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Dear sir/madam:

I have been receiving emails that my email address was choosen to be a winner of a lottery draw. Before I could receive my winning money, I have to send them a certain amount for the services. I would just like to know if you have this certain name mr. Victor brown connected with western union in benin republic, city of cotonou.

Hoping for your reply. Thank you very much!

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Aug 19, 2017 9:49 pm EDT


Aug 19, 2017 7:00 pm EDT

Are people really this stupid and uneducated? My God! I can't believe that anyone would even contemplate these emails possibly being real. Oh, and don't get me started on the grammar! Doesn't everyone in this day and age use spell check? Man, this world is in for it with idiots like this walking around.

Apr 01, 2011 2:46 pm EDT

Resume editing
I am a host mother for students who come to the US to study. On March first, 2011 the brother of one student sent him $1985.00 by Western union. He went to the Meijer store #121 to collect his money. They told him they couldn't give it all to him in cash. They gave him $985 in cash and a check for the remaining money $1000.00. He took the check to Bank of America in South Bend and deposited it into his account. They told him the money should be available in his account the next day. With the $985 he paid school fees, etc.thinking he would have more money the next day. It wasn't available the next day, nor the next, nor the next. He was being sent back and forth between the Meijer store and the Bank of America for the next week and still had no money. I finally said I would call Western Union for him and see what was going on. On March 10th, 2011 I called Western Union. The agent pulled up the file and told me they were aware of the problem. He said they had talked numerous times with the Bank of America branch manager and the manager at the Meijer store where the check was issued. He told me there was a computer error and the check was logged as "cashed out", when it wasn't. He said the case had been "expedited" (they don't use that word) on March 8th and a case should be resolved within 24 to 48 hours of the "expedite" so by morning he should have his money. He still doesn't have his money four weeks after it arrived! I have talked to the bank manager, the Meijer manager and numerous agents, supervisors and managers at Western Union. Meijer says the mistake was western union's and the check is being shown as paid out when it was not paid out. Whether the mistake was made at Meijer or a Western union office, all agree that the student didn't get his money. I have called and called and called Western Union, been on the phone for over an hour numerous times and I get nowhere. Where is his money and hwy won't they give it to him.

Jun 26, 2014 6:43 am EDT
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Dear sir / madam

I hope you will read below mail & understand the situation also i hope you will save me from this fraudulent activities.. Othe wise i will get caught this people. Awaiting for your reply asap.

Thanks & best regards
Deepal rodrigo

From: western union money transfer [www.U. Money. [email protected]]
Sent: wednesday, june 25, 2014 4:17 pm
To: deepal
Subject: re: payment

From the desk of the director
Western union money transfer
Cotonou, republic of benin.
E-mail: [email protected]
Director e-mail: www.U. Money. [email protected]
Tel: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]

Dear valued customer,

After we got your information, we instantly transfer the first payment
Of $5, 000 in your name. As i was trying to email you the information
You will use to pick up the payment in your country, i got a call from
The western union head office in london, united kingdom. They brought
To my attention that the $5000 we transferred and the remaining of
$1, 5, 0000:00 has been on hold through our network by the head office in

I asked them why and they said that the home land security company
Here in benin republic reported to them that we are transferring such
Amount of money without the home land security clearance certificate.
So, after i cut off the conversation with the london head office, i
Called the home land security company here to know how the clearance
Could be obtained from them and the cost of obtaining it. They said
That it will cost $85 only to obtain the certificate and it will take
Only 1 – 2 hours for the clearance certificate to be ready.

I later called the head office back and asked them if there is any
Other thing to do after the clearance is obtain and they assured me
That once the clearance certificate is forwarded to them, they will
Instantly release the funds without any delay.

The information of the payment we made today is enclosed.

Mtcn #— [protected]
Sender's first name—duray
Sender's last name—wilson
Country—benin republic
Text question—trust
Text answer—honest

For self-confirmation, you can track this payment online with western
Union official website by clicking on this link
Https://wumt. Asp?Country=ng
After filling the information, click check status. Note that if you
Track this information, the status will tell you that the funds is "
Available for pick up by receiver" but you can not pick up this money
Until the clearance certificate is obtained. It's because the fund is
Still on hold by the head office.

However, you are advised to go ahead and send the home land security
Clearance fee of $85 via western union or money gram so that we will
Assist you and obtain the certificate from the office. Here is the
Information you will use to send the money.

