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C Jan 07, 2019

My wife and I, through our Realtor, put an offer in on a property in Pen Argyl, PA (MLS #596461) based upon the listing description of nearly 3 acre wooded.

The listing agent, Amy L. Alpago of Weichert Realty Bethlehem, PA, verbally told us that the lot was recently surveyed and that there was a paper road through the bottom of the property but there was no paper road through the center.

Since the listing agent assured us at the time of signing the contract that there was a copy of a current survey, we decided to enter into a sales agreement with our realtor. We were told once the sellers received the offer that they would sign it and submit to us the current survey. The survey was never given to us during this entire process.

At first, the listing agent, claimed that the sellers were grieving from the recently deceased mother because this land was part of her estate.

After a week went by we requested the survey again, this time we were told that the seller(s) were not technologically savvy and were incapable of faxing or emailing us the survey, they that would mail it to us.

After yet another week went by we contacted the listing agent again. This time she claimed that we would have a survey shortly. The listing agent emailed us shortly thereafter the "survey" which looked like it was done on a restaurant napkin and not the professional survey needed to obtain title insurance.

We questioned the listing agent regarding the "survey" that was given to us because not only did it show a paper road at the bottom of the property but also that there was a paper road through the middle of the property, which was never disclosed.

The listing agent was apprised that we were planning to build our house in the middle of the property and this paper road would prevent us from doing such.

Once we demanded a proper survey again we were told that she was going to have the actual survey soon. She claimed this would occur in the next few days and on the Friday before Christmas at 5:15PM, we were informed that a mistake was made and that she had received the wrong survey from the seller. The survey that she received was not from the property that we were interested. She stated that she was going to work all weekend and Christmas eve to have the surveyor get her a copy. This is so the Wednesday after Christmas we could have the actual survey to make a final decision on the property prior to our scheduled settlement date of the 28th of December.

On the Wednesday after Christmas at 2:00 PM the listing agent contacted our realtor and stated that there was NO SURVEY and that she would NOT have a survey in time for the scheduled settlement date.

At that moment we demanded that the contract be null and void because the survey was supposed to be given to us a month prior when we entered the agreement. On the day of settlement the listing agent contacted our realtor and told him that they should have the survey done by lunchtime. At around 1:00 PM we received an email from our realtor that included a professional survey which had a paper road through the bottom and a paper road through the middle. The survey also showed two buildable three quarter of an acre lots that was never disclosed until this point.

At this moment, January 7th 2019, we are still waiting to receive our down payment of $5, 000.00. Our realtor demanded that they would send the check to the listing agents office so he could pick up the check to expedite the process.

Today my realtor, 1-7-2019, was contacted by the listing agent and she claims that the check was sent last week and that the check was in the mail to our realtor. Weichert Real Estate Agency headquarters is located in New Jersey and it should not take more than two (2) days to receive at my realtors office location only a few miles across the border in Pennsylvania.

Throughout this entire process we have been lied to and deceived by the listing agent.

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