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Re: SAO Case #16-2848 Brown vs. State Bar of Texas

Synopsis of the case is as follows. In January of 2014 (when child in question was 17) we approached Watermark Church with the information that member Anita Prevett Smith had lied an affidavit to the State Attorney General regarding child support in the amount of $16, 054, lied about $1, 200 of insurance that was free to the Smith's from Watermark Church as well as lied to our child. (This is documented)

The stress from the inaccurate garnishment of my husband's paycheck (before the A.G.'s office credited us every penny) actually sent me to the hospital 1/23/2014, ten days before the A.G. mediation with stress-induced hypertension. A five-thousand dollar medical bill resulted, as we had no insurance; I was sent by an E.R. nurse. (Danny Updike of the Concho Valley Regional Advisory Council)

As explosive as our accusations were, I actually took a pseudonym when I contacted Watermark Church because I had a friend who attended there at the time and the child's surname obviously connected us to her.

The child of course hearing two different stories from the two sides was obviously confused. She requested we all meet to sort things out. A meeting was arranged for Saturday of Labor Day weekend at the La Quinta Conference Center in Eastland, Texas; a half-way point since we live in West Texas.

When Watermark Church found out we were telling the truth about everything, they conveniently cancelled the meeting with staff attorney Bobby Crotty stating "there were discrepancies in our story."

Obviously an 18 year old (at this point) is going to believe a mega-"church" over a couple from a lowly town in West Texas. The result is that my former Marine husband, a man of honor was alienated from the child he shared joint custody of for ten years.

Furthermore, the Right Now Media/Ministry workplace of Anita Prevett Smith for which Todd Wagner produces media, refused to give us insurance invoices for the child despite being shown a copy of the divorce decree. We wanted to see the invoices since Anita Prevett Smith had lied about Watermark's insurance amount and Right Now provided the previous insurance as Anita's employer.

Later that year, December 2014, Mrs. Smith harassed me at the website where I was blogging by using a pseudonym sent from a Right Now I.P. address. I was sent a computer virus as well. (documented)

Brian Moseley is the CEO of Right Now Ministries, and is conveniently an elder for Allen Bible Church who uses their media, and is the employer for Anita Smith.

I contacted every elder and the pastor of Allen Bible only to get no reply, and a rude reply from elder Tim Chastain, making us out to be the "bad guys".

Right Now Media would not help us either despite having shown them evidence to Anita Prevett Smith's nasty messages on my blog.

I have filed two grievances against the State Bar of Texas as well as filed two appeals. When I "cold-called" Jordan Preddy (Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar), she said "It couldn't be proven what Crotty did was in the contact of work" (since he attends church there as well). Well, Crotty is an employee of WM as well as an active attorney, furthermore, I have testimony from ANOTHER Watermark victim re: Crotty "They will do whatever it takes to protect the brand."

I "cold-called" Preddy's supervisor, Kathleen Morgan, and she said that "discrepancies" is an "opinion". No, "discrepancies" is a NOUN and at this point we had asked in WRITING six times for them from Watermark Church only to get silenced.

So in essence, Watermark Church lobbed a "napalm bomb" of lies, only to run and hide. Watermark has refused outside mediation as well (documented) LEGALLY the burden of proof is on the person who makes the accusations ‘actori incumbit probation'.

Watermark Church KNOWS we can't afford an attorney. Our lives have been devastated for the past three years, it has been nothing short of a surreal nightmare. The stress sent me to a minor emergency clinic July 27, 2015 AFTER I told Watermark Church I was having "chest pains" which was the truth. (documented)

I had told Watermark Church VERBATIM July, 2014 that Anita Prevett Smith had Narcissistic Personality Disorder; my bachelor's is in Neuroscience and my husband's mother is a psychologist (she has known Anita for 20+ years).

We had told Watermark Church when the child was 17 that staff was lying to her. Would this not be negligent retention, since they did nothing, if not criminal negligence?

Watermark Church, Allen Bible and Right Now Media/Ministries are in a "financial menage a trois" that my husband easily found on-line by paying a small fee and doing some research.

Please help us, this is a "David versus Goliath" scenario if there ever was one.

My husband is a man of integrity and honor and I refuse to let these [censored] slander him alienate his only child to hide their lies when Todd Wagner just recently shunned/shamed another member after publicly shaming one in 2006.

Sincerely, James Russell and Leslie Ann Brown


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    Watchingclosely012 Nov 17, 2018

    Watermark cares only for their own and has created a cult like environment. This darkness is all beginning to come to the light.

    "Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." Matthew 10:26

    Todd Wagner has made himself a millionaire out of this "church" and teaches such false doctrines as the diabolical system of calvinism and the heresy of "once saved always saved."

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