Receiver name; onye ndive
Country;... Benin republic
City... Cotonou
Test question; in god
Answer; we trust
Amount; $85

Do send us the mtcn numbers as soon as you made the payment. If you
Can send the fee today, you will pick up the first payment and we will
Send you another $5000 today as the clearance certificate is the only
Thing holding the transfer. Note: you have to try and send the
Clearance fee as a matter of urgency because the head office in london
Will pick up the money if you did not comply urgently.

Remember, we were instructed by the imf to return the payment file
Within 72 hours if the beneficiary did not comply to claim his/her
Funds. So, if you will send the fee but you can not send the fee
Within 72 hours, let us know so that we will report to the imf that
You are complying so that they will not ask for the return of your own
Payment files.

The management of western union money transfer, benin republic head office.

Dispatched this day. For inquiry, call +[protected]
Mr. Mike john
Western union® money transfer,
Head office benin republic.
Western union®
© [protected] western union holdings, inc.

All rights reserved. Send money worldwidewith western union money transfer service, money transfer is performed
In 1location | copyright | intellectual property |
Privacy policy | site map | find your local 5-20 minutes and bank account is not required. We only transfer
Via western union, no bank wire transfer.

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Confidential notice

This email is intended for the owner of this e-mail address only and
Contains privileged and confidential information. If you received this
Email by error, please delete it from your mail box and notify us
Immediately for correction. The disclosure of this email to a third
Party is highly prohibited. Thanks for your understanding

Jan 11, 2013 11:40 am EST
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WESTERN UNION: The world's biggest crtime organisation
covered by the FBI and 42 American Governments?Out of every view and in view of own investigations, the involvement of Western Union in 59% of all crime cases in USA and Canada concerning this matter, how can an american Attorney General declare in public that this company is needed, the involvement in crime has to be reduced and gives this company a white collar; at the same time, as the leading member of the proceedings, requested hundred millions of Dollars as compensations from Western Union to secure american boarders for Western Union's participation in fraud?

Isn't that the same Money Wash, to take the Western Union faked money from population worldwide to use it for honorable aimes as it is when collecting the drugs money? Yes it is with a difference: drugs and other similar forbidden money transfers are unhealthy for the population whereas the money from Western Union in most cases is honorable earned and often was meant as help for children, orphans and other social institutions. This apparently the Attorney Generals and Governors have overseen as this money has to be recompensated to the owners and not taken for the security of boarders!

Going this criminal way Western Union has created an economic damage, only in the European Union, of just more than, - € by transferring money to foreign countries for fraud!.And the next will be yours, so stop Western Union Money Transfers! Did you already see that Western Union overtakes no guarantee that your sent money will be delivered to your recipient ?

Instead of this, warning before criminal recipients, they want you to overtake their risk for their payment handling employed stuff. According to laws and Court Decisions against Western Union the recipient has nothing to do with the Money Transfer. The legal definitions of Money Transfer Businesses is: valid passport to valid passport and this is the part Western Union, doing the transfers, is responsable for and has to pay the compensations. And they cannot valid legal transfer these responsabilities to the sender.

Western Union only is planning to expand the fraud more easier for themselves ! Stop Western Union and the governmental help in order to achieve frauded money. The FBI must answer other questions to their protections

Jan 31, 2012 9:44 pm EST

I tried to send money to my son in Florida, using Western Union on-line services. I tried to send $40 dollars with a $17 fee for a total of $57 dollars. Gave them my visa card info and the web site did not give me a transaction number.
My son never received the money and the money was removed from my account. Talked to several customer support people, and two supervisors, both supervisors said I would be contacted within 24 hours that was 80 hours ago. Talked with my bank and Western Union has my money, and western union says they did not get my money, but my account shows $57 dollars being taken from my account by Western Union. Still have not seen my money yet that was Jan 17th today is 31 Jan.

Jul 31, 2013 4:41 pm EDT
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31/7/2013 @ 11:30 PM
Enjaz Mufshrefa Branch
Teller no. 5
Indian/Pakistani nationality – Thin body built

Upon reaching the teller after falling in line for almost an hour, I clearly mentioned I have 3 transactions for different members of my family. He received my documents then said that he will only proceed with 2 out of the requested 3 transaction and continued working while ignoring me. Finally getting his attention I informed him that there are 2 of the 3 transactions that are a priority. Since he has already completed one transaction that was not a priority; he furiously pointed at me with one finger and eyes wide open while repeatedly saying “I TOLD YOU ONLY TWO”. I calmly told him that this is not a way to talk to a customer, he simply said “I have not time”. I was then told by the security guard that the system allows only 2 transactions per teller and was forced to fall in line again at another teller in order to complete the third transaction.

