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illegal charging

Vodafone advertises £18 for unlimited broadband use for businesses. Whilst taking out an 18 month contract I was told one can monitor usage as well as upgrade anytime. A few days after taking out the contract I decided to upgrade from £12.77 per month to their £18 package. Guess what? Vodafone dealer said it was no problem but I need to go through their customer services. Customer services quoted £25.00 for 5GB and refuse to let me upgrade to the package that I have opted for. They have now billed me for £75.oo since I have exceed the limit of 3GB. I refuse to pay as their entire agreement is contradictory.
This message is to advise everyone. DO NOT PURCHASE VODAFONE AGREEMENTS. They are UNETHICAL. This will be on UK BBC WATCHDOG - AT LEAST I HOPE unless VODAFONE


A month ago a lady from vodafone rang me asking if i would like to take out a mobile phone contract i was at first reluctant because i hardly call anyone or text she then mentioned the internet to which i replied the only thing i would use online is facebook she told me she could give me a great deal of 600 minutes unlimited texts and free internet all at the great price of £15.00 a month, i rang vodafone up yesterday because i have not yet received a bill or any conformation, to which i was told by one advisor that my tariff was £21.00 a month with no internet i was shocked and after saying that is not what i agreed he then put me through to 3 different departments and i was then told that my bill would be £15.00 a month but no free internet . i did not agree to this and feel really upset and lied to, i was then told it was a third party who had sold me the contract . and nothing could be done to help me

There is no point in me having a mobile if i don't get the internet and i cannot afford to go over £15.00 a month . i would like to end my contract but was also refused this.i am in total shock and wonder how one minute i was on a high praising vodaphone for doing such lovely deals to now feeling cheated and lied to.

scam offers

Dear Sir/Madam,

I regret to submit my complain and highly show my disappointment on my un trustworthy mobile service provider "Vodafone Egypt" who claimed by calling me that they provide an offer called "Vodafone Gold" for open lines (Please check the following link) http://www.vodafone.com.eg/en/Personal/PricePlans/OpenLine/VodafoneLine/index.htm
The issue i want to complain on is that when i had the phone call from the vodafone customer service employee, he/she did not explaine that (gold or platinum bundle customer, then you can enjoy the free 4 numbers, free Fridays, Saturdays & nights and free Vodafone numbers after consuming the monthly bundle minutes) and also the voice message that is played when applying the offer did not clarify or even gave a hint on this issue.
I have noticed this improper manner just by fault when i was reading the promotion on the website today after i am using the scam offer since 12/10/2009.
Please note that this scaming, cheating attitude is totally unacceptable by such a huge trustworthy company ("Vodafone") and a quick action is required to satisfy myself and ofcourse as well as the other scammed customers, and then after i will immediately switch to another service provider which is more responsible and honest.
Ruining such a company's ("Vodafone Egypt") reputation is not just enough for me.
Your attention and quick action is highly appreciated.

refund-security deposit

i am having post paid connection, viz., [protected] and completed 1 year. at the time of taking the no. i wa...

awful customer service

Where do I start?! Since setting up a business user account with Vodafone Spain in March 2009 I have had...

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[Resolved] wrong commitment & worst customer care

My last mail to vodafone Due to no response from your side against my mobile no. [protected], I m so much...

rude repose from customer care. severely condemnable!!!

