then she will know I am hiding it.

Well DUH!!! We do work! And she instructed that the vehicle is to be clean like in the way of spotless. How funny! The other day she told my daughter I gave her the vehicle, and my daughter tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about. Well these people are so abusive with this, and it is getting out of hand. I want someone to contact me concerning the lawsuit because I have my hard evidence on them also. I am due on the 17th and I get calls on the 17th saying I am late.

My bank sends out the payment through them due to the fact Westlake has stolen my debit card info and took money out of my account without permission not once but 3 times They said the clearinghouse gave them my information. I have had to change my bank account and kill my card, and they try very hard to get me to give them my card again, DON'T EVER GIVE THEM YOUR CARD! I personally think they illegal in the US. They might can get by with those tactics in Mexico with their DRUGLORDS pushing them to do it.

I even sent them letters back and gave them the info on my account of what I owe, and they are trying to make me pay more than what is suppose to be. They also charged my dealership the money which I got that $3200 charge. I only have a $7000 dollar note now, but the harassment is not worth it. I called back the number that the lady this morning called me, Jackie, well the 888 number was a fax and the 615 number was a disconnected number. So how are they spoofing these numbers and getting by with it? Isn't that ILLEGAL? Now if it was us Americans doing that we would go to jail!

I ABSOLUTELY THINK THEY ARE BEING RUN BY A DRUGLORD AND THEY ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! I ask who ever is filing this lawsuit to please count me in and I can provide the voice mails.


  • Mi
    miamea Nov 22, 2011

    i had that company once i went through financial issues but my issue was i had to pay another bill so i was short on my payment 50.00dollars well actually 48.72 so anyways i called them to let them know and say i can pay the 50 in 2 weeks or pay next month on top of a 50 late fee the men demoralized and criticized me made me cry and said he was going to repo me he didn't care i needed to have the payment in by 5pm that day ..i understand that it wasn't a full payment but to repo me over 50 bucks thousands of dollars in repo fees and hassles over 50 bucks is ### have kids it was a lot of winter rain that season i always pay my bill i still need to go to work to pay them off.. i wouldn't have been able to get it out of repo and they wouldn't have gotten the value for it if they auction it no on would have won so from that point on i said if Im late or whatever i will be leaving my car in the garage use it for musts dos with my kids and i will catch the bus to work until Im caught up 50 dollars isn't worth it to anyone they just like to repo ppl and in the end when i payed it off i over paid by 50.00 lol i called 3 times for my money.. still dont have it...

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  • Ma
    massimo1125 Jul 06, 2011

    I have about 4 payments left on my 36 month term. My payment is due on the 7th of every month. The first of the month my phone starts ringing off the hook through out the day and the 7th has not yet arrived. One day i decided to answer the phone and they say we are calling about your payment due. I said well considering my payment is due on the 7th and today is the 2nd why are you calling its no wear near pass due and its always paid on the 7th online via debit card. She says well you can give me your card number today and ill hold it until the 7th. Instant hang up. The company is very unproffesional at times. I wish i had not cosigned for this car as im stuck with a 2nd car note for a car that just sits in my garage, but its better than having my credit damaged as they were the only ones to give my partner a shot on buying a car with his credit history. The calls throughout the day do get extreamly annoying however ive learned to work the Call filter on my phone so they never get thru to me. It picks up the phone and hangs it up right away. There was one incedent to where the payment was about 17 days late which i was unaware of. I got a phone call and i said i had no i dea im the cosigner ill make the payment tomorow when i get paid. The lady said ok. Hung up the phone and i got a call from another company saying we are coming out to pick up your vehicle you need to call us back right away. There reasoning for calling the repo man was because they can have the vehicle picked up at any point and time if they feel like it. I said the account is not even 30 days past due its at 17 days you just finaly called the cosigner today and i offered to pay it in the morning when i get paid. she stated thats not her problem and you need to pay it now or we will come pick up the vehicle. I couldnt belive the rudeness and the lack of professionalism in the conversation. I just told her well do what you have got to do and hung up the phone. I called my x and asked where he was and i asked to use the car and he never got it back and its been in my garage since about an hour after i got off the phone with her. Good luck finding it. I will not deal with this finance company again nor would i recomend it to anyone. You would be better off doing the buy here pay here mabye or even catching the bus until you can get your credit together or cash together to pay cash for somthing. Every month they call starting on the first and every month they get automaticly hung up on since the due date isnt until the 7th. They will call back to back to back to back. Mabye somone will start a class action against them in the near future. ALSO Check your monthly payments. Today i went through and added up the total payments so far and compared it to the contract its over paid about 1500$ however westlake has no explination of this and is not willing to assist in the matter just wants to know if they can have my payment right now thats due in 2 days. A complaint has been filed with BBB and they wont get another dime from me

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  • Sa
    SAVEYOURSELF Jan 15, 2011

    THE WORSE!!! save yourselves. go with any lender but them. they are super rude and dont care about the customer. you will regret every wanted a car. you may actually debate on allowing them to pick the car up. i have never been in a more stressful situationn in my life. even if you are financially stable, PLEASE DONT USE these guys. they dont deserve it, and they are stupid. no one knows anything its obvious they have a script, and they sound like they are druglords seriously. they harras you even if your not late. just the worse experience i have ever had. no matter the situation this company should be shut down.

