S Aug 31, 2018

I found my credit 6 pounds less, when i called vodafone to know why, one employee said that i have subscribed in a music application, something went wrong with the connection so i called again, the other employee said that i have subscribed in play and win application and surely i didn't suscirbe in both ( no notificaton sent for the subscribe) but this is not only the case, each time i called vodarone, they gave me a different information ( this happened before when i want to know my flexes, i received 3 different data from them ) even now i renewed my bundle today and they told me on vodafone app, that i have 27 days left ( photo attached), as i know the month is 30 days.
i made a complaint, after waiting 48 hours to understand the way of charging and objecting, they called me twice and i wasn't available, when i called vodafone back to know what happened in my complaint, they told me as i didn't answer, they closed the complaint and if i want, i can do the same procedures again from scratch and wait another 48 hours, how is that, am i get punished because i didn't answer the phone, how they close the case without even a reply, should i wait 4 days again to just know what they do with my credit, i feel completely disrespect, i am starting loseing confidence, and i feel that there is something wrong, receving different information each time gives an impression that i have been deceived here.
So bad customer service from a huge company like vodafone
By the way, each time i noticed something wrong was by coincidence, i don't what will happen if i ask to know the details of my bill each month!!!


  • Updated by Shaimaa aiaad · Sep 04, 2018

    I just want to add that when i talked to Vodafone customer service on 31/08, the day which i have been told that my complaint has been closed because i didn't reply, the employer told me that one complaint has been closed, the other will be handled on 1/09 at 2:00pm, and no one called me till now, the same day on 31/08 i made another complaint for closing the case without telling me and the employer told me that someone will call after 48 hours, till now no response from Vodafone...this is vodafone customer service i am sure that my money has been taken for no reason, as they don't know even how to reply
    Today is 04/09/2018

  • Updated by Shaimaa aiaad · Sep 10, 2018

    I called vodafone again to know what happened in my complaints ...they have been closed them all, without giving me any answer, coz they called and i didn't respond ... Really i cann't imagine that you hsve just one chance with Vodafone, if you miss it, case closed ...very very bad customer service ...people trying to find a way to just get away with thier very bad service

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