I am using Vodafone {Hutch) for over 3 years in Chennai. I converted to life time validity of my number. I use Rate cutter 148 by which Vodafone to Vodafone calls are 10p/min, Vodafon to other network - .50p/min, Vodafon to land line Re.1/min and free 750 local messages/day and its validity is for 30 days. Lastly my rate cutter validity expired on 31 August 2009 and I again made the rate cutter 148 on 5th September 2009. Suddenly the rate cutter benefits got cancelled on 2nd of October, 2009 itself and i came to know about this only when i was charged .99p/min for 30 mins. When I checked the balance my account was debited with Rs.29.70p for 30 mins but the 750 free local messages was given to my account under the rate-cutter 148 plan. When I called-up the customer care to enquire about this the customer care person (Senthil) responded very rudely, heedlessly and regardless and when I asked him to connect to the superior to inform about the indecent behaviour of the customer care person he again impolitely replied that no superior was available and immediately discourteously hung-up the call. I again called-up the customer care the next morning and asked when does my rate-cutter expire. The customer care person said that it is expiring by october 5, 2009. Thereafter I asked, then why is my rate-cutter 148 not applying but the combo of 750 messages/day is still continuing. After listening to this he said "let me check again" and suddenly said that he was wrong earlier and now said that rate-cutter 148 expired on 1st October, 2009 itself and that if i had 750 messages in my account, its due to error and asked me to enjoy the free 750 messages. Then I asked him to connect to a superior to enquire about this uncertain answers by the customer care persons. I was connected to one Mr.Guru. I told him about the previous night's unpleasant conversation with the customer care person Senthil and his rude behaviour towards the customer care. After listening to the recorded conversation that i referred, the senior (Mr.Guru) replied that the customer care person Senthil had not used any unparliamentary words during the conversation. This has been the trend of the response in Vodafone Customer Care Personnel for quite a while. If such is the respect the loyal customers get, it is a very unhealthy approach by the Customer Care Personnel, particularly Vodafone Customer Care, and is it ought to be severely condemnable. The Customer Care Personnel indulge in such behaviour and develop such attitude towards customers as they think they are invisible to the customers and no customer can trace the particular Customer Care Personnel by simply hanging up the call and with their superiors like Mr.Guru in my case backing up their behaviour. I don't think customers are to be treated like this with rude talking, slamming the call, simply hanging-up the call, etc. This menace is to be curtailed immediately by the appropriate authorities or the customers will be the ones who will be put to hardship, irritation, torture, exasperation, aggravation and annoyance and and the term 'Customers Care' will turn to be 'Customer Torture'. I request the authorities to take my complaint earnestly and take steps to curtail this menace. Thank You.

  • vodafoneindia Dec 21, 2009

    Hi Anitha,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Do let us have your details, mobile number and E-Mail ID here and we’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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rude behavior by customer care staff

I purchased a Vodafone International calling card from Sevoke Road, Siliguri, West Bengal from the Vodafone store on 1st October 2009, Thursday. Subsequently I bought a new Nokia 97 mobile and wanted to get the Vodafone Mobile connect activated on my cell and went to the Vodafone store in sector-6, Dwarka, Near Ayushman Hospital, New Delhi.
The contact person there Mr Ajay was so rude that he said the SIM, I was using is not issued by Vodafone & so he cannot do anything to help me.On telling him that Vodafone Itl was appearing on top of the screen meant its a Vodafone SIM, He told me we are here to cater to the People of Delhi and since I had purchased the SIM from Bengal that I should speak to the Siliguri Vodafone people and get the programme activated from there.
I am going to sue Vodafone that is confirmed. But the question is how is the Indian Government is selling this country to these so called Multinationals infact they are not even fit to be a village companies.Sometimes you feel the Left parties are right in saying that the Government is allowing the MNC's to rook the people of our country after taking their share.There is no regulatory authority in telecom, Banking, Insurance, infact Private Companies in these fields have become worst than a Government Office.

  • vodafoneindia Dec 21, 2009

    Hi Sujeet,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Do let us have your details, mobile number and E-Mail ID here and we’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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  • Su
    Sujeet.Katoch Mar 16, 2010

    The Vodafone
    Customer Care

    I thank you for your response. To tell you in brief the above international raoming sim was sold to me by the Vodafone store, Sevoke road, Siliguri, West Bengal saying that it will work in Malawi, Africa.The sim never worked here & I was billed for the monthly rentals since this was a post paid connection.Even on surrendring the connection in writing to the Vodafone store, Sevoke road Siliguri, the sim was not deactivated.I am currently working in Malawi, Africa & my e-mail I.D. is [email protected] and my cell no is 00265993840849, 002651930072, 002651930080.
    would be grateful if you could kindly respond.