This is a very disrespectful manner that is truly unacceptable. Furthermore before leaving it was clarified by another employee that 2 transactions per teller is not even TRUE.

I hope this complaint reaches to the HR management and proper action is taken. I only wish the teller apologized before I left.

Mar 22, 2013 2:32 am EDT

Western union announced Gift for Transactions of 5 in western union you can get Briefcase free. After I finished those transactions they refused to give the gift by the reason they told that 'No Stock. Try any other branches of Western union. I have done the same but all the branches says the same answer. At last I have met a Western union Gifts Delivery man in a branch, he said that I will give tomorrow in this branch, you just give to the Collection Agent there, also he informed to the Indian to keep collect this and I will give the gift tomorrow. After he gone, I give to the person, he said I will not collect here. I asked the phone no. of delivery man, but he refused to give. I amazed that the person not ready to customer satisfaction or customer requirements, why did he came to qatar and why he has sit in this position. The problem is the Western Union management has no any instruction to staffs that how to deal with customers and how to increase the customer base. In India, UAE, are very very supportable with the clients. In Qatar have these kind of attitude I were seen. Who is responsible for the gifs...? My phone no. [protected]... and [email protected]

Jan 23, 2011 5:36 am EST
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I have had my western union Gold Card for four months now. I was told after been approached at a local western union check cashing store by an agent for western union that is I apply for the pre-paid gold card, I would receive $10.00 added to my card after my first load, so I did load the card while standing in the western union check cashing store. The agent, who works at the check cashing store, gave me the flyer to fill out and pay for the card and I loaded money to the card right then. After the first couple of weeks, no $10.00 posted to my card, the third week, still no $10.00, so I called one of the western union agents at [protected] and was told, the reason why the $10.00 hasn’t posted at that time was because “I “ was supposed to have called in to let them know to add the $10.00 and I explained to the agent that, that wasn’t told to me, I was told once loaded, the $10.00 will be posted and he said, he will go ahead and take care of it with a very nasty, rude tone and said, it will be on my card within a weeks’ time. After six weeks passed, I called back and spoke to another agent for western union gold card and he told me, I don’t have to keep calling in about the $10.00 and it will post but he will put it in again with a nasty attitude and hang the phone up on me. First of all something need to be done concerning the agents attitudes. This is the fourth month that I still have NOT received what was offered to me when signing up with the western union gold card and this is the fourth time I had to contact them. it’s not much money but it’s the principle of the whole matter.

Nov 12, 2010 4:59 pm EST

I've never personally used Western Union before. So, I've just run into a situation where I needed to wire funds from the U.S. to China. I created a profile on their website and entered my bank's debit card data to get started. After attempting to complete the transaction, I received a message that stated, "your payment was declined by your bank." I then contacted my bank to find that my account and my card were in perfect working order. I attempted once more to complete the WU transaction to receive a notice that I would not be able to complete any transactions both online or by telephone and that I would need to physically go into a WU location if I wanted to send money. I thought WU may have simply had a "connectivity" issue with my bank's debit card system, so I revised my profile with my checking account information to attempt the 3-day transaction directly from the account. However, when WU's website tried to access the bank account to verify information, WU's site just timed out. I then went one step further and entered a credit card into my account and tried the transaction one last time...same result...denied. After contacting WU's customer support, all I could get out of them was that they utilize several different methods to protect consumers. However, there was no answer as to why I was denied, nor to what extent and/or how long I would continue to be denied. The rep simply informed me that I would need to seek out a physical WU location to send funds. So, here's my dilemma...why would this company advertise a service that they obviously do not offer? Why would they lead customers to believe this service exists? And finally, why the *** did I need to waste several hours of my morning entering personal account information, then speaking to customer service reps only to find out that I still must physically go into a WU location to send the funds? Nope...this sort of service (or the lack thereof) just made a lifetime impression on me. I will NEVER attempt to utilize WU again and will simply pay the few extra dollars to perform wire transfers directly with my bank. WU...STOP WASTING CONSUMER'S TIME!

