Wageworks Cobracobra administration


This company is the worst. I would recommend to anyone to stay away from them. At the end of my employment, my employer issued a check for the full amount of premium for the COBRA continuation coverage for a period of 6 months. My insurance worked for about the first 4 months but in the last 2 months, for some unexplained reason, they kept showing my coverage as cancelled retroactively to the effective date; although they had already been paid close to $12, 000 for 6 months worth of coverage. I kept calling to resolve the problem. Their customer service representatives do not know what they're doing and are not well trained. They can't even speak or understand English very well. They kept telling me the problem was fixed which was not true. I had to keep paying out of pocket every time we had to go to the doctor. They don't seem to have enough customer service reps either. You need a lot of time and patience to deal with them on the phone and should consider yourself lucky if they fix your problem by the end of the call. If they need to transfer your call to another department, be ready to wait a long time and don't be surprised if the call disconnects after your long wait and you have to call back again to explain your problem to another rep that knows even less about your problem.

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