Omg where do I start???? I purchased this ap because I was told that it would work with iOS for my sons phone. I do a remote session with a rep to get it all set up and then their instructions were that I need to keep phone connected to pc for at least 6 hours before it would start working. It recorded 32 things After day 1 then it never did anything for another week. I waited patiently with no changes to history. I even tested search words for internet history still nothing. So after 6 hours installing two different programs and a week all the test including me deleting messages to see if it recorded that ...NOTHING!!! So I submit a case and they respond back via email that I had to contact support for a remote assistance session. The rep that I get tells me it works with an android but they have known issues with iOS WOW!!! So the rep tells me to respond back to the email and they would resolve the refund request. Today which is almost a month later after reopening the case I think 5-7 more times these people still are refusing to refund me. This is outrageous. I paid for 3 months for almost $60 and got absolutely nothing out of this junk software.

Oct 11, 2019

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