Mar 25, 2009 12:50 am EDT

I sent money to the Philippines last Jan. 15 and 19, 2009 for my friends medication help for $2, 955 and I paid $48 for the fee here in California, the receiver in SM Cebu Western Union only received $2, 900 this happened twice. The total amount Western Union had taken $105.00 plus $48 x2 charges in california equivalent to $201.00 all in all. I complained to Western Union 8 times nothing happened. BEWARE OF WESTERN UNION!

Aug 31, 2009 9:14 am EDT

Dear Winner,

We have concluded arrangements to effect your lottery winning payments of US$2, 400.000.00 through Western Union Swift Money transfer services today, and the maximium amount you will be receiving each day starting from tomorrow is $5, 000.00 daily until the funds is completely transfered.

This special arrangement is being used to avoid all spurious demands by both the states and federal authorities that has delayed your payment till date. We shall need your maximum co-operation to ensure that strictest confidence is maintained to avoid any further delays.

Please contact me the Accredited Western Union Agent for the details of your payment of the first US$5, 000;MTCN, Sender’s Name.Question, Answer to enable you pick your funds. Kindly re-comfirm your full name, receiver’s address and telephone number.

Contact: Ms.Serah Alan, E-mail;([email protected])

Best regards
Ms.Serah Alan.

Dec 15, 2011 7:43 pm EST

Vinney Luciono is a fraudster.
He receives money via Wester Union and Moneygram in exchange for goods with the difference that he sends nothing in return and when his customers complain he threatens them with exposure - this is something he's done several times just on this website alone.

His tactic is to not only threaten his customers/victims but also anyone who listens to or publishes their stories. You can read a detailed exchange on this site if you do a quick search.

His "business" names are: (please notice the spelling on this one)
[email protected]

and he uses the aliases Emma Hiders and Erika Walker but I'm certain there will be many more but they all seem to be in Houston, Texas. and has this IP address:

Dec 15, 2011 10:56 pm EST

My wife was traveling with my kids for a soccer tournament. I had to stay home and work that week. I needed to send her money while she was traveling because we don’t like to use our credit cards while traveling. I told her to see if there was a Western Union location near by. I proceeded to send some money.

While at work I was online and saw that I could send it from there. That would be perfect do during my lunch break without leaving the office. It wasn’t until I was almost finished that I was told that the secret code would have to be mailed! I don’t have that kind of time!

My wife needed funds the next day! She had to pay for gas and food for her and the kids. They had to know everything from my SSN to my mothers maiden name just to create an account! It was endless questions and security codes. I couldn’t even send the money online! What a waste!

So I called customer service to figure out why it had to be mailed. They couldn’t help me because they didn’t understand that my wife is not able to get the money in time. And they said that it was also because I had a cell phone on file. The customer service rep was quite mean to me as well.

I ended up having to drive to the Western Union location to send the necessary funds. Which took time out of my day! And the customer service issue was a little outrageous because of how I was treated! Not to mention the service reps are from far away lands like India! I could barely understand those people.

Dec 23, 2009 11:28 am EST

We had Western union money transfer service.We have paid all the money for trasaction.Western union has suspended our service and asking for money which we do not owe.We try to send all the bank statement as well as all transactions detail.They do not want to look in to that or sent representative to sit with us and resolve this issue.Now they are threatening us for Involuntary Bankruptcy.We do not know what to do and resolve this issue

Pramesh Dave

May 11, 2010 9:15 pm EDT
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My email address was stolen and friends are receiving emails asking them to send $2000 to London to help me.
The sender's email address is [email protected], which was mine until it was stolen.

The London Western Union branch and receiver name used is Don McChesney, at 1 Churchill place London E14 5HP, United Kingdom.

If anyone calls to collect, the police should be contacted as this is fraud. I am in Australia.

Yours Don McChesney

May 26, 2011 2:28 pm EDT

SouthEast Asia Regional Headquarters,
The Western Union Company
Kuala Lumpur 51100


I am David Rathinam. I am auditor General of Western Union, Malaysia. I have only been recently appointed and transferred from Brunei. On commencement of my duties here, I discovered a pending transfer of US$698, 000.00 (Six Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand United States Dollars) in the system.

I promptly informed the Malaysian Government and it was agreed that the funds be refunded to either the Sender or the initial Receiver. I intend to input your name as the initial Receiver.

I am contacting you to come across with names which you could use to receive $9, 820 daily/ weekly until money is cleared from the system. It is very important that you respond urgently. In case you are wondering, I got your email off an internet index.

