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Waterloo Nissanthe biggest joke in the car dealer industry

"To take our customers to an unprecedented level of satisfaction - Therein lies the success of Waterloo Nissan and its employees."

...Ian Murdoch, President

that statement is the biggest joke in the car dealer industry

and here's one example as to why;

I purchased my truck in Nov/07 for 20K and a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire trade in.

less than 2 weeks later, I had to bring it back to Waterloo Nissan for items overlooked during the Safety Inspection;

1. parking brake not operating

2. severe alignment issue

On Jan 8/08, I had it back in for what turned out to be a wheel balance, scheduled maintenance and another problem which as it turns out was something I had requested three times prior to purchase to be fixed - "An engine coolant leak"

after having the items missed in the Safety addressed, the Sales Mgr apologized profusely.... and I accepted it.

Upon having it back on Jan 8, Nissan refused to honor the cost of repairing the still present Engine Coolant Leak and asked I speak to the Gen Mgr when she returned on Jan 14 - Today.

Once again I was refused to have the Leak fixed. I brought it to her attention that it was an item I listed when writing up the Purchase agreement and had brought to the Salesman's attention at the road test, day of purchase and the day before pick up - each time of which I was assured it is/would be addressed.

Her response was that it was never written into the contract and therefore would not be covered by them.

Apparently, this Salesman didn't write my list of items I requested to be repaired/addressed, into the contract and as luck would have it, he no longer works there.

My explanation from the Gen Mgr(knowing I was quite perturbed) goes like this:

***the Wheel Balance is a separate issue from the the steering issues not found during the Safety Inspection - Are they both not a Steering problem?

***No comment regarding why it was passed tru the Safety Inspection with existing problems

***it was my lack of diligence for not following up on the Coolant Leak after requesting it be fixed

The only lack of diligence I could identify, was the inability to deliver a road worthy vehicle to the Purchaser. I intend to track down the Sales Agent and try to have him admit to my concerns/requests prior to driving off the lot. lets see what he is made of?

Is there no Integrity at Waterloo Nissan????


  • ... Apr 04, 2008
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  • Cl
    clevermonkey Aug 31, 2008
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    We had similar customer service issues with Ian Murdoch and his condescending staff.

    Gotta love how its almost impossible to find someone to complain to but if we don't do it these things will continue to happen. Curious to know if there has been any resolution to your saga.

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  • No
    nothappywithwaterloonissan Sep 14, 2009

    I have had a similar issue today(Monday). I was at the dealership with my one year old vehicle because on Saturday the check engine light turned on. I stopped by yesterday (Sunday) and dropped the vehicle off.

    At first they were saying all repairs are not under warranty because the rad cap was off and blamed it on an external oil change company. All be it, there has been no leaking, no mess under the hood and no smells and the fact that my husband checked it before he took it in, There is no way it could be a missing rad cap.

    After they were challenged on that then they say they "found" the rad cap and it's actually 2 hoses that had burst (hoses don't usually burst if there is not rad cap to build pressure). Now they are blaming it on animals.

    We were already scheduled to drop it off at service this week because we were having problems with the a/c and heating unit, but we have had ventilation issues with the vehicle since we purchased it a year ago.

    They are also saying that the warranty on the engine will be voided now.

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  • Vi
    Vincent L Dec 17, 2009

    My letter to Ian Murdoch:

    I am writing today to file a formal complaint against Waterloo Nissan for its customer service. I have already spoken to Nissan Canada and talked to them about the situation and advised them of how serious this situation has become.

    I thought you would like to know as I am sure you're interested in keeping the Nissan President's Award.

    I brought my vehicle in for a balance last week - and have since drove to New York and back. During the drive, I noticed a vibration at 120km/hr. Means that the balancing must have been off. That, in my mind, is a mistake - and let's face it, we all make mistakes.

    I came back to Waterloo Nissan to have them rebalanced - the appointment was booked for today at 2pm. Once I walked into the dealer, Heather gave me some very negative attitude. She first promised me to rebalance ONE rim only - I then mentioned that it is unacceptable - I expect the problem fixed. She then mentioned that I have a very high standard. I would disagree. As a customer, I expect things to be done right, and when they are not, I don't think you will disagree with me if I want to come back and get it fixed.

