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I would like to join a class action lawsuit against Westgate Resort Gatlinburg TN . Westgate Resort lied about the details of the timeshare that I purchased.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Gatlinburg, TN They have also lied about an offer that they made to me to do a "Voluntary Deed Buy Back" . Now they are using a lawyer to contact me with threats of a lawsuit against me for non payment . This has been an ongoing nightmare since 2013 . Please let me know of any advice that you might have for me . Thank You, Was Dumb

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  • Ri
      Mar 20, 2017

    Paying for a burned down timeshare in Gathering so I'm paying for the air there

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  • Tn
      Mar 27, 2017

    @Rick72 Lisa77 We checked in on November 27, 2016. Security beat on our door at 8:10pm and told to "get out now." Westgate spokesman on Feb 1, 2017 owners meeting claims Fire Department only gave them 20 minutes to evacuate some 1400 way! I'm looking for a class action lawsuit against Westgate. Gatlinburg Fire Department is refusing to say when they told Westgate to evacuate..Just no comment!

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  • Wo
      May 28, 2017

    We purchased our timeshare at the Westgate Smokey Mountains Resort back in the early 2000's. I have always paid my maintenance, property taxes, and insurance fees on time. Well our first stay, we found out that we didn't get what they showed us and were pretty upset, so they told us at that time, that we could request to stay in the cabins and not the lodge. So, we waited two more years and gave our week as a wedding gift to our daughter, and they stayed in the cabins. Two years later we requested our week to stay in the cabins and they told us they were no longer doing that, we now had to stay in what we purchased, another upset week. We finally accepted what we had and went up to stay for our week and all of a sudden with our reservation they didn't have any room in the lodge and put us in the 3000 series with people above us and below us and the place was smaller. We were kept up until 3 am every night except the last two with me calling security who did nothing. Then we finally decided to upgrade to the cabins we originally thought we had bought, because we had paid off the lodge, and they burned in the fire. They have not even started rebuilding them but are still underway with building all of the ones on top of the mountain where we don't own. What is the insurance I am paying for, and how many years will we have to wait? Can this be filed in a lawsuit?

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  • Ha
      May 16, 2018

    We purchased into Westgate Travel Club, while vacationing in Gatlinburg. We were never told that we only had 3 days to cancel, if we changed our mind. By the time that we returned home from vacation, it had been 5 days. after doing some research into this companies reviews, I immediately e-mailed them stating my desire and intention, to cancel my contract. I was told that I couldn't cancel now. What kind of chicken mess is that. And sadly enough, we were on our honeymoon, and told them so--three times. All they see is that bottom dollar.

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  • Je
      May 26, 2018

    I would be interested in entering into a class action lawsuit against Westgate. I have been trying to fight them regarding their maintenance fees. They increase their maintenance fees significantly every year to the point where you could stay in a hotel for a week for the same price, without having to buy the timeshare. They also did claim things in their sales process that they never did, like adding a water park at their River Ranch location.

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  • Re
      Sep 26, 2018

    I purchased a Westgate timeshare in Orlando about 20 years ago. It has long been paid for but now I would like to get rid of it. You cannot give it away. Westgate will let me deed it back for $1200.00
    When I purchased it I was told it was a good investment. They are only interested in what they can get out of you. If the timeshare was worth anything they would take it back without any fees. It has been paid for many years.
    The only way they can sell it is with high pressure sales tactics which caused them to lose a lawsuit in Tennessee.
    As fraudulent as they are, I am surprised that there are not more class action lawsuits.

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  • Me
      Oct 16, 2018

    I am very interested in a lawsuit with Westgate. Please contact me at [protected] if anyone knows of one that is going on that has to do with the ridiculous rise of maintenance fees.

