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C Jul 24, 2019

Hello, we are currently at the Westin playa Conchal in Costa Rica. I must write to tell you we are very disappointed in our stay. This is day 4 and it is definitely NOT WHAT we were told it would be. We are unable to get reservations to restaurants due to them being booked days in advance and also finding out that some are not opened for the next four days and cannot try after we heard such great things about it.
We call for the shuttle bus (as they tell you to do )to take you to dinner and wait outside for a half hour getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes. They said you must wait outside but I'm not willing to be exposed to mosquitoes any longer. Also half the restaurants are NOT AIR CONDITIONED making dining an unpleasant experience. Swatting mosquitoes and perspiring is not fun. None of these things were in any website we saw so we could have make better informed decisions.
I'm also now only aware that beach umbrellas and chairs are not permitted on the beach which makes it a BIG disappointment because a "mat" is clearly not enough to protect oneself from the sun and the pool is very warm so not at all inviting to use.
The swim up bar is filled with bees (and not honey bees )but yellow jackets that sting. No one wants to address my concern of being stung so therefore I simply cannot even sit under an umbrella or at the bar for fear of being stung.
I'm also disappointed in the lack of keeping the grounds clean from the animals. I realize animals will make a mess but why should I be worried about stepping in feces?
The room we are in has a climb up tub which is dangerous and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who slipped getting out of the shower.
I'm sorry to say that I cannot recommend this to anyone when I return to the United States. I'm actually looking forward to returning home.
Colleen Muti

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