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6:48 pm EST

West Coast Metal Buildings They built the wrong sized carport

I am a Real Estate Agent in Washington State my main duty is to protect my clients. Its an oath/vow that the state of Washington REQUIRES me to maintain with my clients even beyond the sale.

I referred West Coast Metal buildings to a senior client of mine in January of 2021. I worked this this client for over a year trying to find her perfect piece of property on the beach so she could build her home to stay in after her retirement.

I referred a sales rep of West Coast Buildings to her in January and she ordered herself a new 24x25 metal carport from them to be installed in 10-12 weeks.

Somewhere between her order date and when they called to set up deliver West Coast Metal Buildings built the WRONG sized carport. They built a 12x20 instead of her ordered 24x25 My client needed the extra width because there are two cars in her household. And the 12 foot wide carport wasn't big enough to fit both.

When West Coast Metal Buildings delivery department person (Jackie) called my client to schedule delivery of the WRONG SIZED 12x20 carport my client noted to JACKIE that that was the incorrect size. Jackie explained to my client that was the size that was built for her and if she refused to accept delivery there would be a 25% restocking fee to put the 12x20 back in their warehouse. And that they had "recently increased their pricing structure by 20%" so to deliver the correct 24x25 it would cost my client even more.

My client felt forced to accept the 12x20 carport and RELUCTANTLY agreed to continue with the purchase.

That's where I came in. I was in the neighborhood of my clients new home and decided to pop by and say hi and see how she was settling into her new retirement digs when I asked why the carport hadn't been installed yet. She explained the above story to me and I was appalled at how my senior client had been forced into purchasing this carport that doesn't suit her needs.

Consistent with my duties as a REALTOR to protect my client from this very thing. I called West Coast Metal Buildings and spoke with a lovely call center person named Aria (sp?) and explained the situation to her in an attempt to settle this amicably. Aria stated that the shipping person was out to lunch and that she would have her call ME back shortly. So I left my name and number with them expecting a call at any time.

A few minutes later my client received a call from Jackie at West Coast Metal Buildings. I asked her to put it on speaker phone because Jackie was supposed to call me not her. When my client answered Jackie immediately started scolding my senior client because my client had agreed to accept the 12x20 carport and it was already loaded on their truck and ready to ship out. Then I interjected...

Jackie wouldn't allow me to talk at all. Eventually hung up on me. So I called back to talk to Jackie's boss about how my client was being treated. During my attempt to call, Jackie, then called back and wanted to speak with my client only. Not the individual that was 'yelling' at her. I am a veteran that suffers from severe hearing damage from listening to 5 inch cannons on my ship sound off regularly during my enlistment. I talk loud. But, because I damaged her fragile constitution and hurt her tender feelings I do apologize. But I will not stand by and let her scold my client for refusing delivery of an incorrect product she ordered that West Coast Metal Buildings incorrectly built.

After all was said and done at the end of an excruciating 3 hour process, I paid my clients 25% restocking fee for the carport, a total of $504. Just to get these people out of her life for good.

The original sales rep called my client later and stated the company has had a lot of trouble with Jackie in the past. Makes one wonder why she's still there.

Buyer beware!

Desired outcome: NONE Leave me and my client alone

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7:10 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

West Coast Metal Buildings No construction date.

Dated sept 2, sent in a customer Order and down payment for the job they were to do. Never did get a call back. It's been two week's So I called them because they cashed my check and are using my money before I even get a construction date. So I talked to the manager Dan. I said you can'tuse my money . I don't even have a construction date. So I said cancel my order and send me my money back. He said I can't I have to go thru corporate first, and that will probably take a month. I said O.K. I'm Turning You in to the better business beauyer. B.B.B. He said O.K. I CALL YOU BACK. Never a call back. WhoEver people DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM...