    Thank you

    yours faithfully

    Sujeet Katoch

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stupid vodafone

I have paid all the times my bill amount full.Sincve i have to come to USA, i personally went to Vodafone office koramangala and settled the amount & filling the closure form too.My bill will be generating at 28 of every month i have closed at 26th of that month(may 2009).So I confirmed with supervisor that would i have to pay for the rest 3 days.But he replied, its not required since you have deposit amount more that ur bill.We ll deduct it.But after few months i got call from my [protected]@bangalore that they have sent police to collect the money.In the meantime i too have a conversation with vodafone cuastomer care via mail, i didnt get much response and details, so i tried to reach their ### customer care number from USA, i couldnt reach them.It was in the hold for more than 5 hrs. This is very radiculkous to me to face the police and all.
And i was searching a friend to visit vodafone office to collect details and settle money, i couldnt that time.Because everyone was busy with their office work.Time difference too for me. Last time i had airtel connection i didnt face problem like this.But this vodafone is very very very worst, especially treating the customer.
I was very good customer, i have paid more than 7000 rupees per month bill at right time when i was INDIA.I dont want to face this issue, so i personally visited and settled the amount before starting from india.

Hereby i m requesting everyone, dont go to Vodafone.Please be with prepaid connection or go to some other postpaid.
Vodafone is very worst company, and they dont have proper network also.I faced that problem also.If i m in client place HSR layout. i diodnt get any call at all.No network.If i m inside of my home, i wont get signal at all.
Very very worst comapany and rpesentatives those who are in Indranagar office and koramangala office are waste people.

Please change to connection to someother

to disconnect the illegal sim

hello sir.myself rekha chauhan living in ajmer had heard from my office staff members that an illegal vodafone post paid sim issued by your agent SANJIV [degana] whose no. is [protected]
the sim is issued without my application, identity, signature, photo or any address proof.and i have not received this illegal sim & i also not interested in buying any sim.this sim can be misused for illegal work by any person.I am not responsible about any bill payment or any illegacy.
please immediately disconnect the sim & take a hard action on your agent who had dared to done this illegal work or I have to report in police station & go to consumer court to complaint that how this sim was issued on my name without my any request.

poor cutomer service

i really had i big problem with egypt vodafone customer service, as they were impolite and aggressive many times though the phone service and at Alexandria carfour branch .i was mistreated by the branch manager and by the customer service representative .
i have been a customer of vodafone for 10 years till now, my current number was given to me by the company i used to work in, then when I left the company they gave me a disclaimer to the line to be changed from the company name to my name, from a corporate line to a personal line.
This disclaimer was sent to Vodafone by my company on the 27-jan-2009 i have the confirmation report that it has been received, this disclaimer contained two request :
1-To change the line from business line to prepaid card system.
2-To transfer the ownership from the company to me .
So my first request was made, but by accident few days ago I found out that the ownership was not by my name, and when I visited the branch to give them another copy of the disclaimer that was sent to them, they said “that this disclaimer was expired and it is only valid for one month and this is a Vodafone policy, and how can we make sure that your company didn’t cancel their disclaimer to you, we need a new one ”
I answered “ if they canceled they would have sent you a fax confirming their cancelation”
So My complaint is that they were carless they didn’t even bother looking at the system to see if they had a copy or not, they were extremely rude and the manager was indifferent to anything I said, even to the point when I said that I will probably be leaving Vodafone to another competitor, she just said” as you like”
They wasted my time for couple of days and nothing was solved till now.
Thank you for your attention and I hope my complaint will be taken into consideration and will be thoroughly investigated and actions will be taken with this poorly trained staff.
Best regards

