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D Sep 28, 2018 Review updated:

I paid for a flip phone for my mother-in-law. This was an emergency phone for her incase her landline went out. After she passed, I had over $300 on the phone and wanted to recoup that money. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile doesn't refund money, but you are able to purchase products from them in order to get the money back. So, I thought that I would buy some of their phones and sell them. I am retired & the money is always helpful. So I did get 4 $49.99 phones from them. After that it was a huge hassel. I would wait on the phone while they checked availability, then they would put an order in. Then a few hours later they would cancel my order. One women said that they only could place an order for 2 phones, when I already received an order for 4. The orders were canceled twice on me. Everytime you are on the phone it is a long wait for them to process the order. I don't like it when a company plays games with you. If you don't want to have someone recoup the money -- Just say so don't waste people's time.


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    9wood Sep 28, 2018

    your dealing with sprint
    nothing is ever there fault
    guess if only 2 phones ( seems a excuse to me) can be done at a time than get 2 phones and another 2

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