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I am being extorted for more money from

Not only did they deliver an unfinished website which they are holding all of my back end credentials so that I can't move my website to a different company to try and save.

They keep telling me I need to pay them more money if I want my credentials. I have sadly already spent literally thousands with them.

I wish I had done my research as it turns out they're not even an Australian business and are located in the UK

It is clear that I'm not the only one who has been scammed by these people and my story is so similar to everyone else's who has written a review about online on other websites.

WebCreationUSPoor eCommerce Web Design

Hired this company in June to create website with cart. The website is small and it's Oct and it still was not done correctly. Had to hire another company to fix what the WebcreationUS designer screwed up. They don't care if your a business loosing money because they got theirs. This company has no business creating websites for businesses. If you decide to hire this company anyway, DO NOT pay them the final payment until your site is up and running and meets your requirements. They will tell you not worry after the final payment for they will fix all the bugs, but it will take them forever. If the designer knew what he was doing and was very familiar with the shopping cart, it should only take a matter of hours and not days. Also, pay them by either a credit card or Paypal so you have a chance to dispute the charges if your looking to get a refund. — Dismal Failure to build a website

Had 1 site built from these people and it took 15 months to build, they could not build a site with multi products of different colours and had to have a page per product. Site...

Complete SCAM Artists

Living Hell, They reel you in with a 'professional website' FAKE REVIEWS. Then when you put a deposit down they drop communication and send you to a team in INDIA to...

Service and delivery

443225 As a consumer and as a business owner, providing good, sincere and honest customer service is not hard to deliver. It costs much less to keep an existing customer than to win a...


We had a successful social/dating site, we approached webcreationuk to update our site. In 2009 we wanted to bring it upto date and bring lots of new features into the site. The...

WebCreationUSPoor service

I hired this company in June to create my website.
You are never told when they take your money that someone in India is the one to work on it. You are told that you will have a personal liaison to help you understand the tech talk.
I have heard from my so called Liaison twice.
The person who is creating the site continuously changes. So you are never working with the same person. I continually get emails requesting information I have have sent two or more weeks before.
Although they tell you they will create your website, in reality they only enter 20 items. And then send you a document on how to do it your self.

Don't wast your money on this company. There are plenty of American based companies to choose from.

Website Design

My problems with this company are well documented on various websites.
Having received numerous complaints from other companies (2 in the past week) my question is this:

Webcreationuk complaints problems reviews
Have you had a bad experience with the above company?
Missed deadlines for completion, inept webdesigners, non- responsive staff with poor language skills, suffered financial loss, taken court proceedings, been given incentives to leave positive feedback on forums, etc?
Have you reported this company to Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trading, Watchdog etc ?
Whatever your experience, it would be great to hear from you!
Please email [protected]



We had a successful social/dating site, we approached webcreationuk to update our site. In 2009 we wanted to bring it upto date and bring lots of new features into the site. The job we were requesting needed skilled web designers and we made that clear to the sales person. After an in-depth explanation of what we wanted the sales person (Mark Slade) promised us the world. Impressed by the company we proceeded with the website and were initially told the website would be 9/12 weeks (order and payment made on the 17/03/2009). We made the initial payment and were excited by the promises being made, at the time I remember thinking I would find it hard to wait the 9/12 weeks.
The glitz and glamour of the Bath office and the professional demeanour was soon out the window and we were passed on to our project manager in India, Gurbir Singh. Gurbir was horrified to find out the complexity of the website webcreationuk had said would be no problem and made that clear in his correspondents to us. Initial designs came through and to our horror they were so poorly constructed and so aesthetically awful we ended up putting counter designs in ourselves. Literally designing the site ourselves and getting them to copy the design. It got to the point that I was putting more time into the initial correspondents and designing the site than I was my full time job. Every request, every little aspect of the site was a massive hassle, they could not complete the simplest of tasks. After the initial month we hadn't progressed at all, and this was when it started to go quiet, we would be lucky if we received an email every two weeks. We would be promised aspects of site would be built only to hear nothing for weeks. I have full correspondents an emails to back this up as I have seen on other reviews webcreationuk claim that reviews are written by their competitors so I implore you to go to and see all the aspects of the site that haven't been fixed under the "life time guarantee"
7 months into the site build we had a front page and no database, I had sent countless emails to head office and India with very little response. I finally spoke to someone who seemed to care, we were 5 months over schedule (Mark Robson) We had a huge lists of faults with the design site and each week we would send an email of the things not working and each week we would receive an email confirming they had fixed 1 of 10 faults. In the end we sent emails with things highlighted in red in the hope that someone actually pay attention to tens of faults they had created. After a huge amount of complaining webcreationuk apologised for the 1st designer and put someone new in-charge of our project. (Anuj Garg) And this brought the third wave of false hope a feeling that would become all too familiar when dealing with this absolute joke of a company. The second designer started to return emails and in-fairness he was quicker than the first, by mid June 2010 after over 300 emails back and forth he was ready with the site. We weren't happy with the site but the lack of progress meant we pushed forward anyway. 15 months after the project had first begun!!! We paid for the site and hosted away from webcreationuk due to their server restrictions (fair enough) As the site went live aspects of the site would fail, i.e the chatroom licence would expire the database wouldn't work correctly. This would happen weekly. Until they told us they wouldn't fix it. "what about the life time warranty?" I asked. They claimed because I had it on different servers they wouldn't be able to offer this service even though they had all the login details. Its worth pointing out that they were the ones that told us they couldn't host it and secondly they offered us a life time warranty at the start. CRIMINALS! In the end we made a choice that would take the site to a real web-designer and pay the full cost to get it fixed up and working, I have approached 4 web-designers; none of which are prepared to go near the site due to the language its written in. I'm left in position were I have a broken site on an expensive sever that no one will fix for me. I've poured years of my life into this project only to be treated like a mug by webcreationuk. I will be taking legal action and I just hope if you're reading this I can save you from a similar experience...please please don't believe the reviews written by their staff!