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  • Ka
    KarEEM81 Dec 02, 2010

    I'm confused! Is the ignorant person who doesn't know how to write or use grammar correctly, complaining about westlake financial or voicing out how racist they are with mexicans? Whoever you are, get an education and stop being so ignorant!

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  • Ur
    Urg Jul 04, 2010

    This was my complaint to the BBB on Westlake Financial and its affiliates…I have a problem with a car dealership that went bankrupt and a financial institution relocation without notification to a consumer that is still running a bad business practice. On June 2007 I had traded my 04 Chevy Impala Vin# for a 2001 Dodge Durango (lemon vehicle & was on Recall) which were both purchased at Glendale Car Connection. When I had inquired to trade in my 01 Dodge Durango my credit report was pulled up and I found out that Glendale Car Connection & Colfax Financial did not pay off my 2004 Chevy Impala that all along it became a repossession on my credit report for about $20, 000. When I purchased the 01 Dodge Durango they did not put the trade of the 04 Impala on my bill of sale which they only gave me and i never received a contract from Glendale Car Connection because they said they would keep it. I question it first but they talked me out of receiving 1 at the time. I also asked why the 04 Impala was not on the bill of sale that does have a trade column on it, my sales person which his name was Lalo Sanchez saids its OK we will fix it for you and not to worry. So I trusted him and his manager name was Domingo. The main manager at that time was Cathy which approved the trade as long as I had put $1000 down payment so I agreed. I needed a bigger vehicle and I had traded a vehicle with them before and they had previously paid that which is in Colfax history because they were the dealers at the time that did this, so I thought its OK. The 01 Dodge Durango was financed thru Westlake Financial. When making this transaction Colfax Financial was nowhere to be located and their office was replaced by Stan Credit along with their phone number and so at that time I advised if they were affiliated with Colfax and they said they were replaced by them and so I advised Stan Credit that the 2004 Impala was being traded and the vehicle was at Glendale Car Connection lot and that Glendale Car Connection would call to pay off the vehicle. So they said it was fine and not to worry about it and that they would contact them also. I had called Stan Credit about 1 hour after I had traded the vehicle and they said the process of transaction was underway. So i did not bother until 3 weeks into the month of July 2007 I took my 01 Dodge Durango in for repairs and GCC had closed down without notice and i had my vehicle scheduled for repairs they left without a trace. No forwarding address or phone number. Because of this I tried calling Stan Credit to see if my 04 Impala was paid off, they advised me that my information was no longer in their system. Stan Credit had my information during the trade and how is it that they dont have any information on my vehicle anymore. So I figured OK my vehicle is paid off. I was confused for a while but went along with my business, not knowing of whats going to happen to my credit report UNTIL NOW. I recently called directory assitance for Colfax Financial and they found 2 locations 1 on Bell Rd and the other on 3302 N 35th Ave Phx AZ [protected]..Their previous location in Scottsdale is 7607 E Mcdowell Rd #107 Scottsdale Az [protected]. I had recently called Colfax and spoke with a manager name Veronica which during my trade in she was just a regular employee. She states that it is a repossession of the 04 Impala and that they cannot do anything for me due to Glendale Car Connection Bankruptcy and they never received payment from them for the vehicle. So we exchanged words but everytime I talked she would talk over me so she would not listen to word I even said to her. It seems to me that Stan Credit and Colfax Financial is running a bad scam business along with GCC. It seems that they dont care about anyone's credit report especially me and my wife's which still shows $20, 000 REPO. My request is all i ask for is my credit report to be fixed the correct way because the REPO shouldn't even be on there at all. So overall WESTLAKE FINANCIAL never paid for my impala as a trade in? Possibly whose fault it was for the bad deal? Questions remain until I know the truth behind these hypocrites companies that are still in business. An yeah you miss 1 whole month and the so called repo people will get you, had them do that to me before but they never came. Still paid it they got their money. About the late fees I thought I paid it but its still showing on my online statement. What a joke this Co. is and it will be the last time I will deal with them again. UUUrrrGGGhhhh

