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Chaz is a souless thief!

I purchased wen and i was completely disatisfied. I could get better results by using regular conditioner, rubbing hard, combing and rinsing. they don't tell you that your 3 month supply will be sent automatically and that you will be paying for it over a 3 month period, $90.oo for junk.If you try and cancel you get the run around. Do not buy this product.It is a scam . please tell all your friends. People, we need to be mindful of eachother in this economy. We shouldn't allow businesses to continue to steal form us. ENOUGH!

Lied to me

I signed up for WEN hair care and after a few months decided to cancel, but they were so insistent that they talked me into keeping my account but changing the products. When it started piling up in my cabinet I finally called and cancelled. The company rep told me I could return all unused and unopened product and I would be refunded. This was a lie and now they have the product I paid for but they won't refund my money. Also, after 3 months, they took another deduction out of my checking account and tell me it will take 6 weeks to refund it back. I wish I had found this website before I ordered from this company.

  • Yi
    Y.I.S. Feb 01, 2012


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Automatic Shipments Won't Stop!

I saw this on tv. It was totally unlike me to order something off an infomercial, but I decided to try it. I...

Charging Credit Card unauthorized

I actually like the product and would purchase on my own. But my gripe stems from the fact that I place what I thought was a one time order, only to find another $60.00 charge on my card the next month! I called the company saying I did not want the 2nd shipment, they told me they'd cancel my account once they received the item back... BUT THEY DIDN'T! I just looked at my bank statement and they charged another $29.95 to my account! I'm very disappointed because I genuinely liked the product, but I don't want it forced down my throat! This is unethical business practice.

Billing/Customer Service

I purchased the product and was not impressed with the results; the product made my hair feel unclean. I was not aware of the automatic 90-day membership and when I received the 2nd shipment and noticed the charges, contacted customer service number. This number is always busy and it's impossible to talk to a rep/agent. I was not able to get through so I submitted a contact form requesting to cancel the membership which was not done. I was charged a total of 97.40 in three payments. When I noticed the 3rd charge on my cc account, I called the cust service number again and asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and I was refunded $89.90. would never recommend this product and the customer service was horrible. The business practices/policies of the company are unethical. I filed a BBB claim.

  • Sp
    specialk720 Aug 13, 2010

    Ok, cust service is terrible.

    How was the product? Did it do what they say it should do? Is your hair shinier? healthier looking? Did you read otther comments and agreed with them? Did your hair get gritty after 3 weeks? (like another comment has made) People need to compare notes and agree or disagree with them to let other people know how the product worked for them. some people are desperat for a product to work on their hair, they woud spend anything, but they need to know if the product itself is worth a little change anyway.

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  • Sp
    specialk720 Aug 13, 2010


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  • Pa
    PatriciaT Dec 30, 2014

    I have the same issue. I have just been told by their customer service rep that I have never called in before ... this is my 4th time calling this company to explain that I do not owe them any money ... yet there is nothing on the account now but a bill for 43.94. The previous customer service reps claimed to have resolved the issue ... yet here we are ... still getting threatening letters from Wen for the $43.94 that I do not owe them. It must be time for legal action to get these people to listen to their abused customers...

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inferior product

I wanted to say thank you to an earlier poster that gave a phone number for the company! THANK YOU!!! I was able to get through to a representative after only a minute of being on hold. [protected] the automated answering will want to know the purpose of your #2 for changes to your existing Wen account. When a representative answered I explained that I wanted to cancel my membership with Wen hair care. I told her I kind of liked the product but it had not done for my hair what I thought it would. I said I wished to keep the rest of the 90 day supply that was sent to me in January and I knew the last payment for that would be coming out of my account today and that was ok. She went ahead and cancelled future shipments/payments and sent me a confirmation email. They can do all of this without your customer #, if you give them your last name and zip code they can find your account and then give you your customer #. I am hopeful that I have ended my obligations to Wen and look forward to finding a more legitimate product line for my hair that does NOT involve automatic shipments ;) ~Katy

  • Ka
    Katy7 Mar 08, 2010

    Update to my post...Wen is not able to email you, the customer service reps do not have outside email access. So, in regards to cancelling your memebership-- their system does not generate confirmation numbers but if you cancel your memebership that will generate an order number, get that number. I would also reccomend calling them back to have another rep pull up your account and make sure the cancelation order is there...good luck! ~Katy

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  • La
    Laura L Mogensen Aug 01, 2011

    Ive been using the Wen Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner since October 2010. I love it! I will never go back to shampoo and conditioner. I use 2 pumps per wash twice a week, and my hair is colored on a regular basis. I have soft manageable hair with a lot of shine. I've had no problems ordering just what I need, and when I stopped my regular order because I moved to England from Cali USA the customer care representitives were very helpful. I only need 2 bottles of cleansing conditioner per year. I spent a great deal more than that on shampoo and conditioner per year before. Thank you!