Miranda wissa


Dear Sir:
I’m sending this brief description mail to submit a complaint against Vodafone Egypt as I’m a Vodafone customer since year 2000 which is 9 years and half over 3 accounts along this time I trusted the company so that I even transferred my wife’s account from a competitor company which she stayed with for 6 years to your respective company and I even made all my family which are 4 persons Father, Mother & 2 Brothers become Vodafone clients because of my belief.
So I subscribed to the ADSL service with 1MB speed & 100 GB QUOTA of download per month on the same time other competitors had the same subscription rate with unlimited download.
The point is that my account was activated on 19/7/2009 and it was 100GB as I checked my account on the Vodafone web site under the ADSL Management tab.
Then all of a sudden when i rechecked it on the 27/8/2009 I was surprised to find my quota is 4GB so I called the customer service to check about this and they stated it’s due to the fair usage policy the was implemented by the Ministry of communications to all the ISP’s in Egypt and I agreed to this with a complain that I should be noticed to this change even with SMS or E-mail as Vodafone does to its’ offers.
The Next day I found the official statement the was released by the Ministry of communications on 13/8/2009 and I was shocked to find that the official statement had a separate band stating that the new policy is in the experimental phase for the next two months and should be applied to the new subscribers only ((MEAN WHILE THE CURRENT ACCOUNTS STAY WITH NO CHANGES)) concerning the protection of the customer usage rights.
So I contacted the customer service with this note and I had no answer to my query regarding that I’m an old customer to the policy which the policy shouldn’t be applied to and I submitted a complaint about this after I had to make about 5:7 calls which are 15 : 20 minutes average per call and after I had described my case about 10 times to each personnel I talked to. Then I found personnel from the complaint center calling me stating that this mistake is to be changing in a short time and now after 2 weeks I found the same person calling me again with an opposite state that nothing is going to change which gives me no other chance to subscribe at any other company cause I’ll be a new customer to them and the policy should apply to me. Mean while other friends of mine who are subscribed to other companies enjoy the unlimited connection with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.
This is why I submitting my complaint to see what Vodafone International can do to keeping my rights of usage and keep my faith of what I believed in for 10 years otherwise I’ll go for suing Vodafone Egypt by the customer protection agency for what they did and I’ll withdraw all my lines and I’ll encourage all the people that I know to withdraw from Vodafone because of the unfair Policy.
Best regards.


Vodafone / Adsl
  • Rz
    RZahra Sep 23, 2009

    Dear Mr Fouda,

    Could you please provide me with your contact number so that we can resolve your problem? My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Thanks and best regards,

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  • Ah
    Ahmad Mohie Oct 21, 2009

    i totally agree with mr. Ahmad's complaint since the same thing happened to me as well, all vodafone customers were shocked by the amount of disregard and disrespect that the company has shown to it's customers, so somewhere between disobeying the regulations of the ministry of communications, customer service that treat the customer as if he was a complete idiot and the fact that this was done under major media coverup and denial ... i have forgotten why this company was said to be the number 1 communication service provider in egypt

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  • Mo
    Mohamed El-Qady Jul 03, 2010

    I had subscribed for vodafone adsl from 1-feb-2010 till now, since 7-june-2010 till 26-june-2010 the internet service was down.I called the technical support since first day but their responce was very slow & they kept repeating very trivial & non useful troubleshooting steps many times & every time i call!!!
    Till finally, they sent someone in 18-june-2010 to check physical line & they solved this problem in 26-june-2010.
    I've a complaint about 2 things:
    1-Very slow responce from customer service & impolite aggressive way they answered me.
    2-The problem was not mine, why should i pay for a service i didn't get!!! when i submitted a complaint to refund my money about this period, no body even called me or replied to me!!
    I didn't expect that from a globalized company like vodafone which i thought a customer oriented company not a profit oriented company like i discovered now!!!
    I know now that i'll not get any money back butas i adviced my friend to subscribe for vodafone adsl when the service was good, I'll warn all my friends from getting vodafone adsl due to very bad customer support.

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  • Mo
    Mohamed El-Qady Jul 03, 2010

    I'd like to thank you to let me express my problem, But to be honest, It had been solved few hours ago!!
    Vodafone refunded me the money for the period the service was down.I'd like to thank them for doing such a respectable thing.

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  • Sa
    Sasso Dec 31, 2012

    My ADSL speed is very slow, the download rate is 5 kb that I can't open any application on facebook, I can't open any video on any website, I even open websites hardly & it takes time to load!!

    I'm really getting fed up with vodafone

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Customer Care Services


My name is Ritesh Suri and I'm the frustrated customer with Vodafone Essar Ltd. I've been using their service for a long time and everyday i think of changing the phone number creates me a problem. I can neither change the number nor can keep it because of the services.

My bill for the Month August was Rs.1316 and my last date of payment was August 21, 2009. I didn't pay the bill till 20th and tried paying the bill on the last date through my credit card on the IVR services. It rejected my ICICI bank credit card and the payment was not processed. Then i thought that there might be a problem with my Credit card so i tried with my HDFC credit card and the same happened, Declined.