I have the M.T.C.N numbers on my desk right now as I send this mail, the government has permitted me to ensure that all the money must be transferred as soon as possible to the receiver.

Please send me the following information;


Best regards,

David Rathinam
Tel: +[protected]

Jul 21, 2010 12:17 pm EDT

My next door neighbor wired $4100 to a friend of his in Nigeria on 07/08/2010. later that day he received a phone call from some woman who give her name as Samanthan Lewis and accused him of fraud and money laundering and that he could be indicted for it, and he was told that she would send him a letter to verify his income and wanted to know where the money came from, as of this date no letter has been received by him from her, she claim that she was with the WU fraud department. He has made several attempts to call WU at both numbers listed above to no avail. He has sent them several e-mails regarding this matter and at one time was told that the money had been refunded to him. Which is not true, for he knows that to pick up money he has to fill out a yellow form to retrieve it, it never happen. He has received several e-mails from a Mr. Oscar F. who requested for him to call him and when he does he can't get through to this man. The first agent he talked with told him that the funds were under investigation and that it would take 20 days to resolve. It has been 14 days today and his funds stiull has not been return to him. Is there any thing that he can do to make them return his money now. For he is need of these funds immediately. Would appreciate any advice that you can give him. Thanks!

Mar 08, 2013 7:22 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I contracted Western Union to transfer 5000 GBP from Northern Ireland to Turkey after using their own money converter to calculate how much in Euro the receiver should get at the rate advertised which was 1.16, (5800 Euro). When the money was collected from the collection point the receiver was only given 5545 Euro, (exchange rate of 1.109) - a loss of 211 GBP. When questioned about this the payout agent simply referred the receiver to Western Union. I took the matter up with them but to date all they have done is tell me that the transfer was right because the rates advertised is not the rate they pay and I should have been aware of this. I am not a stupid person but there is no way I could have known this as it is not disclosed anywhere on their web pages or is it disclosed by their agents. I paid them 86.90 GBP for this service and now they say that any extra made on the transfer between the rate they paid me and the rate they get is kept by them. This is not only deceptive but surely illegal. Please help. My incident number is [protected].. Thank you. Elizabeth Dorman

Aug 30, 2016 11:58 pm EDT

experienced hacker for hire...we specialize in high grade unlocking, phone tracking, databases hack, code encryption, untraceable ip, websites hack, bank transfers, credit cards hack, clearing of criminal record, email address hacking, company records hacking.we can even put your name in the kingdom of heaven.
contact asap on [email protected]

Jun 20, 2016 5:54 am EDT

Hi I had a email today saying that I have 1.500.000.000 in one of your accounts showing me. Your fake paperwork asking me to pay $468.00 usd to make the account come live within 24hr Just so you now as I am a police officer in the uk

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Feb 26, 2012 3:53 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Allowing Customers Movers Money In My Opinion and Truthfullly Hundreds Of Dollars worth Of Scammed Money taken from me also be sent to Foreign Countries and Regions for several years and MTCN TRANSACTIONS BE DISPUTED WITH A TICKET CONFIRMATION THROUGH CORPORATE WITH NO LEGAL ADVICE ON THE SCAMMERS WHERABOUTS AND MONEY RECEIVER PICKUPS.(Western Union Financial Services, Inc.)

Feb 10, 2011 10:42 pm EST

I am a senior and lost $300 when I tried to rent a house in a small town in Vermont. Due to a health crisis, we decided we had to move near my daughter, as I am handicapped and can't drive, and was unable to take care of my husband, who was 68 and ill. When we couldn't find an apt. in a senior apartment complex for one to two years, we decided to put an ad on Craigslist. We were approached by a man who said he had a house to rent, and he was in England with his wife and children, and we could rent it until they got back to the states.

We wired this man the deposit, he was to over night us the keys and lease, which never came. We found out he was working out of a computer/coffee shop in the UK, and there were men from Nigeria having money wired to the UK via Western Union, and they were forwarding the money to Nigeria. Nigeria is the home of terrorist training camps, aka the underwear bomber from a couple of years ago.