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  • Pm
    pmitc91842 Sep 01, 2011

    I have a question, Has anybody found that after usng Wen their hair is thining out? I have been using Wen for awhile, and I find my hair is so much thinner recently. If anyone has any recomendations I would love to hear them. Pmitc91842.

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  • Ma
    Margret333 Nov 21, 2011

    Guthy Renker has been an absolute nightmare. I ordered a introductory pack and quickly decided I didn't want to receive any more products. So I phoned them to cancel about 6 months ago. Last week to my surprise they charged my credit card over $40 without permission. So I phoned Guthy Renker and spoke to two different people who were both very rude and constantly talked over me while I tried to explain the situation. They insisted that my account was not cancelled but only suspended even though I clearly instructed them that I did not want to receive any more products when I phoned 6 months ago. They now expect me to pay all the postage - that's over $20 including return postage for a product that I clearly told them I don't want to receive. I've got a life threatening medical condition and can no longer afford these extra costs. They are stealing peoples money and show no respect! I refuse to pay for the postage, so I have to wait and see if my bank can do a credit card chargeback. I'll never buy anything from Guthy Renker ever again.

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  • Ti
    Tink1 Nov 20, 2013

    YES!!! My hair fell out too and got so thin you could see through it! It was following out at an alarming rate! I stopped using WEN and my hair loss has stopped. Now I have to try and grow some of it back. It's a total mess now!!!

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Wen Hair Care Products - Guthy Rinker.

I am very disgusted with this company, not only did they hit my account for over 97.00, but when I called Customer Servuce to return the product, they said I would have to have it sent with a return receipt, costing me another 12.00, this was to guarantee my refund.

When I finally got my refund they charged me over 31.00.

What a joke, so this whole return cost me over 43.00. I will never do business with them again, and will tell all my friends what a rip off.

  • Si
    SisterGenny Jul 22, 2010

    Try it from QVC. No I do not work for QVC. I really like the Wen and it did make a hugh favorable different to my hair. do NOT use the styling cream it only makes your hair oily and heavy. I think they only include it to make you have to wash your hair more often which means using your Wen faster. Do NOT NOT NOT buy it from Gunthy Ranker. You can buy it online from QVC by the single item or in single sets no auto monthly orders. And QVC does stand behind their refunds, at least they always have for me. Blessings SisterGenny

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Charged Credit Card for Product That Was Not Ordered

I tried the product on the advertised offer. I didn't like it. I moved countries and changed credit cards.

The called my elderly father and convinced him to pay for $199.50 worth of product I did not order and charged his credit card.

this is appalling unethical behaviour!

After I sent a complaint, they told me they had sent my unpaid bill to a debt collector's!!!

Unbelievable. Obviously I did not receive the first bill for the unordered product as I had let the country. Otherwise I would have tried to sort it out immediately before they tricked my father into paying for it.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS to pay for Wen products or if ever dealing with Guthy Renker

cancelled but still ships, charged my debit card

I cancelled in 2009 my membership, I received shipment yesterday and my debit card was charged $43.++. I waited in queue for a long time, tried to go online but no page comes out, takes forever.

  • Ma
    Madison Ahern Jan 03, 2012

    I ordered the starter Kit in September and received the box with items missing and charged more then was quoted on the website. Never have received the 90 day auto shipment of product but charged for it 3 months after initial order. One of the 4 representatives that have said they will straightened out the problem (they will not let you talk to a supervisor) gave me a Fedex tracking number that Fedex confirmed has never been picked up for delivery. Fedex confirmed no product has been shipped but WenHairCare seems to be certain that I will receive product by the end of the week. I Requested cancellation of my account and a refund for product billed but never shipped or received. I like the product but will not buy from Who is Guthy-Render ????