    Once I mentioned that, Heather became very very mad that I was disagreeing with her - so she said she might has well give me a full refund. Then I kindly asked that if she can at least balance that one rim then (I suspected the front right due to the amount of weights that were needed). She then said no, and then gave me my keys back. I then told her that I will take her refund then. She further denied this and said she would talk to the tech and then /ASKED ME TO LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK./

    I hope you find this as appalling as I do. Heather brought up that she thinks my standards are two high and reminded me of two incidents.

    1) I went in for a 4 wheel alignment. The vehicle was promised at 2pm - I picked it up at 5pm because it was not ready. Furthermore, when I did, the steering wheel was very off centre - so Mark, the service advisor, agreed to offer me a refund. I left Waterloo Nissan at 630pm.

    2) I went in for a parking brake issue (was not releasing - the tech decided to do a major brake service...and did not fix the problem). When another tech looked at it, he was appalled at the original tech didn't fix the obvious issue! Heather, after much arguing amongst the staff, offered me a labor discount.

    As a customer, I don't think that issue 1 or 2 is my fault.

    Heather's attitude leaves a lot to be desired. I know of many customers who refuse to go back because of the treatment she gets. I've seen her yell at mechanics, speak nasty words once customers leave a door. It is simply rude and she doesn't deserve to be a manager.

    For the record, I noticed that the weights used on 3 of the rims were different from 1 of them. That leads me to conclude that one of the rims must have balanced properly the first time and didn't need "rebalancing". That's fine by me, but I later went to another shop and indeed one of the weights on the rim that you folks didn't balance fell off (balanced by Good Year - which I dislike so paid Waterloo Nissan to rebalance).

    As you can see, this situation could have been easily resolved. Instead, I got into an argument and had to deal with an individual who is disliked by customers who I know by treating them inappropriately. All I needed at the end of the day was to have a rebalance after the original one did not fix the problem.

    I strongly disagree with the treatment and have recommended Nissan to reevaluate the dealership. I hope that you will have a chat with Heather.

    What I don't understand is how she is allowed to keep her position - I've overheard mechanics, sales people, service people all working with her who keep complaining about her behavior. This needs to stop.

    As a customer, I expect a full refund and an apology on her behalf. Obviously, that decision remains with you - but I hope you understand my complaint today. Thank you.

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  • Al
    Altima Mar 17, 2011

    I’m writing my experience to inform public on Waterloo Nissan service. Recently I visited to buy a SUV thinking to trade or not to trade with my car I have now.. (Nissan Altima 2006 car). The experience I faced was quite uncomfortable (I visited ignoring all the complaints thinking that I may not face it). The sales guy who approached to serve me was not aware or known any kind of customer service what so ever. (I think his name was Rudolph) He was very sarcastic, and condemning the car I had for trading (may be thinking to purchase for a cheaper price even without seen the vehicle) and provided a high price for the vehicles (used suv’s) way more than other dealers prices. To make story short I added my name to the list of unhappy customers of Nissan Waterloo. Further more there are other good dealers available in the area who provides a good professional service. Therefore I thought to myself not to revisit this place again for what so ever. (2011 March)

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  • To
    tothemax Apr 25, 2011

    I had a similiar experience at Waterloo Nissan. I will never do business with them again.

    Driving on the 401 one morning, my 2004 Maxima was hit by a large sheet of ice that flew off of a large truck. The ice smashed my windsheild. So, I had to replace the windsheild. I was new to the area and so I took my car to the dealership (wrongfully assuming that they could be trusted). I took my car into their service department and they kept it for the day. The windsheild was replaced while the car was in their care.

    I should mention that their prices were not competitive, but i was new to the area and needed the work to be done.

    48 hours later my windsheild cracked and actually started leaking. I immediately called and took my car back to Waterloo Nissan. They insistend that glass comes with no warrenty and so it is not their concern. I argued that something suspicious about a 2 day lifetime on a windsheild and so i strongly suspect either an issue with the windsheild or the installation.

    The Service department eventually told me that Waterloo Nissan subcontracts to a third party company so any issues are to be raised with the third party and not with Waterloo Nissan. I argued that I did not do business with the 3rd party and since Waterloo Nissan accepted payment for the work (ie I paid Waterloo Nissan - and not the third party), then Waterloo Nissan are responsible for the quality (or lack there of). They dismissed this. Waterloo Nissan was only looking out for themselves and not me as their customer.