I called the customer care and asked for this problem. they said that they don't have any tie ups with these company so i should try some other credit card. I tired using my Citibank card and the same happened to me. I then called up again and aksed them this issue. They said that sir, try our website and try to make online.

Website really sucks as Whenever i tried to login with a username and password provided by the executive never worked. It's been 27th august now and everytime i just got the same reply. In between that they barred both my incoming and outgoing 2 times. Then these buggers keep on calling me saying to pay my bill but none of their stupid services works.

Then on 1st September their executive called up and said that he'll send me the guy who'll come and pickup the amount on 2nd. I said ok and requested to send the guy at 1:00 PM. Now this guy didn't come on 2nd September and came on 3rd when i was out of station and that to at 5:00 PM and then this illiterate bugger kept calling me while i was out of station and kept saying sir, Can i get the payment. Now 3rd September Vodafone again stopped my incoming and outgoings. I was out of station and couldn't call or receive calls. Unfortunately, My dad met a serious accident and these guys just barred without any reason. Next day i came back home and paid the bill. It was Rs 1316 that i had to pay and i tried to give Rs 1500 to the money collector. He said that he didn't have the change and so asked for Rs 1000 and said that they'll adjust the rest amount in the next bill. Since that time till now vodafone has disconnected my incoming and outgoings both for more than 5 times. The customer care executives really don't care for your problem.For example i met this Floor Supervisor Sandeep Kash who was such an illitrate bugger that i couldn't understand him and was so frustrating to me that i requested him so many times that i want to speak to some other executive, his statement was "Sir, It's not possible, you'll have to chat with me only!" I said i cannot talk to you, is there anyone senior out there and in reply to that he said "No Sir, there is No Manager, No assistant Manager, No Team Lead No one, You can only speak to me"...I had a word with this guy on September 11, 2009 and for the proof have all the calls recorded...But the company has no interest in solving the problem...

Till date I'm facing such problems and still continuing talking to stupid Customer Care Executives...God knows when I'll be free?

Ritesh Suri

  • Sh
    shivendra tiwari Sep 14, 2009

    Vodafone Essar Ltd is a sucking company... they sucks their customer's blood...bloody suckers...

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wrong commitment from company side

My Self Komal Dogra my Mob. no is ([protected] Prepaid)
I'm using Vodafone Service from last 5 years and I'm using this no. from last 2 years.
I was satisfied with all the service of Vodafone.
But on 21st June 2009 onwards I'm facing too much of Problem. On 21st June I got a call to change no from Prepaid to Postpaid.
I was committed byby your executive that I'll get free unlimited outgoing call on 1 particular no.(But it must be local mobile no.) and monthly rental of Rs. 249+S.T. I took that and used it without any tension. And at the middle of month I have changed the mob no. ([protected]). And at the end of month I got a bill of Rs. 958.82 1 month bill (281.81)+(100) late Payment Charges 2 month.
Plz. tell me what should I do. I don't get any help and co-operation from Customer Care and they are threatning me that we'll put a case on you. I'm a student. What should I do. U can check in my bill only there will be maximum callson no [protected] and [protected].
I fell helpless from your Custamer Care side and franchise. Plz. help me.
customers are valuable don't loose them. Plz. contact me on [protected] or [protected] for sorting out this problem.

  • Ha
    Happy To Help Dec 11, 2009

    Hi Komal,

    We believe that you have been contacted by our Customer care team and hope that your concerns regarding tariff plans have been addressed. Do e-mail us at
    [email protected] for any further queries. We’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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security deposit refund

I have done a security deposit of Rs.3000 in vodafone for two postpaid connection to activate national roaming. At the time of deposit it was told to me that it will be refunded I deactivate the roaming. My national roaming dint worked when I was out of Karnataka and the charges were enormous for poor service. i deactivated my both connections they and they informed I will get refund deposit by cheque. This happened in March and so far they are not returning my security . Its more than six months that I'm visiting Vodafone store in Indiranagar Bangalore, and they are not refunding my security and every time they have some excuse. I am fed up of the Vodafone now. Please advice if anyone can help me on this issue.


Joshy Allessu
please forward mails to j.[protected]@gmail.com for the above complaint

no network connection

i have not had mobile network connection for 3 days.i want to plead with the people in charge to give me access to network connection.my number is [protected].please i need my connection.