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auto shipments

i just saw the wen infomercial and asked if there was a way to not subscribe to autoshipments but they said they might be able to do it for twenty extra dollars (although i doubted they wouldn't keep charging my credit card for some strange reason there would be a mix up i'd have to spend hours on the phone to fix), i told them they would sell a lot more product if they had a one time purchase avail since i declined the offer who accidentally asked me if i wanted lumineers since the answering ladies and men are taking calls for many products)... i felt like it was a scam and after reading a bunch of message boards i'm so glad i didn't apply. i realized i could buy it on ebay to try it and others are saying qvc are offering it without autoshipments. i'm interested in trying the product but without trying it i'm not going to sign up for every month so i decided to spend less and get it online from either unsatisfied customers or people who were unable to cancel their membership even after calling and returning the product so if anyone wants to try it i would recommend not buying it from the infomercial and buying it on ebay... just a little tip.i also thought it was funny how they say you only need one product but 5 products come with it, lol) then if you love it and have to have it, you can try the autoship but just like any gym membership or anyone who's tried proactive, it's close to impossible to cancel membership without extra fees, return fees, or credit card charges you are unable to rectify and waste much of your time getting nowhere. it makes me not want to buy the product but i'm curious and will check out more message boards first. thank goodness for the internet! if anyone got stuck with an extra set and wants to sell me a set for the normal price i'd e happy to buy one from you. i want to see how many people really feel the difference and wonder what the ingredients actually are, if anyone has them listed on their product bottle... makes me want to throw together some herbs and natural ingredients and make my own product and infomercial. ya can't blame him, he has scammed enough people to make enough money to hire celebrities to promote the product and show what hair looks like before a blowout and after a blowout... it's pretty obvious that the before pix are air dried and with a big round brush and a very good hot, fast hair drier and curling iron ends, how wonderful the after pic looks..(and if those examples were his best before and afters i'm doubtful it is so wonderful but i have not tried it yet so can't comment on the actual product, just their creative way of collecting fees).. i can't believe i even called. that's what happens when you can't sleep at 4am, you start making crazy decisions... makes me want to open another biz but i couldn't do that to people, however, enough people buy into it to do it... same with proactive, if you wash your face twice a day and apply the same exact active ingredient from a normal brand your pimples will go away without bleaching your pillowcases. it's just ritual... and if you have ever tried to clean the jack la lane juicer you will use it once and forget about it. i have one if anyone wants to trade for a set of the hair care products! lol. jody

  • Jo
    jodyleedentist Feb 07, 2010

    i think it's funny that one of their main ingredients is alcohol which dries your hair and then they use the oil to silken it out. i'm sure you can come up with your own brand but i wouldn't recommend it... i find that a good finishing product makes it silky like biosilk or other brands, you sort of jut have to try different items out... i'd love a magic bullet though! lol

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  • Si
    SisterGenny Jul 22, 2010

    I have found the the Wen Hair Care is wonderful and does make a hugh difference in the condition, thinkness, and texture of my hair. However, I will not do any offers where you are auto enrolled in monthly shipements or billings. Or any free trial offers. You can buy Wen on line from QVC and only when you want it, in single or multiple quantities, no auto orders and no auto charges to your credit card obligations. Try it from QVC. blessings SisterGenny

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Did Not Work For Me!

WEN Hair Care - I have plenty to say about this NEW type of way to cleanse and conditioner your hair, some...

wen haircare

Not satisfied w/product and service

I saw this product on an informercial and thought that it looked to be a great product for my hair. Well, I was wrong!! When I use this, my hair just feels dirty and greasy! Then, before I was even half way finished with the inital bottle I purchased, I was surprised to get another shipment with 2 larger bottles, a large tube of styling cream and a container of moist intense hair treatment. When I opened the package, I also noticed a billing invoice and saw that I was going to be billed a total of $97.80... I flipped. Yes, these payments are billed to your charge card in 3 installments, but I was not expecting this!!! I then proceded to call customer service to let them know I was not needing this and that I wanted to return it. I was advised that it would not be an issue to return the product, but of course I would have to pay to have it shipped back. I just hope that I don't go through the same situation that I noticed another customer went through when sending this back for a refund.


  • Li
    Lisa43 Oct 09, 2009

    there are many many sites selling this product, I feel that it depends on where you purchase this product. also I have really dry hair and the humidity has effected it also. I love this product, but I can see if your hair is already oily, it probably is not a Great product for u. good luck in returning to if info commercial site.

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  • Ru
    rugrat1111 Jan 05, 2014

    I ordered shampoo from the company Wen Hair Care. After I received my order, I received one more shampoo, and the seller told me to pay for the second order $80. I called them several times and tried to cancel all these orders, but they told me that I needed to pay for everything they sent me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

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OK, so when I heard about the Wen hair care system I was pumped because my hair was completely screwed up recently by a hair stylist using WAY to much chemicals on my hair. So I order the One month supply of the hair care system and after using it I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the product. It would be fair to say that Wen hair care system is not for EVERYONE, especially since everyone's hair type is different. For me, since my hair was completely fried and brittle, it was truly a miracle! My hair is more soft now than it was before I was chemically abused! I was looking on the website because I was about ready to purchase another bottle. It was hard to understand the Website so I just decided to wait. The next day (today) I noticed on my bank statement that $37.90 was taken out of my account for WEN HAIR CARE. I was extremly confused. I sent an e-mail on the website under the contact information. After thinking about it I decided to go ahead and call. The connection was terrible, very staticy and when I spoke the persons response was delayed and became very frustrating. She told me she would need to call me back. I waited for 30 minutes and decided to call again. I spoke to a different person and finally had some progress. I told him that I was unaware about the auto shipment and he said that he would be able to take my credit card information off, but if I wanted a refund I would have to send back the 90-day supply that was sent to me and would not be refunded for the shipping. It never even crossed my mind that this could be a scam. I love the product but it has definitely been a huge HASSEL! I love the product, but I don't think it is worth this HUGE HASSEL!

