Volkswagenthe way I was treated racist employee

W Sep 11, 2018

I went to Volkswagen to get a car I got approved and everything I asked about me writing my check for down payment I was told yes it's okay I heAr the finance lady TAMARA and the manager talking about me as I'm waiting like I'm nothing I'm the only customer in the store remind you I heAr her saying don't finance her she doesn't have the money upfront don't finance her remind you I'm listening for a good 10 minuets her and multiple employees just standing around talking about me I told them
Forget it this is so unprofessional Tamara begin to get rude and loud saying she doesn't care she does care I'm black women I feel
Like there all racists at the Volkswagen on Shasta in Las Vegas Nevada I will be contacting the manager I was treated poorly and will
Never but a car from them ever! All of this is on camera I would love to fotage to be pulled

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