  • Kl
    KLU DESIRE YAO Aug 27, 2009

    It is about time you are fast on this network problems.You must know that MTN IS not sleeping for vodafone to easily overtake them.

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vodafone prepaid complaints - bonus card 21 not activated

I activated bonus card 21, once the SMS is sent 21 rupees got deduted, but service is not activated. I called customer care they said I have to wait for 24 hrs, i waited till 1week but it didnt happen. I called customer care many times no proper response. The raised complaint twice, nothing happened even after 1 week . Customer care disconnecting the call abrubptly. What can be done.

Can i file a public welfare case against them . It is really frustating. I can easily change my service provider but i want to do something about this. Vodafone SUCKS.


  • Ma
    manojkaplingad Jun 28, 2011

    I have been received the SMS "DEAR SUBSCRIBER, OYOUR BONUS CARD IS ACTIVE NOW, THAK YOU" freequently. I had not taken any bonus cards.
    pl verify

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wrong charges deducted

ear Sir,

Today i phase the worst experience from Vodafone.

I am a Vodafone prepaid customer and have encountered many bad service experiences with it. I have been a victim of unnecessary charges. I got a message from IVR message center number saying "Congratulations! You have been succesfully subscribed to Vodafone Music Junction for Rs. 30 for 30 days." and when i had checked my account balance, Rs. 30/- has been debited from it.

I had tried to talk with Vodafone customer care (111), executive says the charges deducted will not be reversed. Moreover, they are saying that 123 has been dialed from your phone, when there wans't any call made from my side. I am greatly disappointed with Vodafone and plan to change my service provider soon if the issue is not resolved.

kindly guide me on the course of action.

chetan patel

  • Di
    Dinesh P Ahire Jun 27, 2011

    Right now, I am in roaming, I didn't sent any messages, but i receiving the message that "message sent" and charges deducted Rs. 1.50. So total 8 to 10 rupees deducted till now. What going wrong I don't know. If it was happened bymistake by Vodafone, please credit all these already deducted charges for which I never sent any messages. My mobile no. is 9885416612, name : Dinesh Ahire, DOB-27-04-1976. Please consider this request and take care this type of mistakes will not happen.

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constant disconnection or 2g switch

I have a vodafone 3g card and modem which should enable me to use the internet as I am a finance broker and work from home. I live in the Bedfordview area.

I have been calling vadacom for a month now asking them why i am constantly disconnectng (at least 3 times in one hour), and when i can get online, i am switched to 2g wish is not what i pay for and is so slow i might as well not be connected!!!

Nobody bothers calling me back and when i report it i get the same old excuse... Its your lap top or your modum!! Ok, so then tell me, why i only disconnect during working hours then? When there is heavy traffic on the networks.

I dont have this problem late at night or on weekends... Always same response... we will get somebody to call you!!!

But, if i dont pay my fee for usage every month, whether i have used up my gig or not, i am disconnected!!

Am i the only one experiencing this problem???

  • Ge
    Gerrit Groot Oct 17, 2009

    I am living in Madrid and have EXACTLY the same problem, even the weekends. Calling does NOT help, you get a sort of ### on the line who knows even less than the average nitwit down the street.

    Crappy service from vodafone and a COMPLETE RIPP OFF selling a service they do NOT provide

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billing & service

Shocked -- getting kidish service from Prestigious Vodafone company, you are requested to rectify and improve the method of service .
Executives need to have orientation in right manner to achieve more progress;; Why ?
1. Executive deputed on phone informed me that my cheque has been bounced but got cleared on 2nd August chaque No.436042, amount Rs.1, 244= 29, Corporation Bank, Bawana Branch, Delhi.
because by mistake current charges Rs. 1600=60, was not paid but payments was paid, after recieving the call I requested to add left amount in forth comming bill that was Rs. 356= 64, but out going calls barred from 6th August.
2. Then left amount was paid on 5th August .
3. I met with motor accident in which car badly damaged was suffering in truama but see the facility of vodafone -I could not call for any help due to your inexperience executives, of course street people helped me .

So kindly improve it don't damage to the society & company too., recruit the candidates with vision


Dr. Anita Ghosh

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