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I just got off the phone with Waterboss customer service. I have owned one of their water softeners for about 5 years and the thing has not worked properly since day one. (Well documented by their own reps.) I just had to buy a 45 dollar part that may or may not work and I can't return it if it does not work. I voiced my complaint to "Rick" and his response was, "OK Sir.' and then hung up. DO NOT BUY A WATERBOSS PRODUCT!!! Lousy products and lousy support afterward. You would think that a company that charges a premium, typically $200 more than a comparable water softener, would step up to the plate and bend over backward to help customers. I guess not. I repeat, DO NOT BUY A WATERBOSS PRODUCT!!! You will regret it.


  • Ja
    Jamie Jamie Jan 07, 2008

    What was the problem, have you fixed yet?

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  • Ro
    rob Sep 16, 2008

    good luck contacting them been trying for a week they are tied to HAGUE water no luck anywhere contacting them

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  • Da
    dan Nov 14, 2008

    Their "customer service" is a joke. The product manual is misleading.

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  • Ti
    tippytoes Feb 22, 2009

    I am truly surprised!. .Perhaps their company and policies have changed, but my experience with a water boss was exactly the opposite. . I "LOVED" the water boss, purchased yearsss ago, at a local Sutherlands store. . It replaced the #%&*!!^$# Sears water softening unit that we had initially installed in our new home. . which lasted barely 3 years, with repeated and numerous service calls (one service man asked me how to take it apart!) - with that unit I learned the 'guts' to a water softener, and did all repairs that 'worked' to the unit myself. . finally junked it . . then came the water boss. . which I installed myself (I am the lady of the house, elderly) . . The water boss unit lasted 15 years, with very little servicing of the unit, and one replacement of the components on the top - which were sent free of charge by water boss afer a call to their company -
    We now have a Morton water softener. . . it does the job okay, but I much prefer a 'water boss'. . .Intend to get one again. .

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  • An
    Antonio Cedeno Apr 11, 2019

    @tippytoes You must work for them? Or you were very LUCKY but I would never again buy the water Boss! It's just suck...……...…

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  • Di
    dinky May 08, 2009

    i guess the secret will be out of the bag soon enough, because 2o/20 is doing a special. but for those of you not in the know yet, let me explain. most of these water softener companies were started by kirby and rainbow vacuum distributors after the laws regulating telemarketing got so tough. unable to book appointments for "free carpet cleaning" which we all know by now was just a high pressure sales pitch, they switched to water softeners. the problem is that unlike with the vacuum cleaner companies where the only knowledge of install was plug in a cord and go, the water softeners are usually of poor quality, sometimes used products with new sleeves put on them to make them look new, and a few enterprising vacuum salesmen even bought struggling water softner companies, kept the name or liscened the name of a big corporation, or sometimes just slapped a sticker on the side and went into the water softener business. they are sold at big box stores, door to door, and through store fronts.

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  • Co
    CorbinDallas Jun 04, 2009

    I couldn't agree more with these complaints. My softener hasn't worked from day one, the service is absolutely horrible and the people i spoke to on the phone are miserable people with rotten attitudes. This is one of the worst purchases i've ever made. Under any circumstance, DO NOT buy a Water Boss softener.

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  • Za
    zanzeo Aug 11, 2009

    I have moved several times in the past 15 years but have installed a WaterBoss at every house. My parents have installed two only because they moved as well. The WaterBoss is the best water softener on the market. And we've found them to be cheaper than many of the other brands including the comparable Sears model which is a piece of junk. (We replaced it with a WaterBoss, of course). I've had little need for WaterBoss customer support because the product works perfectly when properly installed. Virtually zero maintenance. When I did call customer support, they were prompt, responsive and had the answers I needed (wanted to know if they had a chlorine drip attachment). You won't find a better softener than WaterBoss. Just make sure that the installer knows what they are doing.

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  • Co
    CorbinDallas Aug 11, 2009

    You better hope that your softener does not have any problems because you will get nowhere with these people. You can scan the net for other opinion boards and you'll find the same response - you must be lucky or perhaps the products you've always had were when the company was under different ownership. i can assure you their product is an abomination and their service is worse. STAY AWAY! Their warranty is a joke, they won't send someone to your house - they expect you to do all the repairs, they just send you the parts. SCAM!!!