    So I took my car to an autoglass shop (go glass at king and weber - btw, I recommend them, they were excellent).
    Go Glass changed my windshield and wrote a letter stating that the one they were replacing was improperly installed. The clips were broken or missing, and the lining was actually installed backwards. So the windsheild wasnt sitting flush and likely would have started leaking even it if didnt break.

    I took this information to Waterloo Nissan Service Dept and they dismissed it again. So, I spoke to Heather (the manager there). She assured me that she would follow up and that I could leave it with her to sort out for me.

    I called several times over the next few months and she did not accept my calls or call me back.

    Outraged, I have since sold my Nissan Maxima. I have since owned 2 Acura TL's (2008 and now 2011).
    I couldnt be happier with Acura. Amazing build quality, great sales and very helpful service.

    Waterloo Nissan are crooks. I will never own another Nissan.

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  • Ph
    PhD mother Jan 05, 2012

    Waterloo Nissan on northfield are also crooks. I took my 2009 rogue there because i couldn't open the door. they drove the car into their garage and confirmed they couldn't open the door. geniuses. they then told me that they would have to pry open the door and it would probably break, and cost 690 to replace the door. they also said it was probably a broken actuator which would be another 350. They charged me 50 dollars to tell me they couldn't open the door. I said 1000 dollars to fix my door? Don't touch it! I took my car to a garage I trust.
    Busy Corner Garage on Devitt street fixed my car for 100 dollars. They are very nice and honest.
    Waterloo Nissan was VERY RUDE to me when I called to request my money back because they couldn't fix the problem. Both the service manager and the manager treated me like a second class citizen. I don't know how Nissan Head office lets these people run a dealership.

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  • Ph
    PhD mother Jan 05, 2012

    Please remove the above complaint. Nissan fixed the issue and gave me a full refund. they were very nice about it in the end.

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  • Co
    Code-Red Feb 02, 2012

    Bought a 2002 Nissan Sentra Spec-V from them in the summer of 2005. I had asked if the recall work had been done to it (as these cars were notorious for intake manifold and exhaust manifold issues), and I was flat out told by the salesman "Sammy" that there weren't recalls. When my car started burning a liter every other week, I brought it in and was given the run around of my life, unfortunately because I was young. So much for the $1650 extended warranty...

    Will not be buying another Nissan, period.

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  • Ek
    ekipeki Dec 07, 2012

    On December 5th we went looking for a car at the Nissan dealer in Waterloo. All went fine we drove a few cars and were thinking of buying there. In the evening my husband went back to look at a demo that just came in. He liked it so they said, we can hold it for you, just give a deposit of 500 dollars and come back later for the paperwork (they were almost closing). In the night we started doubting if we were not making a too hasty decision, we still liked the car but were not 100% sure. After calling Nissan, we were! They said, you bought the car, there is no way back. ( we did not sign anything) We will also not refund any money you paid. So though we were still seriously considering this car, their rude behavior made us quite sure we don't want to have anything to do with these guys (it is mainly the manager though who is acting weird) And after reading all these complaints it is clear that this dealer does not know how to make or keep their customers happy. They are just so unreasonable, why would you spoil your (good?) name and upset a customer over 500 dollars?! We were just not sure yet, it can happen and it should be ok, it is not a small purchase. And if they are sure of their product they should not worry about it and expect to see you later. It was almost as if they were upset that we escaped from their trap. Am happy we did not buy, even if we lose the 500. Can't imagine going there for maintenance later.

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  • Wa
    Waterloo-nissan-sucks Dec 07, 2012

    The manager - Tom Pollard - is a hustler, maybe a former drug dealer, as he is the so called "new management". Brought in from some serious street experience. He arm-twists customers, and psuhes thrm around. No professionalism. For $500 he is willing to spoil the name of the Nissan brand. Hope the people above him do something about this, as the waterloo nissan dealership is just full of crooks! Wonder how Nissan hires their dealers!

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  • Ca
    Cargurl2 Jul 04, 2013

    Not too sure if it is comforting or not knowing that me and my husband were not the only ones who were treated like dirt at Waterloo Nissan. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I almost switched brands, but having owned a Sentra and then Altima previously, with never any major issues, I wanted to stick with Nissan and am so glad 6 months later after my maxima purchase from GREG VANN NISSAN. What an amazing experience we had from the moment we walked in the door, right down to the techs doing our oil changes. It is amazing what a 15 min drive will get you!

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