VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owneryour website being used to scam people


I was scammed out of £830 via your website. I contacted yourselves straight after paying the scammer and was NOT advised correctly by your employee. I have claimed using the basic rental guarantee but you are only offering to pay me back £700 and not the full amount that we scammed from me. I am now officially complaining to yourselves to again give you the opportunity to use your discretion and decency to return all my money before I take further legal advise and also contact the media in regards to your employee not advising me correctly. If your employee had done so then payment could have been stopped and I would not be £830 out of pocket. I also supplied your company with a copy of payment receipts yet again your employee did not advise that payment had been made incorrectly (you didn't get paid your fee?). I was the one who in fact advised your company that this listing was fake yet I am now financially out of pocket! Here is case reference etc VRBO # 8375082 Case # [protected]. Have a look at ALL the evidence yourself. I have already spoken with a solicitor here in Scotland and have been advised I do have a strong case against your company. I will also have no hesitation in alerting the media and will also provide them with ALL the evidence to prove your employee failed me on more than one occasion.
I am awaiting your timely response to this official complaint.


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