Western Expresscomplaint about daniel (driver supervisor)

K Jul 11, 2019

My name isgurdeep
N I need to file a complaint bout the guy named daniel
He is all the time rude to everyone during our orientation
Everyone is avoiding him coz peaple who are genuinely looking for work are coming here
N this guy takes advantage of them by being rude

We were 6 guys on our last day n everyone got the information of when n with whom they r going excluding me
So I ask him n he was very rude to me saying I lost that piece of paper
My co workers noticed it before me that I havnt got any information

N he blame me unnecessarily of dropping it somewhere which I havnt
N said he will do something that I wont like it

Is this a kind of threat.

He has no right to threat or raise his voice just because he is on a senior level of western express

Westrn express is doing such a big promotions online,
Hiring new drivers,
Paying for their transportation from far away places,
Paying accommodation, paying food

If they have such kind of employees in their company
Then they are wasting money on online promotions n on the pay of these rude employees which should not work here

Nobody going to stay in this company

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