Money stealing

DO NOT USE THEM, EVER. I'm latest victim of webcreationuk scam. I was approach by Sam from sales department which promise that website will be finish within 4 weeks. I paid them 50% of total amount in advance. 8 MONTHS later website still doesn't work. BE CAREFULL THEY WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. I contacted them many times and I spoke with Mark Eden he will tell you lots of ### and months after still wont work. How much money I have lost, It probably would be better for me to leave them long time ago and go somewhere else. In other words they should pay you for staying with them.
I want to sue them and get my money back so if there is anyone doing so and need a witness or statement please feel free to contact me. I'm also sending an email to trading standards and BBC watchdog. Please do the same.
My email [protected] and [protected]
Best Regards.

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    Reviewer55174 Nov 18, 2015

    Absolutely terrible service. Work is farmed out to a cheap labour country. The website looks like a 6 year olds design. Our website has been over a year in the making...yes a year. £1400

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WebCreationUSHolding Domain name and Emails Hostage without fair Refund

Same exact problems as the other complaints on this site and the BBB. Same exact problems as the other negative reviews. You can't get ahold of the web designer on the phone at all, their rule is "its not allowed". So I switched services, and WebcreationUS would not give any kind of refund without me having to call my bank. After that they complied without a fight. It shows how frequent they deal with this. Now they are trying to hold my domain name hostage and email account name server info. Meaning they stopped my email accounts that i legally own and are freezing all my email accounts, while i loose all my emails/data, customers business and money. They wont release it so we can't part peacefully. Trust me, trust the complaints. Plenty of other companies. DONT GO WITH THEM. Save your time, grief and money. The company, or scam, is "operated" by 3 known individuals. Only 1 if you count the "work" that never gets done after nearly 12 weeks of just only a non-fuctioning "picture". There is Luke from the UK called the project manger, handles the problems (Very Rude). Chris the only in the US and only seems nice answering calls from an Arizona number just to sell you their misleading "service" and trys to convince you they are the lowest price designers ever (lie), they start with a luring e-commerce offer at 1500 then charge you 800 dollars more half way through. And the web developer/designer keeps changing because they are coming and going from India as the names keep changing and never able to call them. They hide there information as a private registrar to prevent people from contacting them and seeing there business address.

Holding Domain name and Emails Hostage without fair Refund

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    Andrey Taran Oct 19, 2019

    Scammers. Lost my money and didn’t get any services. Webcreation is scammers!

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Poor quality work and appalling customer service

I am writing on this forum to ensure that not even one more hard working, honest person loses money to Webcreation UK. I hired them to design my website, and that was a HUGE mistake.

From the moment I handed over my 50% deposit, the sales guy who was so readily contactable earlier, was not available on the phone and would not even acknowledge or reply to emails. He said he would support me if there were any issues!

The delayed designs I have had back are poor, but the logo designs are even worse! One design was just a picture I sent as an example with my company name pasted in! When I queried this, I was not even given a proper reason, just that they were "working with me", and that "the logo design is a small part of the overall package we provide our clients". There is no mention of this on the ecommerce package they offer, and in any case, the work should still be completed to a good standard, or at least one where the client will not be infringing on any trademarks! This particular "change" took over 1 week for them to complete, and that was with me chasing.

As they have refused to give me a refund, I have asked for a breakdown of all costs, only to be told by their senior project manager that "I am unable to provide you with a breakdown of all of the hours that our admin, development and support team have spent on your project." The work done so far has been of poor quality, and I simply wanted to know how long had been spent on it and by whom so that they could justify keeping my deposit. This refusal has led to a complete breakdown of trust.

PLEASE PLEASE please do not use Webcreation UK. You will regret it. Their smooth talking sales guy will take your cash and disappear! Their "customer support" team will not reply to emails. Their designers will get to your changes when "they reach your email in their inbox" (another wonderful quote from the support team at Webcreation UK). Avoid at all costs!!!

Website design

AVOID WEB CREATION UK AT ANY COST! MANY PROMISES, NOTHING IN REALITY!! It seems that I am the latest victim of a very dishonest, unreliable, unprofessional company...

Cowboy website designers

Like many disappointed customers of WebcreationUK I have been very very disappointed with the service and mentality of their staff. They don’t respond to emails. The design...