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WebWatcher is online PC monitoring software from Awareness Technologies and I recommend you avoid this company and their products unless you want a lesson in online scamming.

The scam works this way - you signup for their software with terms that don't include any time limits. The software works OK although it's buggy and slow. After a few months AwarenessTech sends a notification about an upgrade. Now this is online software so there's no such thing as an "upgrade" you can only ever use the "current" online version. After a little while more they inform you that unless you pay then some more money to "upgrade' they cancel your login.

They then cancel your login.

If the terms of sale on AwarenessTechs's web site were upfront about their limited time subscription then this would be perfectly OK but they fool you by clearly marketing themselves as "nothing more to pay".

Don't be fooled avoid these guys.


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      May 23, 2011

    that is so right, they told me I only have to pay one time and that is all. Never mentioned anything for all other extra fee for upgrading software this and that...most of the time no data recorded and you need to contact them for help! It will not work on Firefox!

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