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  • Rg
    RGJ1 Aug 20, 2009

    I was surprised to learn my 3 year old Water Boss 950 needed to have the media replaced. There's nothing provided in the manual about having to do this periodically but the customer service person was surprised I had not needed to do this before 3 years. The new media cost over $15o, and the instructions were totaly inadequate. No information is given on quantities of resin vs. carbon to install. When questioned, answers from different customer service reps varied on how much of each to install. A discussion with a supervisor was not helpful. The vacuming out and funneling in of the media is a nightmare. In my case I believe I added too much resin, not leaving enough space for carbon. I now have brown water, every day for a week so far and don't know if that will eventually stop or if I have to re-do the whole exercise. ANY INFORMATION on how many pounds of resin and pounds of carbon is correct for the 950 would be helpful to others stuck with this dilemma.

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  • Do
    doitbest Oct 27, 2009

    The village Idiot -Rick aka customer service rep. for water boss company has no concept of customer service. I am going to Home Depot today and ask that they do not sell this crap anymore! (Water boss model 700). They want you to send the unit to them prepaid to determine if they will repair it under the terms of their warranty. When was the last time you had to take a car back to Detroit when it needed warranty repair! Just another rip off the consumer company. Sad day for the customer.

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  • 73
    73 ta_lover Feb 03, 2010

    I purchase a Water Boss 700 three year ago as well and the thing hasn't worked right since day one. Every time it regenerates it sounds like a popcorn machine - adding air into my cold water line. Let me tell you at 2:00 am having to listen to it for 25 minutes is not pleasant. I've replace multiple parts while under warranty and now their fabulous customer service won't even talk to me. I'm surprised they can even stay in business. A real POS (piece of sh..) device. Do not purchase one!

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  • An
    anywho23 Apr 01, 2010

    Same story here. Bought a 700 from Menards and it didn't work since day 1. I had it professionally installed. After numerous calls to their support and spending many HOURS trying things, I called the Culligan man to check out my water. He said "This water softener should work just fine with for your water. You don't need an iron filter or anything else, you don't need me you just need to get this fixed."

    When I called Waterboss with this answer they simply referred my to one of their repair centers and told me that they only pay for parts. Unfortunately their nearest repair people are a 1 hour drive away. (So I will be paying for 2 hours of labor from the get go...)

    I will be contacting Mendards to request that they stop selling these products, and would encourage all of you to do the same.

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  • Lo
    love water May 25, 2010

    Waterboss is a family owned business with the same owners as when the company first opened. Waterboss products are now sold internationally. When I called the technical support line they were nothing but helpful, I explained my problem they told me what I needed to do and it fixed my problem. Just like anything else over a period of time it can require a little maintenance.

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  • Ar
    armsted frag Jul 04, 2010

    going on 6 years, self installed 700 and not one single issue. Media replacement is normal in ANY softener system. Read the manual...even the amounts are listed.

    Certainly you can spend more..try a Kinetico!!!, but it won't work half as well for twice the money. Water Boss is only sold through national chains so the comment about vacuum salespeople is just goofy.

    Several years in construction and I've learned one simple fact...most people shouldn't be allowed to own tools and especially to DIY something that takes a building permit. They don't know what they're doing, they don't read the manual and they look for someone else to blame for their messes.

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  • Ju
    just dont understand Jul 05, 2010

    I don't understand some people, they say they have had the unit installed for several years and it hasn't worked since day one!!! Why would you keep something that suppose to not have worked at all. Especially if you pay good money for it, and why do you still have it installed and are using it? Is it because you like to waste water and salt???

