Volkswagenservice n lies

A Sep 26, 2018

Hi I'm an owner of vw tiguan 2018 2.0 tdi high line R line. My car went in for its first service on 31 August 2018 at vw Newcastle BRANCH my kilometres 15000. On 22 September 2018 I was on my way to Gauteng before I reached my destination I heard a loud soun when braking. I stopped n noticed my rear brakes were metal to metal. I called vw assist Lash a from vw Kempton park came to have a look on my vehicle n was amazed to hear that my car was serviced only 3 week ago n I have done by now 3000km he said I can't use the vehicle n it had to towed in the dealership in kemtem park on Tuesday morning as it was a long weekend. we got a hired car n went back home to Newcastle on Monday. Tuesday morning I went to be Newcastle and spoke to a service adviser Marlin and asked him wat was the procedure when a vehicle is booked in for service and he explained that a minor service is done n braking checked he then callledthe mechanic that serviced my vehicle and he told us that the rest pads looked fine with his eyes. (he said he never measured the thickness but judged with his eyes) Marlin then took me up stairs to c the workshop manager he pulled the job card which was already filed away and asked the mechanic if he checked the brakes n he said the same thing yes only visually Boyce work shop for man began to use valger language on the mechanic as on the check sheet brakes was ticked checked but no measurement written down I seen this with my own eyes. Boyce words to mechanic (y the [censored] u did not measure the pads with a tool or even a viniar n then told him you willpayfor the cost) this was all in front of me. I then laid an official complaint customer care. Lash the the mechanic from Kempton Park guaranteed me that it was complete negligence on Newcastle vw. I then phoned Newcastle vw Marlin service adviser and asked him if they had Any feed back on this matter and he explained to me that it was normal ware n they have done nothing wrong.
I was shocked just the day before they had a problem in the way the mechanic checked my car n now everything is right. Customer care has sent a cic feedback report to lash from Kempton Park the last time I called him at 1600 today 26th he said usually with a cic u must respond within 6 hours of my complaint n he can not give a report till he has the cic. he even asked me to check if the complaint has been lodged.
I feel vw Newcastle have done us wrong put my family and I lives in danger it could of been worst (no brakes an accident) spolit our whole weekend. N all they can say it's not their fault. I am a witness to check sheet that was shown to me by Boyce Newcastle vw n no measurement were taken. If Newcastle vw sends a report with measurement I am willing to swear under oat n even take a lie detecter test. I have no trust in them.
Please advise as I want to take this to highest authority. Kempton Park has made it clear to me of their negligence.
Thanks Ahmed Cassim

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