Vodafone Ahmedabad, Indiaerror in last bill


My self Rolland Varghese. I have been using Vodafone 3G internet via a microsim for my iPad.
My Vodafone number is [protected].

I started a connection of 5GB data plan somewhere around Aug 2012. My talk plan was MBB_VOL_850_30d_5GB_3G. For this plan I could use 5GB and if I would cross 5GB I still get the same speed but had to pay for the usage above 5GB.

During Feb 2013 I changed the plan. The talk plan was MBB_C_V_850_30d_5GB_FU_3G.
With this plan if I crossed 5GB I would not be charged extra instead the surfing speed decreases.

I recently shifted to Pune and during the first week of Jan 2014 I visited the Shivranjani Vodafone Store (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) to close my account. I was told I will get the bill after the completion of the cycle, and the connection will be closed within 2 days. What I was not told was that my plan will be reverted to the old plan. Since there were two days left I continued surfing without knowing that my plan has been reverted.

The bill I received is for approx 6000, where as I had expected the normal 950Rs bill. People can imagine the shock I received when I saw that bill. If I would have been told that my plan will be reverted I would have asked what my current usage is?. Or else I would have cancelled my account in another month when I would be in Ahmedabad before the billing cycle ended, If I knew at that moment that my plan was reverted and I had exceeded the usage I would have gone for an additional pack.

Why does not Vodafone provide full information so that a consumer can make an informed choice where both service provider and consumer can benefit. This is the same issue I had with TATA Docomo too a few years ago, but I never imagined that Vodafone would also stoop to the low levels of TATA Docomo.

I have written to the Gujarat Nodal Officer and lets see if I get wierd and unsatisfactory answers from the person in concern.

For all vodafone users ... if you have a postpaid account, never close it. Convert it to prepaid and then let it deactivate on its own.

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