I notified every local, state and federal agency, plus the American Embassy in the UK. No one took this serious, and even though I did get Craigslist to put warnings on their website, which may have slowed down the process a bit, I don't think it stopped it. I know first hand, that now management companies and landlords are doing credit checks for apartments. One can argue both sides of this issue, but when people are desperate, such as they are now with foreclosures, bad economy, excessive medical bills which we have, layoff's etc. there are millions who are looking for apartments. If you want to look at the number of seniors over 65 who have bad credit, because of medical bills, high cost of living, high number of medical bills they can't pay, and no cost of living increase for two years, I'm sure many of us don't have good credit any more. We have been denied apartments in subsidized low income senior apartments because of poor credit, even though the credit is out of our hands, and we can't correct our bad credit now, we can't afford food for the whole month. So I guess there won't be any attempts to pay down past credit card balances, when we don't have enough except a few cans of soup, that people donate to our senior complex once a month.

I am tried of being ripped off, and I'm really sick of people who are making up the rules for these management companies, who are getting rich off subsidized low income senior apartments. Now these people from Nigeria, are coming on line and robbing us, and when we complain no one listens, no one.

Oct 16, 2011 4:42 pm EDT

I recently tried to transfer some money overseas through the Western Union money transfer but my transaction was declined because according to them, they were not able to verify my phone number! That happened even though I was on the phone with them 2 times for the verification process.

After that, I called up their customer care several times and yet none was able to help transfer my money successfully. This happened despite the fact that Western Union charge an outrageously high fee compared to other money transfer companies.

I will never recommend Western Union to anyone. Use some other company and at least you will be satisfied.

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[email protected] To: undisclosed recipients: ;
Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 1:14 am

Attn, Dear Friend:

This Message Is From MS FELICIA BOBBY. the NEW MANAGER OF WESTERN UNION TO This E-mail Address, How Are You Today, I Write To Inform You That We Have Already Sent You USD5000.00 Dollars Through Western Union As We Have Been Given The Mandate To Transfer Your Full Compensation Payment Total Sum Of US $1.800 000.00, Via Western Union As Instructed By Our Government.

Besides, my dear, this is the opportunity for you and has to comply and your funds shall be transfer to your designated address. But remember that after (2DAYS) you did not make the payment then we will divert your funds to Government Fund This Morning. Now I Decided To Email You The MTCN And Sender's Name So That You Will Pick Up ThisUSD5000.00 To Enable Us Send Another Today As You Know We Will Be Sending You Only USD 5000.00 Per Daily.

The moment I receive the payment of $55 I will release the first payment information’s of $5000.00 to you and you will pick up the money and I will send you another one until you receive the entire total fund. Hoping to hear from you.


RECEIVERNAME...Nwabu Emmanuel


E-mail :([email protected])

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Note that Benin Owes ALL EXPenses plus $76, 250, 000.00

[email protected]

Mar 14, 2011 8:43 am EDT

I am Rokan Hameed, Third Secretary of the Iraqi Embassy in Vietnam My email address was hacked and the hacker wrote a message to my friend in Malaysia (under my name) that he has a car and requested my friend to send him 6000 usd to him to get the car. Unfortulately, my friend believes him because the hacker enter my email to write to my friend.
My friend transfered to him the requested amount and I wonder that how can the western union in london could give him money under the name of Rokan Hameed while he is not me? Given that he stole my passport in one of my email, my photo in the passport is different from his face. I realy want you to explain this terible mistake to make my friend feel at ease.
Thank you
Rokan Hameed
Iraqi Embassy in Vietnam

May 25, 2011 12:55 am EDT

The manager after faxing my important documents when she returned it to me it was lacking 1 page & she won't admit that she misplaced it & was not eager to find my missing important paper which was a very important document. She told me maybe I did not gave it to her but how can she charged me $12 dollars, because it was $2 dollars per page so meaning she had counted 6 pages which was really the numbers of papers I had given to her but she only returned 5 pages to me. She shouted & tell me to get out while me I'm so worried about my paper & begging her to please take a look for it but instead she got mad because I was delaying her closing the store she was hurrying to go out. I have the receipt here that she counted 6 pages that she charged me for 6 pages.

May 21, 2009 5:07 am EDT

please chk and tell me what is this

the payment inforamtion as soon as possible so that your funds will be transfered without any problem

Finaly, Here is the western union inforamtion

Receiver Name...Nwata Godwin
Country...Benin Republic
Text Question...What For?
Sender's Name...

