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Watson realtor/broker intentionally misrepresented property located in St. John's County. The agent/broker acted together with the seller to conceal and misrepresent the condition of the home. All parties knew the home was freshly painted (spray was still on the ground), but Buyer later found the new paint was over rotten siding half way up to eaves around the entire perimeter of the home. Prior appraisal, Watson & sellers intentionally hid termite damage under new sheet rock (previously found with home inspection) . There was not any disclosure concerning alterations performed on the home prior without permits, thus affecting insurance and liability for the buyer. The agent/broker acted together with the seller to conceal or misrepresent numerous defects concerning obvious water intrusion, previous roof leaks, damaged windows, electrical problems, bulkhead caving and more; but did not disclose to the buyer.
The buyer found 'after the fact', that this property was a long-term neglected rental property that Watson managed. If this was not enough, now Watson will not return the buyer's earnest deposit money, even though they know they are guilty of this gross misrepresentation of their listing! Plus, the broker wants the buyer to pay for surveys/elevation certificates that is in the possession of Watson Title for seller's use.

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