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  • Co
    CorbinDallas Jul 05, 2010

    No - because most people can't afford to pay 'good money' to replace a piece of $hit that they just paid 'good money' for, especially when you have such a bad taste in your mouth from being treated like a jerk on the phone. Sometimes you have no choice to live with sub-par applicances. This is what happens when you get ripped off :(

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  • Si
    Sissi Aug 10, 2010

    Wow, it's amazing, the consistency over the YEARS in regards to poor customer service, even RICK is mentioned! I just purchased a Waterboss 900 and had it installed by Home-Depot. As a 1st time soft water product user, I had some "101 course" questions that I could not find in the manual or online so I called the 1-800 number. What a joke, Alissa acted as if I was a pest from the onset. After explaining that I wasn't calling with a complaint or wasn't even remotely trying to be ughly (I was hoping her attitude would change after this explanation) Alissa was still rude so I asked to speak to someone else...I got Rick...again, WOW, as I told him; "I know where Alissa get's her P.R. skills from." I'm still dumbfounded by the treatment that I received.
    I have not idea if this is a wonderful product or not. I will say that I do not recommend the product and that I will never purchase another Waterboss product based on how BAD customer service is.

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  • Hm
    hman1 Sep 02, 2010

    I installed a Water Boss 700 5 years ago to replace an ancient Sears unit (over 20 years old), which was serviceable, but big and needed new media. It has served us reasonably well, and I like the smaller footprint.

    Two years ago, the inadequate motor that runs the valves stopped working. After some cajoling with Alissa on the phone (she made me feel like a jerk for expecting a replacement part), I was sent a new motor. This week, the new motor went bad. I'm not impressed. I grew up with water softeners, and my grandparents had them as well. They never needed this much maintenance, even with what should have been old school technology compared to today's advancements.

    I saw a reference above to Kinetico. My father operates a business that uses lots of softened water, and he has one of those pricey Kinetico's. Yes, they are expensive, but they keep running, and don't require electricity to run. I cannot compare this machine to anything made in the last 10 years, but I would guess that this machine runs in the middle of the pack at best. This is why American companies are doing poorly--they insist on trying to suck a profit out of their customers by offering a substandard product that won't last.

    I'd easily pay 50% more for something I didn't have to mess with every two years. Buyer beware.

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  • Jf
    jfaye Sep 13, 2010

    We can absolutely concur with all the negative comments before! We had one, previous to the Model 700 and it worked great for many years.
    When we finally had to replace it---from the get go it never worked correctly but by the time we figured out it never will, it was too late to return
    it to Menards!

    DO NOT RISK buying one--you'll certainly regret it--and 'Rick' is still your contact person, and you've read how he handles the complaints! They
    have NO customer support and told us it was a 'do it yourself' unit meaning all the headaches are on you, and they have no responsibility to back
    a product they are putting out as a 'working machine'!!

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  • Ha
    hanford homer Dec 07, 2010

    I have a 950 WB unit that is designed for city water. I paid a plumber to install it for me and it is a great installation. City water comes into my WB and then goes direct to my cold taps as well as into hot water tank which goes direct to my hot taps. My complaint is periodically it allows the water in the hot water tank to become harder by a few grains so that the water coming out of the shower or at the kitchen tap feels hard, and makes my skin break out. The 'band-aid' solution has been to drain the water out of the hot water tank and refill and then all is well for a while. My theory to the real problem is that the water softener goes to "bypass" whenever the unit regenerates. In the last almost 2 years I have had it programmed to "demand mode" where it regenerates whenever it thinks it needs to; even if you are just starting a load of clothes in the washer, dishwasher, or taking a shower. Well, now you can see that if you are calling for hot water, and the unit is going to "bypass" while it is regenerating, you are using hot water out of the hot water tank but "bypassed" or hard water is replacing the soft water that was in your hot water tank. Make sense?? After a while, you have a concentration of harder water in the hot water tank and it mixes with the cold soft water and comes out your taps (shower nozzle, sink, etc) as harder water. You see, water itself is ignorant and doesn't know where it's supposed to go. It just goes whereever there is an open valve. Like sheep or cattle. So, after realizing that I decided to dig deeper into the "advanced settings" and discovered there is indeed a "delay mode" so you can force the softener to regenerate at 2 AM or so after it needs to regenerate. At 2 AM I am fast asleep and not using any water at all in the shower, sink, etc. So, even tho it goes to "bypass", there is no water flowing into or out of my hot water tank so it stays full of soft water. This is my theory and I think it makes sense. Will track this for the rest of the month and believe my issue will be resolved with programming rather than anything mechanical being amiss. Only consideration I have is that there is nothing visible to tell me what time I have the internal clock set to, so if there is a power outage, I have to reset the internal clock by going into the computer and resetting it there. Everything else remembers its setting during a power outage except the clock. Otherwise, it has been a pretty good unit. Do have to agree with others as far as customer service with those named in particular. Need lessons in P.R. badly!