You can Equaly call me with this number. +229-[protected]

Dr Jeff Kaka
Foreign Opration Manager
Western Union Benin Republic

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Dec 10, 2013 7:31 am EST

I ave emailed by a mister gary nelson from western union. and was asked to send a re-newal fee of $50 usd to release $800000 to me. and it was goin to be sent in $4000 PAYMENTS every 3 days until i was payed in full. can you please cantact me? Thank you. im in australia. my number is [protected]

Feb 26, 2010 8:54 pm EST

I attempted to send via WU's online service, using my VISA card. At the end of the form-filling process I received on-screen directions to call customer service, 'additional information was required for confirmation of identity.' Long story short, they refused to complete the transaction (and wouldn't explain why...I can tell you all of my 'identity' details are in order, so I couldn't begin to guess). Funds were, nevertheless, deducted from my account. I called Western Union customer service, they were of no help; said they had faxed notice to return funds to my bank, that funds were 'not with WU, but were being held by my bank.' This is irrelevant and is an answer that should not be accepted by any WU customer. Fact is, WU submitted the charge to the bank *before* the transaction was complete and without the service being rendered. Bad process, equally bad customer service. I certainly should not have to bear the burden of absent funds for a service that wasn't rendered and neither should any customer. Profoundly frustrating. A quick search of online customer complaints/reviews reveals that my experience is not a unique one. Funds are still absent from my account.

Jan 29, 2013 10:58 am EST

Postal Savings Bank China, acting as an agent for Western Union money transfers, directed me from one branch to another. I had to take a taxi to each branch only to listen to the workers there said we don't have the system in place. First branch said the system has been deleted and directed m to the second branch. The second branch said the system has not been installed yet., you guessed it, the asked me to go to yet another branch! When I got to the third bank branch, they said they can process but not today, I need to go back tomorrow! The security guard and the teller then ganged up against me because they wanted to go home early?! If they don't offer the service they can simply say so! Don't ask me to go from one branch to another! And if the teller wants to go home early, they should ask the bank to shorten their working hours so that they can all go home at 4!

Western Union, instant transfer of money internationally, but don't expect to be able to get the money out without massive effort and cost. And I mean MASSIVE!

May 17, 2016 4:38 am EDT

Havn't you people realized that an african country could have soooooo much money to give away? i mean, there thousands of people receiving similar emails...How could a country and specially every second person of that country (with all these dubious titles) send you money that does not even exist? they make money from the "fees" that you are asked to send...Afterall they are sending the same email to many people..

May 15, 2016 7:17 pm EDT

Look I really need to know if theres any money over there that belongs to me because this man by the name of William C Dudley emailed me serveral days ago and then another person by the of David Johnpaul telling me that hes holding money that belongs to me too I've been troubled ever since I enailed the embassey of benin some woman over there her is Evelyn email me too tellinf me that shes holding money too so please this needs to be checked out

Dec 16, 2013 7:57 am EST
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Many people have been fraud from Malaysia
Please be especially careful in this country of Malaysia
As long as the money comes from Malaysia and remittances
Please look before they leap
Unless he is you know the person, don't send money to strangers
Many scams are from Malaysia
Be careful and attention to the country of Malaysia
Especially when you're remittances through the Western Union
Please look before they leap again

Jun 21, 2010 2:21 am EDT
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Want some advice pls contact me at my
Mobile phone no: +[protected]
E mail address:

Send money worldwide:
Office of the western union money transfer.
Cotonou benin republic / address 473 leu, de akpakpa road.
Welcome to western union tel:+[protected]
Http: / / mail. / config / login? / ym / [email protected]&subj=site mail wester. [email protected] Cn
Attention: weslie w. Anno

We write to acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding your funds deposited with our office here for immediate transfer to your name via our service western union money transfer department cotonou, benin republic.

Regarding the transfer, we are hereby written to inform you that before the full information will be release for you to pick up the $5, 000 daily, your payment file which was deposited with our bank, must be renewal and recomfirm with the sum of $98. 00 us dollars to enable us programme your name with the informations which you will use to pick up the $5, 000 daily.

It is very important that you make the fee available to this office immediately for the renewal and recomfirming of your payment file so that the full information will be release for you to enable you pick up the $5, 000. Usd immediately from any western union office in your country.

The amount of your payment which you are going to confirm is the sum of $850, 000. 00 usd as soon as you settle the required fee for the renewing and recomfirming your payment file. We assure you that once we receive the required fee today, we will give you the full information which you will use to pick up the payment within next 45 munites to the nearest western union in your city as you want and nothing will hold it any more.

Note: the reason why we need you to send us the renewing and recomfirming of your payment file is that we have tried to deduct the fee out from your funds but the minister administrator trust fund of benin republic told us that no one has access over your fund as it has been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted until it gets to the beneficiary to avoid any misunderstanding, because if any one has access to do that it will involve many peoples loosing their funds. Therefore you sholud process right now and send the fee with the information listened below.

