VRBOI don't receive my payment and answer

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I am very disappointed with VRBO's services.
I rented my apartment more than 40 days ago by VRBO, and to this day I have not received my payment.

I already sent several emails and no one solves my case. This is absurd.

When I rent my apartments using airbnb I receive my payment one day after the guest's check in and I never had any problems.

Very frustrated.


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      Nov 14, 2019

    The owner of the VRBO property we reserved cancelled less than 30 days prior to our arrival. This necessitated starting over in our search for acceptable accommodations. The email from the owner stated that a refund had been initiated, but now over two weeks later, the money has not shown up on our credit card statement.

    I have had a "chat" with an agent who requested that I take a screen shot of my credit card statements dating all the way back to September 9, 2019. I guess this agent didn't believe that I was capable of reading my credit card statements and representing the information honestly. I received no resolution of this problem from this "chat."
    I made 3 subsequent phone calls to speak with a real "person, " hoping that this would produce better results. One agent assured me that the matter had been bumped to the billing department and I would hear back within 24 hours about my request. Over 24 hours later, there has been no communication from VRBO/Home Away. I made another phone call - same answer. "We'll bump it to our billing department. You should hear back within 24-48 hours regarding your request. " Each agent stated that the owner had fulfilled his responsiblity to refund the money.

    In the meantime, we have booked and paid for another property and have yet to see our refunded money.
    I would not recommend dealing with this company for your traveling needs.

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