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  • Tp
    TP66 Dec 15, 2010

    I agree with negative comments, also. Have talked with both Rick and Alyssa (Melissa?) with similar display of attitude. My problem is about 20 gallons of brown water comes out of tap after regen. Not good if you are washing white clothes or looking at it in the toilet. I put in a whole house chlorine filter at their suggestion. Didn't help. I've used the power clean setting. Didn't help. Now they say $218 for new resin. The thing is only 2.5 years old. In a different house in the same city the softener lasted 20+ years with the same resin.

    Attached is a photo of what the water looks like after regen.

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  • Pe
    Pete in Fullerton Jan 08, 2011

    I had my Model 700 unit for just over 10 years, with some minor problems, but soft water and very low salt usage. Then I had two garage floods and spent months working with customer service people, who were very nice on the phone, to resolve the issue. It turns out that an internal weld of a plastic past failed, causing a slow leak into the brine tank, which eventually flooded the garage, as I have no drain available in that location. I can tell you, I have had that unit apart so many times, I could reassemble it blindfolded. This problem as a faulty manufacturing issue, IMHO. Customer Service finally concurred with my diagnosis, but told me the unit was kaput, and I needed to buy a new one.

    I sent a letter to Rick Strait, Customer Service Manager, requesting some financial assistance on a replacement part, as I was only slightly past the 10 year warranty on the tank assembly when the problem first surfaced. He never responded, so after a month, I called him. His attitude was, "go buy a new unit, we are not responsible for that internal failure any longer and will not help you."

    Having worked for a consumer product manufacturer for many years, most companies will go out of their way to retain customer goodwill I am sorry I recommended this unit to two other friends who bought it, as one has already failed; the other is too new yet.

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  • Lo
    Lonnie D Jan 23, 2011

    I was looking at Menard's for water softener and thought the WaterBoss would be a good buy because of its size. I came home to do an internet search and came across this sight and boy, am I glad I did. Thanks for taking the time to post your comments, you have saved us a probable

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  • Ma
    mattr Jun 14, 2011

    I had to call them recently and I was very impressed with the gal that helped me and she answered ALL my questions. I ordered a part to replace in my old Waterboss and the price on the part was cheaper than a local place. She explained what to do and said to call with any questions. I don't know. Maybe their customer service has changed, but I was very pleased.

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  • Kb
    kbrad Oct 19, 2011

    They do have some terrible c/s people and that is as bad as having a bad product.People will not put up with that.
    They do have some pleasant and helpful people too.Trina is one that I talk to. I too am having trouble with my 700 and will not spend a lot of money on it.wish me luck.

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  • Ai
    Aislingciara Aug 29, 2012

    Useless product, never worked from the getgo! And customer support is a joke. They just said to ship it back to them at my expense!!! it's attached to the wall folks!!!

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  • Bi
    BilgeRat Dec 01, 2012

    Just finished replacing the resin in our fifteen year old WB93. I wish all my appliances were as trouble free as this one; this is the first time we've had to do anything other than add salt. One of the reasons I purchased a Water Boss was that it was simply designed and built and I COULD service it myself. The plugged resin's symptoms was the salt reservoir overfilling with water. My call to CS was direct and to the point. I told them that I had gone completely through the "Salt Reservoir Overfilled" section in the manual, what was next? The lady said to use a wire and rod out the orfice in the drain elbow. If that didn't fix it, the problem was a plugged up resin bed. Rodding the drain orfice didn't do it, so I ordered the resin. It arrived a day later (!), and I did the repair. Vacuuming and rinsing the old media our was the hardest part of the repair, that truly was a chore. Following the entirely adequate instructions, it took less than an hour to install the new media with a funnel and a trickle of water from a garden hose. With the tank back in the cabinet, add another half hour to re-assemble the valve and then a bit longer for a rinse and a test regeneration. Overall, a good experience, and I saved the cost of a new softener. No complaints. Entirely adequate CS on what has been a reliable and long lived appliance.