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  • An
      Oct 26, 2018

    We are definitely interested in the class action lawsuit. The more we get the better our chances of shutting them down. I’m tired of the lies and so much pressure was put on us to get the timeshare. Almost 5 hours. Then when we went to use our week it was almost $900 in maintenance fees. Along with being threatened to be physically thrown out if we didn’t quiet down. That was our first warning also. Not to mention we were forced to go to a meeting to discuss how we liked the place and was forced to listen to another sales pitch for 4 hours. [protected] Angela

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  • Ca
      Nov 04, 2018

    I am interested in a class action. PLease notify me [protected]
    I own at Orlando I need to get out, sick spouse I am unable to pay. Any info or guidance will be appreciated
    I think I will stop paying this month but am hopeful there is something I can do. I have not used the resort yet due to illness. I am ok with walking away from what I have spent but can afford this no more.
    Thanks all and God bless

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  • Tm
      Nov 07, 2018

    I purchased my time share in Gatlinburg Tennessee 2017 i was told i can use it anytime in 2019 so i tried to schedule my time now so it would be available at the time i wanted to go when i called it was a different story they told me I could only go in jan who in their right mind would pay 8500 for something they could only use in the winter then someone called me about putting it up for sale which was another 1800 so i was scammed twice altogether with this timeshare i called the women who sold it to me and explained to her that they said i only get it in jan she said thats not right call back i did and they still gave me a run around

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  • Ja
      Apr 03, 2019

    i am with you i first purchased one in Gatlinburg in 2004 and then one in orlando, and was told it was worth more but told they would sell it to me for 65, 000 and i have it paid for and deeded to me, why oh why did i do this, why you ask welll i was pressured, so pressured, i had gotten a call in the middle of the sell of my best friends death and tried to leave numerous times, never could salesman even followed me downstairs and to the restroom and had a woman salesperson bring me to get something to drink and to the table to calm me and then they both started to pressure me. i felt like i could not get out of it. after hour and hour finally four or so i signed just to get out, and when i went to the next office it was the same way and the next i did not think i was ever going to leave the place, i have not paid in two years health conditions, now they are sueing me. they wont let me deed it back want money, they wont let me sell it back nothing and they say it was worth more than what they sold it to me for. what is up with that. and they also say you have to make 50, 000 and be married and all that stuff to buy, bull * i am single and on ss. they are full of you know what lets all get together and go after them. Janet

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  • Mo
      Aug 08, 2019

    I am interested in a class action lawsuit please reach out to me ! [protected]
    Las Vegas flamingo resort is a joke I’ve been paying for 3 years and haven’t even seen the resort! I was sold something that doesn’t exist!

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  • Al
      Sep 11, 2019

    I am interested in a class action lawsuit. Westgate in TN everything they tell you is a lie. They lie about the buyback, they don't explain things thoroughly. I can't even make a reservation bc they always full with new people that go there to tour the place. Stay away from Westgate.

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  • Ch
      Sep 11, 2019

    @AliSteph I'm going to be contacting the law office that handled the case in Tenn. to find out if they have any interest in a sue against west gate in Fl. or a firm in Fl. that they would recommend. The fraud / lies and high pressure sales tactics are used at the town center to the extreme. They said "we need to make a copy of your license" but don't give it back. So you can't leave, even after five hours of telling them "No, I can't afford that."

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  • Ef
      Sep 13, 2019

    I am very interested in a lawsuit with Westgate. Please contact me. If anyone knows of one pertaining to HOA's and maintenance fees please contact me ASAP

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  • Mr
      Sep 17, 2019

    I am very very interested in any class action lawsuit against Westgate. After several hours of high pressure tactics I signed in December for a timeshare. The cost is outrageous and the maintanance fees are over 1300.00 every other year. When I tried to cancel they said it was too late and that I could not. I am Canadian and this is costing me a fortune and for what I pay I could stay in Orlando for 2 or 3 weeks instead of one week every other year. Then they have this cruise and travel company call every month asking for 379.00 for membership fees. This is the worst decision of my life and I just want it overwith. To much strong arming tactics with Westgate. Please contact me at [protected] if you can help. Thank you so much

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  • Mr
      Sep 18, 2019

    @Mrs. Boiyd [protected] is my email if you can help mscane @

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