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A Aug 01, 2018

• To Whom it May Concern,
• This e mail is to address complaint related to VW Qatar Q Auto due to repeated incidents and unprofessional service.
• My Touareg vehicle, due for the 4th year service has been collected by VW Q Auto showroom staff on 28 July 2018 from my residence with their company ramp truck. Upon pick up from residence, the staff inspected the vehicle for scratches/damages and completed the vehicle collection checklist and I was given the attached pink copy.
• On 31 July, the service center informed the car will be ready for pick up from showroom at 4 pm, post service completion; later they informed about delay, to come collect at 5 pm, then again a call to collect at 6 30 pm and lastly another call to collect at 7 30 pm as the truck is stuck in traffic.
• My husband and I arrived at showroom at 7 30 pm and the Receptionist informed that we must pay first for the service in the Cashier, so we complied. After settling the payment we went back to Receptionist to inquire who will hand over the vehicle. She simply handed us the car key and told us the car is outside. We requested to know where outside is the care, where is the car license card and who will hand over the car to us post service. It became obvious that she has no clue of what to do and how to handle the situation and worst was unable to even inform us of the standard procedure for such cases. She had someone sitting next to her and requested that person to go with us to the car and make the inspection for scratches against the pink copy we received, and the person refused. This is when she decided to guide us outside and we had to search between the many cars parked outside to find our car and she started looking inside for the car license card. We found a new scratch on the hood of the car, which occurred post collection by Q Auto staff, and she tried to call Joby K J, the service advisor to inquire who can assist. For more than 1h 30 min the staff at the showroom passed the ball from one to another hugging the " I don't know, I'm the Reception, I am the Sales Man etc" absolving themselves from any kind of responsibility and worst by not being able to give comprehensive info and solution to our problem; we were told that the after sales staff are not there and they leave at 5 pm and no one can help. We requested to talk to someone in charge and we were connected by phone to a person named Akram who unfortunately did nothing as well and claimed he received the car with the new scratch; we also complained on the cleanliness of the car as it was given very dirty from inside, full of fingerprints, dust and the windshield covered in oil stains from the interior (to be noted the exterior was not that clean too) and to our complaint he responded on how can we prove it?
• To summarize, this is the second time we go through this kind of treatment as client, as the same happened to us last year, we had to deal with the Receptionist and we found the car scratched, no handover staff to meet us etc…
• Q Auto staff are not well trained, there is no care from Q Auto on how the vehicle is returned to client, zero service, zero communication, very bad attitude from the after sale manager Akram, overall unacceptable service on all levels and very unprofessional. Company is taking the money first and after that requesting the client to manage alone and worst of all, it is obvious that either such a big brand does not have procedures and staff work from their mind as they please or there are procedures but the staff are not following and there are no managers available to make sure client is serviced well. We I think this is ruining the brand name and we don't expect this kind of service attitude from a company who is based in Germany. We were so happy and never wanted to switch from VW but I don't think we will ever again buying a product from VW nor recommend it to anyone.

Andreea Haydamous

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