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  • Fo
    Foxrox1960 Mar 02, 2015

    My softener has worked very well now for 4 years. The only issue I have is that the tank is leaking out the salt. There is not a crack or hole in the tank. I am pretty sure the tank was made poorly. What I think is happening is that the plastic molding process was poorly done and the plastic is porous so the salt is getting out by osmosis. If the plastic was dense enough, it would not be leaching through. I have sat it on a tray and now have a garbage bag around it to prevent the salt from getting on my floor. I have had a couple friends ask me about it. The warranty is past helping, but I have had other comparably priced softeners that have not had this issue. If it has any other issue, I'll buy a competitive unit like Sears.

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  • Jo
    John Zeyer Aug 18, 2016

    I purchased a WaterBoss Iron Filter from Home Depot. It worked fine for about a month. As soon as I began having problems I started calling customer serve. I have never been treated so rudely or with such disrespect in my life. All they would do was send parts. I had the installer come out and he disconnected the iron filter and the water cleared up. I flushed my hot water heater for three hours and it looked like sewage. The filter was actually bringing contaminants into the water system. Then I was referred to "Rick". What an arrogant, patronizing jerk. Finally, I filed a complaint with BBB and got Rick's attention. After weeks of negotiating we reached a settlement. Once BBB closed the case Rick reneged on the agreement. Beware of WarerBoss!

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  • To
    tool&die maker Oct 30, 2016

    trust me when I say there is one instance occurring in most of these complaints...most were bought at a lumberyard. label me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I was in the plumbing trade for 15 years, and the ones we sold were always more money, and for a reason. you pay for what you get. I never had an issue with the one I bought from my employer, nothing but issues with the 2 I have got from Menards.

    Folks, there is a difference, and the lumberyard is selling the generic models. my 2 pennies anyways.

    p.s.i can also take apart and install parts blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back.

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  • Ke
    Kejcl Jan 19, 2017

    I had the EXACT same treatment by Rick regarding my NEVER FUNCTIONING Iron Filter. I will never buy a Water Boss again. Horrible customer service.

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  • Li
    Linda comer Dec 03, 2017


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  • Li
    Linda comer Dec 03, 2017


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  • Gl
    Glenlivet Nov 20, 2019

    My 2 cents...
    I stumbled across this website quite by chance, not because I was looking to bitch about Waterboss, I was looking for where to order parts. The wall wart transformer on my softener died. I'm not pissed off. I make my living in technology and if there is one thing I've learned is that nothing is made in Heaven. Wall wart transformers die for a number of reasons. I own the Waterboss 900IF iron filter and a Waterboss softener. I live out in the sticks with well water and the well would function better as an iron mine than a water well. I purchased both units at Menards online and picked them up at the local store. Both units were purchased and installed by myself at the same time. They have given me nothing but excellent service for better than 7 years now. If you follow the installation instructions and start them up according to the directions- guess what? They work! Oh, by the way the installation manuals also tell you what regular maintenance to perform and how to perform it- all softeners and filters require some maintenance from time to time. Orifices get clogged, "O" rings get hard and need to be replaced, etc., this isn't the result of faulty design, it's the fault of the crappy water you have going through them. If you Google complaints on (insert any water filter manufacturer here) from Culligan on down you will find endless websites filled with bitching so Waterboss isn't the Lone Ranger here. Just reading the posts here I suspect that there is a lot of pertinent information conveniently left out to bolster the case of the person doing the bitching, there always is. In my line of work, one thing I've learned is that most people couldn't follow directions even if they wrote them themselves. I would champion a guess that this is probably the bulk of what is going on here...

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  • Ti
    TimW381 Feb 24, 2020

    If you are contemplating the purchase of a water softener...I would not recommend WaterBoss!! I have a small leak in a fitting and they will not sell me the part that they assemble unless I Purchase an entire assembly and pay $63!!! The part, as pictured adds $3 dollars to the cost. You will note that part #8 and #9 are what I need along with 3 inches of 1/4 inch tubing and a female compression fitting. They will sell me the part I don't need along with the ones I do need for $66!! I told them glue is cheap and when the entire unit fails...I will be talking to their competition!!

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