  • Pi
    pissst offf Feb 25, 2011

    Had the same problem. They're sneeky! they only charged $37.90 for the auto shipment. Then they'll charge additional $29.95 for the next two months. I made the mistake of agreeing to keep the product before seeing the invoice. Not one time did the operator tell me what was going to happen when I called to cancel. My gf actually like the product. It's a shame that they had to resort to these kind of practices. If the product is good why deceit the customers.

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Did not like product....

I ordered the Wen hair system after seeing the "miraculous" changes it made in people's hair on the commercial, but I did not see any of that. I used the product as directed and my hair never felt clean. It always felt oily and gunky. I usually only wash my hair every other day because it is so dry, but I had to wash it all the time! I still have 2 whole bottles of it and I am never going to use it. I called them and they actually cancelled my 3rd and final shipment. I would not recommend this product.

  • Jo
    Joanne Feb 16, 2009

    I have been using this product for about 4 months now...I LOVE IT!!! I honestly can't imagine going back to using shampoo and conditioner; I'm not sure if the person so unhappy above used too much or not enough, but I have to say for me...this product works.

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  • Ki
    kimbuhlayyyy Feb 19, 2011

    since you don't use those products would you ever ship it out to someone? i could pay for it.

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Can't Cancel Account or Shipments

I called September 23rd 2008 to cancel my account with Chaz Dean "Wen Hair Care" products. I spoke with Mark. He said I would not be charged any further & even gave me a RMA number to return the unwanted product. Since that date I have been charged twice for the monthly fee of $29.95. I tried again to call them today to cancel my orders AGAIN, but the phone rings once then goes to busy. I have had to put a stop pay at my bank for this charge. Beware of this company!

Never buy!!!

Please never buy the chaz dean wen hair care system or any of the their line. 1st of all i saw the ad on tv...

Hiar product does not work well

I used wen hair care products. I used it multiple times and it just made my haire look very dirty and greasy. I am not happy and am sending it back. My cell phone number used to be [protected], i am in the process of moving and the above phone number is the best way to reach me. I am sending it to the North west street adress in Coudersport PA. I expect my card to be credited as promised and no further shipments made. Kim Brandow

  • Gc
    gccastro1 Jun 30, 2010

    I had used this product and it did not work. I called to cancel, it took quite some time and a couple of transfer with someone stating 'let's see what options are available to you'. They read the instructions as if you are using the product wrong (this product smells great - that's it - smells great, doesn't do anything else). Then they try to convince you to get the other scent which is advertised for different hair type (kinda makes clear it's not for a specific hair type). After repeating over and over that I wanted to cancel, they canceled, I asked for a confirmation number for cancellation and that was that. No more charges. However, on a monthly basis they send a 'We miss you card' asking to come back. Which really ticks me off considering I canceled because the product does NOT work.

    All those actors they get to promote these items should be sent letters to see what their false claims do to their credibility.

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Rip - off

Even though I cancelled my order after the 'no-risk' 30 day trial for $29.95, cancelled my order and sent the 2nd package back, I have been billed over $130.00 for products tht I didn't want. It's a shame thta this goes on and I'm mad at myself for ever thinking about buying this product. By the way, the product is over priced and not so great. I hope Chaaz Dean sleeps well at night knowing what a con he's selling.

  • Sa
    Sandra Newman Oct 17, 2008

    Even though I cancelled this product months and months ago I stilling getting billed for it and I also after returning this product 3 times and you are still charging my credit card. So enough is enough please dont send me any more of your products and please do a credit on my card for the last 3 boxes that was returned back. I have to agree with the message I read up top the product is over priced and to be really honest with you it is not a good product. I guess we are all like it looks good when you demonstrate the product on TV so that you can get people like me to buy. Man have I ever learned a lesson from ordering products on the shopping channel. Never again.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Newman Oct 17, 2008

    Please reply when you get this email so that I know that someone is looking at it and that I'm not put on the back burner while ye gets are stilling getting money from my credit card and I'm lossing out because the product is still getting returned back to you.


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  • Ai
    aibgirl2007 Mar 16, 2009

    I just hope that you know that if you want a refund, this is not a website to get it. The company may not even look at this website. It is just a site that others can go to to help them decide if they want to use a company or product. Call the Wen customer service if you want a refund.

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