Victoria's Secretapplying for angel card

Z Aug 05, 2018

Today 8/5/18 around 1pm in the Hagerstown Mall, MD Victoria Secret Store. I was told by a sales rep that running a promotion if apply for an angel card I would receive $25 off my purchase today. I applied for the card at the register then was ask to go around to the desk to get on the phone with card agent. Gave him some more info and then she came back to the register to say it would take 10 days to process and I would receive my coupon in the mail if approved. This happen to another lady beside me. too. I have an excellent credit rating and was just approved at American Eagle 30 mins prior to this transaction. In the 25 years I have applied for credit cards on the spot I have never been turned down nor had to speak to a credit card rep. To me this is insulting considering my credit score is excellent and make over 114, 000 year. I personally thank this is scam to get customers to come back to your store to buy more items and am thinking about reporting it to the Better Business Bureau. I should not have been put through this insulting process. I am very unhappy. If my daughter did not want a PINK backpack so bad I would have voided my whole purchase. Plan on never shopping there again.
Very Disappointed in this process

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