Victoria's Secretspeaking to a customer representative

E Sep 14, 2018

I just got off the phone with a lady named tanisha. She could not of been more unprofessional and came up with every excuse in the book instead
Of trying to help me. I had updated my address in July when I moved and have not received any statements or coupons. I had my birthday in August and received nothing. I spoke to a lady in another department and she said nothing had gotten updated for my address it was all returning mail to them. Very frustrating. She was very kind apologized and resent my birthday coupon and July coupon. She then said she would connect me with Victoria secret representative to check on
Any missed promotions or coupons from then. She transferred me over to tanisha and it was a horrible experience she told me she did not communicate with the marketing staff that no one can
Reach them in regards to sending me coupons. That it's too late I missed them. She didn't care at all about my long term membership with Victoria secret. So I will no longer be giving my money to
Victoria secret. Horrible experience and for someone to not care at all. Her responses were unbelievable.

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