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4:09 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

West Coast Metal Buildings shoddy work/ terrible customer service

On 9/17/12 I ordered a 12 x 25 lean to style carport from Northwest Metal buildings. I was informed at that time that it would be 6 to 8 wks before install. I checked them out before ordering and didn't find anything bad about them. I didn't find out until install time that it was actually going to be West Coast that I would be dealing with. 10 weeks later, after many calls to see when I would get it installed, I was finally given a date, 12/5/12, crew would be there between 7 and 10. A crew of 4 hispanics shows up at 11:30. I was not there at this time so had wife instruct them where to put it. It took them about 4 hours to install it. Unfortunately my wife paid at this time, then sent me a picture after they left.
They set the building about a foot back from where they were shown so it was partially blocking a window, and did not cut the legs to make it fit to my house as a lean to. Instead they built it so the high side of the lean to was actually sitting on top of my house roof. If left this way it would cause a dam and potentially ruin my roof, on top of that I have never seen a lean to that was taller than the structure it was leaning to!
Immediately after receiving the picture I called West Coast and relayed my concerns and requested that they come back and install the way I ordered it. The customer service girl put me on hold a couple time while she spoke to the manager, and eventually came back with they had done nothing wrong and were happy with the job the crew did, since there wasn't a note on the order to "cut on site". I would have to take that up with NorthWest Mtl Buindings. I told them that was BS because they do this for a profession and that was terrible construction practices by putting the roof the way they did. She said once again they were happy with it, call North West.
When I got home I called Northwest and relayed what had happened and she had me email photos and would get back to me the following day. I emailed photos and description to both West Coast and Northwest and got email reply's from both the next day.
This is the one from West Coast: Good morning. I have reviewed your pictures and gone over your paperwork as well as your scheduling paperwork. The building that was brought out was what was ordered and gone over with on scheduling. I was told that the 9' side was going next to your house. It was never mentioned that we were supposed to fit the building under the eave of your house or that we were supposed to cut the legs on site to accommodate that. Had that been mentioned, there would have been a fee for them to cut the legs on site to do so as well as it would have been noted on the invoice for the installers to know. We would of had no idea that the building you ordered was taller then the eave of your house. Everything on our end was done correctly as ordered and scheduled with. If you would like us to go back out and make adjustments, we would have no problem doing so, but there would be fees due to the fact that nothing was incorrect on our part. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
West Coast Metal Buildings, Inc.
I called Jessica after receiving this, I asked her if it was her that I scheduled with and he said yes. I then asked her if she told me there had to be 2' of space around the building for them to work, She said yes, I told her at that time that the 9' side had to be flush to the house so there wouldn't be 2' since it is a lean to. She said that was right. So now I ask her how it was put up correctly if it was not flush to the house. She continued to repeat that it wasn't written on the order so it is my fault . I said you and your crew must be stupid and have no common sense and ended up hanging up on her because the was no comprehension or service coming from this call.
I spent 2 days and another $350 to move and repair the structure. it is still not what I ordered but it will do. Also I picked the metal colors but when they install they don't even use color match screws! So that looks like crap.
I am still working with Northwest to get some reinbursement hopefully.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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4:48 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

West Coast Metal Buildings Terrible company

West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. does not stand behind their product. They built 5 carports for us 1 year ago and after the first snow, one of them came crashing down on top of the 2 trucks that were parked underneath Causing damage to both trucks as well as complete destruction of the carport that cost $3200.

My son had been under the carport just minutes earlier and could have been crushed to death had he not returned to the house to get something. The carport obviously was constructed poorly or it would not have collapsed. The few braces that it did have were ripped apart.

We contacted West Coast Metal Buildings Inc. customer service immediately and were told their structures are not warranted for collapsing...only that they warrant the metal will not rust for 20 years. If we had wanted it warranted, we would have had to pay for an engineers stamp. What a bunch of hogwash.

They should not be allowed to sell carports that will not stand up to the elements. In order to keep the price 'cheap' they don't put the number of braces on them to keep it safe. In fact, they had to install extra bracing in order to construct the carport and when it was finished they removed the braces that supported it.(They couldn't stand on top of the carport to put the metal roof on without the extra bracing.)

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 16, 2015 2:57 pm EST

The horrible company. Never deal with them. After three months waiting instead of 4-8 weeks in contract they didn't bring my carports. Rude employees ever. They never answer to my questions, never call back. At first they lost my order. Than asked more time . After that they were unable to do my order. I recommend never deal with this company.

11:13 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Do not do business with West Coast Metal Buildings INC. They do not stand behind their product. They show you pictures of 15 men standing on top of their carports to prove how strong they are . They aren't strong. The first little bit of snow comes and they come tumbling down...on top of your cars no less. We had West Coast Metal Buildings build 5 carport...

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