Send the fee through our western union money transfer with the below details.

Receiver's name: mr. Emeka godwin.

Country cotonou, benin republic.
Address: no 113 togba road, cotonou benin
Test question: how long?.
Answer:. . . Soon
Amount:. . . $98. 00. (Only)
Sender name:. . .
Mtcn number:. . .

We are waiting to receive the payment information immediately to enable us proceed and forward you the full information you need for receiving your funds via western union office in any western union area in your country.

Yours in service
You can call me on phone( +229 - [protected])

Prof. Anthony roberts
Western union international bank

This is the latest that i received from the western union benin republic
Pls i want some advice. This is true?

Feb 26, 2010 9:08 pm EST

I attempted to send via WU's online service, using my VISA card. At the end of the form-filling process I received on-screen directions to call customer service, 'additional information was required for confirmation of identity.' Long story short, they refused to complete the transaction (and wouldn't explain why...I can tell you all of my 'identity' details are in order, so I couldn't begin to guess).

Funds were, nevertheless, deducted from my account. I called Western Union customer service, they were of no help, said they had faxed notice to return funds to my bank, that funds were 'not with WU, but were being held by my bank.' This is irrelevant and is an answer that should not be accepted by any WU customer. Fact is, WU submitted the charge to the bank *before* the transaction was complete and without the service being rendered. Bad process, equally bad customer service. I certainly should not have to bear the burden of absent funds for a service that wasn't rendered and neither should any customer. Profoundly frustrating. A quick search of online customer complaints/reviews reveals that my experience is not a unique one.

Funds are still absent from my account.

Lest anyone attempt to drag a straw man into the conversation: the issue for me is not that Western Union has a [by all appearances, clunky and outmoded] verification process. The problem is that Western Union submits the charge *before* the transaction is complete and service rendered. When one reports the error and attempts to have it corrected, one encounters inept customer services representatives, general denial of responsibility, and suggestion that this consumer should 'check with her bank...did they receive our fax?'

Mar 11, 2013 7:44 am EDT

I have receive the message from the sender to pick the money through the western union payment unit that he as send the details that senders first name, senders second name, text question, test answer, MTCN no and Amount. and he also send the message that you cannot pick up the funds ye because my name has not yet been activated as the receive of the funds to complete the activation process reply to the Asian officiating officere Mr.Clinton white by e-mail of [email protected] ...for

The Message came from the "WESTERN UNION" on the 27th February 2013

So i need the details with your Investigation that The above details is True and also give the information of the above Fake checks to my further communication and how to pick the money with your Investigation and send me the details.

Oct 06, 2010 8:20 am EDT


My name is tor-jarle and today my wife should send money to brasil but because friend my wife had money safe in her purse and she give my wife money, but western union no accept she give money from her purse and she send money for her family.This i think is craisy if we need send money is of course somebody need help in another continent bank cannot do this with peoples i think western union need help people no make people feel same stupid inside.And this is not western union business decicion what and where the money come from if inside pocket, purse, shoes... Theres need help and no make problem for nothing.And this woman speak norsk with my wife my wife only speak english and when she percept my wife without understand she make fun abaut my wife smiling then she strat speak english with my wife.I Want this for case to be resolved because i no want anybody feel same stupid what my wife feel today.If i no see interest in resolve this craisy case.

Sep 08, 2010 3:51 am EDT


Feb 13, 2011 11:30 pm EST

This is in reference to -- This website is a waste of time and money. Spent many hours trying to create a transaction that would wire $150. from my bank account in FL to another in Costa Rica. This was my 1st experience in my life wiring money and it was HORRIBLE. After submitting a lot of personal information, copy of Drivers License and Passport, all numbers of bank account and copy of statement-- and at least 5 hours on the computer over a 6 day period... what did I get for it? An agent telling me the transaction was booked backward and 32 cents was sent to Costa Rica and I have been charged a $22. service fee. I was informed that I should be happy that I wasn't charged a $35. cancellation fee. There is no excuse for charging for a service that was not delivered. If you need to send $$$ anywhere: Here is what I learned... Go to your local Supermarket or convenience store and they can wire if for you within minutes. The paperwork takes about 2 minutes and in another 5 minutes the money will be at its destination. In my case, it cost $14.99 to wire $150.


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