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  • Do
    donewithwestlake Apr 12, 2010

    Obviously Merideth works for them. I am 8 days ...yep 8 days late on my payment. I mail it in every month without fail - and my payment went out on friday. It takes 5 days or less to get there. Today a make believe repo company called me. Stated they have been by my house and my vehicle wasnt there. I explained to them I mailed the check off friday but that wasnt good enough - she wanted me to pay by phone today. I said No because you will get my check and cash it and I dont have that kind of money to pay twice. They got billigerant and I said your the repo company right ...she said right ..I said then where are you now because my vehicle is right here at work with me which I am sure is listed with my account. Next thing I know she has me on hold and then I hear a westlake rep ...I said I didnt ask to speak to a westlake rep ...she said well you seem like you want to keep the vehicle ...I said makes no differance to me because I have been dealing with you ###s for 2 yrs now ...the chic from westlake still insisted on me making a payment now ..I said you can either wait 5 days to get the payment in the mail or come get it. I then advised her I needed to know which one she was gonna do - she said we cant wait ..I said ok then ..come pick it up and I will stop payment on the check ...I hung up and cleaned my vehicle out - I have been talked to like a dog sooo many times in 2 yrs ..threatened ..belittled ...and on and on ..yeah my credit may suck but I wil ride a bicycle before I lower myself to there standards ...Oh did I mention my car payment for an 05 suzuki is almost more then my house payment? Yet I accepted it because I knew my credit was rough - I paid 14000. for the vehicle ...double that is what I will finish paying. Yet ..I knew that before I bought it - what I didnt know was I would be dealing with such rudeness and arrogance today after 3 calls from the "repo" company which I said COME GET IT ...HERE IS WHERE ITS AT ..TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CALLERS ...I am done with this company ..go back to driving my old truck ...and save that massive payment a month until I have enough to buy something out right - which wont take long - these people are just NOT worth the headache - DO NOT FINANCE WITH THESE PEOPLE !! RUN RUN RUN

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  • Mn
    MNBrant Jan 19, 2010

    Yeah I am defaulting. I told them I was headed into bankruptcy and offered to refinance at a fair price. (I was going to offer 5000 at 10% interest on 7000$ at 20% interest but they didn't want to hear about it.) A couple a weeks later reason set in and it went to 4000 at 10% interest. A couple of months later the brakes started grinding so I am calling them to have it picked up or for me to drop it off. If asked I will tell them that I am now willing to pay 3500$ at 10% interest but I don't think they will bother. For some reason my attorney is taking a really long time as he hasn't given me a draft yet and its been a month now. That means I can take my car off the assets page I guess. They did call like 20 times a day for the first month and it is all Mexican but now its like 1-3 times a day. I guess I would use them again. Heh.

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  • Br
    Bryan90260 Dec 27, 2009

    Something not right at Westlake. Lately they seemed to be more desperate for the money. I'm starting to think there losing more money than they can take. I know for a fact that there Loans defaults are climbing at an alarming rate. I just wish they leave me along they get there money from me.

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  • Ho
    Hosspa Jun 25, 2009

    I am glad that I am not a customer of this firm. I did have the misfortune of dealing with theses ### however. They contacted my home phone in error, a classic wrong number. I did not know the individual they were seeking nor ever did and I never owned a vehicle like they described. They refused to listen to my wife or I about them reaching a wrong number. They harassed us for a little over a month. I got so fed up with the situation that I reported them to the authorities and had all calls on my phone traced. Interestingly enough the harassment ceased when the traces began.

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  • Me
    Meradith May 13, 2009

    Woah!!! Such ignorance!!! First off, you need touch up on your grammar and spelling. Second, the owner of Westlake is White old fart, and so is the VP, the SVP and half of the people check your facts before you speak.!! Third, at least those "Mexicans" can afford to pay their bills!! Remember they are calling you because you obviously purchased a car you cant afford. Don't be upset because those "Mexicans" have more $$$ then you.

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  • Sh
    Sheila beatty Jul 14, 2018

    @Meradith Its wilshire consumer creditThats what they call themselves now too.I never in my lifetimeseen such a dishonest, fraudulent, mean, rude and unprofessional company ever.How they are still in business is all i can say is WOWSomeone needs to shut them down and fast so no other person has to go thru this I have my own story and it would take me half a day to tell i t so i will only say i had beenmaking car payments at $261 a month for 3 years on a 2500.00 LOAN. ADD IT UP.THAT OVER 9, 000 DOLLARS BUT GET THISTHEY STILL SAID I OWED THEM. $4, 000THAT WOULD BRING TOTAL TO $12, 000 ON A 2, 500 LOAN.

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