Wow, like many, many other corporations, Videotron is unbelievable.
I know that their goal is to maximize their profits, but by lying to its customers... This is just not right.
A couple of months ago, I called to cancel my cable services. I had a basic service AND a 20 extra channels package. Of course they transferred me to the "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DEPARTMENT" and they insisted that I keep the cable service. They gave me an offer to only keep the basic service. I was a little hesistant since the reason why I was cancelling was to limit my TV viewings. I told them I was going to call another day to think about it. I did call back, and this time they gave me another offer. $8 rebate on the 20 extra channel package. They were so consistent that I decided to take the offer. But I asked them, if it was possible to take the 20 extra channels later on if I wanted to and keep only the basic cable, which was their initial offer. The guy said yes. I asked again just to make sure. He said YES. Since there was no commitment I took the offer.
A couple of months later, I called back to cancel the 20 extra channels because I found myself watching too much TV. I wanted to keep the basic service for news, etc. THEN THEY TOLD ME "I HAVE TO KEEP IT FOR 24 MONTHS" WHAT?????? I couldn't believe my ears. They said that it's written on my bills. I never pay attention to my bills except on the amount. So I went and checked it. It was written in a small font "24 month commitment". WOW. Isn't this illegal? I'm not even going to stay in Montreal for 24 months. Now I have to pay penalty. Why did he say YES then? He could've told me that I have to keep the service for 24 months. WHY LIES?
I'm sure that's how Videotron trains its workers. Little bees lying to everyone trying to make a few bucks.
I wish I have my own cable company!!!


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